We Want To Re-launch Steemgigs.org In The Coming Days. We Have Written 21 Issues On GitHub. We Need Developers.


 A revolutionary freelance services marketplace built on the  steem blockchain, that 'removes all barriers to entry from  dream-building' for entrepreneurs, by implementing an 'untalented &  community' paradigm, where 'everyone has something to offer'.


See the 43:43 mins video below, it may inspire you to assist:

We need your help!

We are working hard to relaunch steemgigs.org for public use within the month of January. We have some 4 days left in the month of January and we want to maximize these last few days, applying it towards the development of steemgigs.org and you can really help us.

Below, we have created 21 issues directly on our GitHub that you can contribute to, especially in the next few days. These issues constitutes mostly of 'bugs' & 'enhancement' tasks.

Kindly pick as many as you can handle over the course of the coming days and leave a comment underneath this post or on our GitHub, indicating your interest.

After you have contributed and we have merged your pull request, consider doing a 'development' post via utopian covering your contribution as these posts are likely to be curated and supported by utopian.io


  1. Comment should wrap inside of their container (break-word) - bug
  2. This post was made on SteemGigs shouldn't render within testimonials - bug
  3. Toast notification on profile edit not displaying description (inconsistent) - bug   
  4. Toast notification should be provided on successful resteem - enhancement.
  5. Card description should be limited to prevent information being hidden when a large description is present - bug
  6. Links displayed in links section should be clickable - enhancement
  7. Images not marked up using markdown should be displayed as an image, not a URL - bug
  8. Unable to view post when not logged into SteemGigs - bug
  9. Search Post Card should pull data from blockchain - enhancement
  10. Natural Language Search - enhancement
  11. Spelling correction within search - enhancement
  12. Enhanced Search within Sub Category Page - enhancement
  13. Enhanced Sort Function - enhancement
  14. Add Pagination to Categories & Subcategories - enhancement
  15. Add Auto-Save & Edit Function To Posts & Comments - enhancement
  16. Add Default In-Title Prefix In 17 Post Editors Across steemgigs.org - enhancement
  17. Add follow modal after user logs into prompt to follow SteemGigs - enhancement
  18. Improve Post Card Image Sizing/Layout - enhancement
  19. Ability to preview post when shared - enhancement
  20. Add A 'Choose Reward/Payout' Button To All Other Editors Across steemgigs.org - enhancement
  21. Post payout on gigAction doesn't display payout after 7 days - bug 
@dzivenu @mkt since it is vue, 'time' may suddenly become handy.


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. 
Let's discuss, for a better understanding of the task.

Ulogs.org Open Tasks

If you love to contribute codes to ulogs.org, you will find open task requests here:

Simply leave a comment underneath the post, to tell me which task you are interested in. I will tell you if it is still open.

I am working hard these last few days in January. Each day left in January counts and matters a lot, so if you help, it matters. If you create development-posts related to these tasks via utopian, there is likely curation from utopian.

There has been recent development on steemgigs.org, which you can track on our GitHub and by visiting steemgigs.org to explore the site. We are hoping that it re-launches this January and never stops working from then on.

Your Boy Terry


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Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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I have resolved 1, 3, 8, 4, 21, 20, 16, 18

This is great to hear

Wow happy to hear this @surpassinggoogle.this is a welcome venture .

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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