Tarot Tuesday Twosome #16

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Yes, I know it's Wednesday ... again. @traciyork needs a break ... and, have I mentioned (?), Mercury is retrograde. Yeah, well, it is.



My Tarot Tuesday Twosome takes two cards and explains what they suggest about the present and immediate future. Two cards can show point / counter-point situations. They can show a situation and further details to consider. They can indicate the present situation ... and the near future or the next step in the progression.

They give literally twice as much information as the familiar One-Card Reading, and I have found them to be surprisingly prescient in my practice with them. So, I decided to bring them here to my Steemit blog -- to show you what I mean and invite you to consider their weekly message / prediction ... and step into a more conscious life.


Page of Swords = The start of new intellectual growth ---> a new intellectual project / perspective ---> new ideas / plans for the future ---> a new approach to learning / communication ---> launching a major phase of learning to deepen or widen your knowledge ... or both ---> a new / different / expanded way of thinking ---> intense curiosity / intellectual ambition ---> new ways to express yourself & share what you know --->

7 of Rods = Having your ideas / identity / status or position challenged ---> having to defend yourself against competition or disagreements ---> finding yourself in a tense, competitive environment ---> feeling you have to constantly prove yourself / hold your ground / redefine where you stand, etc. ---> feeling threatened


A comment on current conditions
What are these cards saying?

You're stepping up to a new intellectual level, playing a more sophisticated game. Expect pushback -- either from people who disagree with you, who simply want to cause trouble or who are testing to make sure you're ready to be "one of them."


A forecast of the future
As a one-two sequence,
cause and effect / situation and result,
present situation and next situation

This is actually a fairly common sequence in real life. You change enough to announce this in public -- and the reaction you get is not always applause. It's actually a way to give some resistance to change -- to make sure you're ready, that you've got the courage of your convictions, that you've thought this move through ... and are ready to work, play and live on this new level -- where the perspective is different ... and so are the problems. But so are the benefits, too.

It's a graduation / initiation ceremony of sorts. The Universe is asking ... "Are you sure?" Maybe we could call this part of the hazing. I have no idea why people behave this way. You'd think a step up would be a cause for celebration, welcoming, rejoicing, etc. But, the comrades you're leaving behind are resentful and sullen. The new ones you'll need for allies in the future -- are wary and suspicious ... and grudging.

"The new guy" always has some extra hurdles to manage before he's accepted. So ... that's who you are -- and where you are. And that's what's happening.


A point to ponder
Simple words of wisdom
to make the journey more interesting

It is baffling how hard people can hold on to their prejudices, even when it's against their best interests. It can be uncomfortable and disorienting for a while to adopt a different worldview -- or change how you think. But that's no reason to not do it.

I'm reminded of my 8 year old nephew a while back ... when I told him if he didn't sit still I was going to pinch him .... He paused, clearly thought about this for a moment and then answered (in all seriousness), "I think I could survive that."

From that moment, that's been my standard. If after due consideration "I think I could survive that" ... I say, "Let's get on with it."



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My life has mostly been a series of "I'm in way over my head." The last thirty years or so I've asked "What's the worst thing that can happen?"

I love your nephew's response. I think I'll add that right after the above question. Unless, of course, I don't think I can survive that.

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