Dumb Money Hustle - How to not do a Video Convention

in tanaconfail •  5 months ago

The day started off with excitement. Aiden was finally going to get to see his favorite youtubers. Myself, I thoguht how bad can this get. A couple of hundred people, all should go pretty good.

Thousands showed up. It seems the lead youtube star said to all her fans, come on out. They then mixed VIP passes with people who waited to buy their tickets at the door. Four hours later and the MAN shut it down. It seems it was too dangerous, for the size of the venue and the number of people.

Fast forward to Saturday at 130 and the entire thing is canceled and we should be getting a refund.

Even though the event was a fail. The experience was priceless. Me and Aiden spent the time talking and talking.2018-06-24 13_37_55-Movies & TV.png

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