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Lets build an universe [1], [2]. I realize this blog post is the most 'psychedelic' up to now and for long time to go, but some 'poetry' never really hurts ... 

We discussed already the worldmaker effectoring [3]. 

It is quite ancient but also exponentially growing business ... in all possible forms of science [4], faith [5] and art [6]. This modeling [7] usually serves to play out what's possible and what's impossible. Gedanken eksperiment [8], yeah, but isn't all thought [9] merely algorithmic [10] and mere action [11] ? 

Usually the posited universes are made of variations and combinations of substance/matter, structure/form and action/process rules. Though, the algorithmic component is always the essential ingredient. Yes, the Laws of Physics are full-fledged, literal algo [12], too. I have those conjectures that it is impossible to think out, make or discover (which is one and a same thing) a lifeless universe [13] and that substance-structure-action are inexctricable, but these are separate topic for some other times to address [14].

Lets put together ours toy-universe [15] out of only pure algorithm. I've never seen such a construct, although the Orbis Tertius [14] is enormous and I bet this vision have occurred gazillions of time in zillions of minds. 

It is like an ocean. The primary coin-toss algo which outputs 0s and 1s [16] makes the water. We don't know (yet) if there are even deeper and more fundamental numerical bases [17] for running algos. Most probably the answer is yes by analogy with the Dirac Sea [18] - the deeps to be made of simpler and weaker algos. The most elementary coin-toss thing makes out the ... probabilistics, perhaps the primordial form of logic. The laws of physics (and of machine learning [19] and of darwinian evo algo [20] ...) tell the rule-set how to stitch together lotsa coin-toss outputs. A hint on inspiration for that - David Deutsch's Constructor theories [21]. The laws of physics as entropy [22] limitation of the allowed elementary algo cumulative output. For information being a verb, not a noun - isn't it? Very interested philosophic perspective on algorithm as randomness constrictor [23] raise up... 

So, if the Algoverse ocean water is made of elementary coin-toss molecules, being ''liquid'' is just another phase or aggregate state [24]. 

There is deep duality [25] between probabilistics and logic. Just like the zoo of dualities discovered in accelerating pace by the mathematical physics in the last decades [26] Probability/statistics we make now by logic [27], the reverse ... - well, nobody yet cracked it. Even Kolmogorov. But I bet we will. Most probably the breakthrough will be Ohad Asor name-labeled... To find the know-how to do it the other way round, do logic with probability/statistics. The statistical algorithmic - not the SAT [28], brute force, alchemist [29] way as with NN/ML [19], [30] and other known beasts. This will be nothing less but full merger of maths/logic/philosophy/thought... and physics. Literally! 

Excuse me for the haiku [31] simplification. It is deliberate due to realization of my grok constraints. :) Regard it as sharing a poetic impression. 

Is there deeper and weaker algo than the digital - the radix-2, deterministic, unitary one? Intuition says ''yes, of course!'' Like with these radix-1 Half-coins [32] of negative and other non-unitary probabilities ... which take two tosses to yield a bit... and there must be transfinity [33] of lower ones, also transfinities of higher and sideways ones ... which is almost as counter-intuitive as Dirac's bottomless night of negative energy [18], but I bet also as much useful. (Lets not even touch numeral bases of Pi, i, e ... etc.), and lets stick to strictly binary 'water' for our oceanic toy-universe for the sake of sanity. 

The next important notion of the Algoverse ocenic model is the Algorightmic strength [34] - the weakest algo would be that which takes infinity of tosses to get a full bit. The strongest? 

Algorithmic ephimeralization [35] - essentially to do more with less. Or faster - Speed Prior [36] ... which is just another way to say 'more'. 

Some algos are too strong - QM, M-Theory - they return way too much bits per 'toss'. Their vcdim [37] converges to infinity. Exponential walls [38] in all directions. Not exactly what Freeman Dyson had in mind [39]... In our ''mockup'' they could be depicted as too hot. Changing the phase of the elementary algo 'water'. Like.: 

but because we are all for peaceful use of algorithmic energy - we reject those up here, too - together with the non-unitary statistics down there. 

Last piece of the picture - the Algoverse ocean is habitable and inhabited! 

By higher algos as life-forms, stronger - but not so strong to turn the 'water' into roaring steam or plasma. 

Examples: Calculi [40], geometries, algebras ... software [41]. The genetic inter-algo connection should be that calculus came from Leibniz and Newton and numerous unknown others ... heads, but it is the blind watchmaker [42]  of evolution which put those heads together ... (I disagree with Dawkins only on that evolution and design are both algorithms, alternatives but not opposition). 

Thus entropically [43]  and combinatorially [44]  algos kinda-sorta come from one another - the stronger from the weaker. 

The stronger are the life-forms living in that ocean. Cause randomness [45] permeates everything, isn't it? 

Not so far-fetched of a metaphor given the fact that any Effector-ing [3] has totally algorithmic nature and essence. 

I wonder: 

How much higher 'life form' Tauchain in the Algoverse ocean is? 

Is it mere life form or ... life, new organizing principle to reform all the system? 


18qSKUUTAGw1uL53simrSiZ6pJpfxKACvj for research support. Thanks. 

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Very deep thinking.. Great post!