There is always a next time

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The feels worn out on a 1992 model red transport stopped close to a remote town transport stop untraceable by the progressed GPRS frameworks

"Pichapaadu, Pichapaadu" the conductor cried. There was a clamor in the entire transport as though it was the doomsday and everyone was going to kick the bucket yet it was the last goal of the transport.

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"Continue proceeding onward you numbskull!" reprimanded a furious old man.

"How could you call me that, you opening" sloth the other.

"Quiets down both of you and proceed onward!" Scolded the conductor Ravi.

Ravi was a young fellow around 26 years firmly assembled who could without much of a stretch get into the armed force yet he longed for turning into a driver of a transport as he didn't think about planes as they didn't hover over his town close to a hold woodland. In any case, Ravi couldn't see how to utilize a directing haggle to apply the riggings so wound up turning into a conductor of this transport which exclusively associated Pichapaadu town and another unpronounceable town 35 kilometers away.

"Idiots!" reviled Ravi seeing the contention between those men and checked all the cash and the tickets by and by as he got down for tea. He loathed his activity and thought of leaving yet until the point when he saw Latha. The prospect of her influenced him to become flushed.

"Your reddening once more. Disclose to me who is it ra?" scrutinized the driver Vijay who was not around his age but rather carried on like one.

"What becoming flushed? Drink your tea it's getting late" shoot back Ravi giving his partner a lively look. He didn't need the transport to be late as he knew Latha would have just boarded the transport by at that point.

"Does everyone have a ticket? Or then again in the event that it is a transport pass demonstrate it to me" yelled Ravi as he got into the officially stuffed transport. His eyes hunting down Latha who officially raised her hand demonstrating her pass. She was with her family. Ravi was glad to see her. Latha was a my reasonable woman sort of a young lady who had a long hair with little twists and a spotless face and a shining skin not at all like the others sitting in the transport, he viewed her as Venus who came down to the earth only for him.

"She looks dazzling" mumbled Ravi under his breath as he checked her hang loose. Latha and Ravi were somewhat long far off relatives. He recharged her transport breathe easy to time and even offered admission to her family at whatever point they went in the transport saying that his mom were relatives to her sister-in-laws father's uncle's second child. They never scrutinized the connection as it was difficult to follow the association which was more hard to take care of than a math issue.

"Right, Right..!" hollered Ravi sitting in his conductor situate which from which he had a decent perspective of Latha.

The transport started its stay to the unpronounceable town at 20kmph and Ravi was just focusing on Latha overlooking the discussion which an arbitrary traveler attempted. Following a hour the transport travel reached an end and Latha alongside the others got down the stuffed transport and instantly it progressed toward becoming unloaded. It, was evening and the noon started. Ravi went to the bottle which got itself put in the transport stand and requested a plate of suppers and sat down alongside his partner Vijay.

"I am stating you don't fall in these affection matters man they will demolish you" came a free exhortation from Vijay. Vijay adored offering advices to Ravi who he thought about his sibling.

"Look Vijay! I am not in affection and I know how to manage dismissals so chill! I am not the devdas compose" said Ravi.

"I know you are not the devdas compose I am just cautioning you sibling." Vijay said endeavoring to assuage Ravi. Ravi detested discussing love matters with Vijay as he never comprehended him and Ravi believed that it was a result of his marriage which was a disappointment.

After lunch Ravi and Vijay enjoyed a reprieve and around 2:00 pm they went to the transport which was at that point pressed prepared for the following visit. In any case, Ravi did not see Latha that evening in the transport not at all like he did alternate days. Latha generally went to the next town for shopping or different purposes and would more often than not backpedal around 2:00pm however today she didn't board the transport. He influenced the transport to hold up till 2:30 however regardless she was beyond anyone's ability to see after a progression of challenges from the travelers the transport began to Pichapaadu. Around 6:30 the transport returned to the town other than Pichapaadu Ravi was holding up to see Latha "What took her this long?" ,"Is she okay?", "Perhaps she met with a mischance?" a progression of inquiries were going ahead in his cerebrum and he knew he would feel okay simply subsequent to seeing Latha. In any case, she didn't board the transport at night as well. He sniffed something abnormal and postponed the transport this time his partner challenged and the transport went to complete its last outing that day.

Ravi met a similar destiny the coming next two days as well and he felt something fishy. In his meal break he circumvented the unpronounceable town visiting it's much more unpronounceable boulevards so he could see Latha however met with hard fortunes dependably. He nearly surrendered all expectations yet after a moth he saw Latha alongside her family board the transport at the same unpronounceable town transport stand. His face lit like a 1000 volts knob he was frantically glad and adding to this was Latha's magnificence he saw that her face shone progressively and her dressing style transformed she now wore a sari. "She looks much more excellent in the sari! Man you are fortunate" he complimented himself.

"Does everybody have a ticket? Or then again a pass on the off chance that it is a pass indicate it to me" he yelled the typical inquiry and was going close to Latha's seat where he saw another man sitting next to her. He was an overwhelming fabricated man around his age. He was joined by another ladies likely his mom alongside Latha's family. Ravi grinned at Latha's folks and they gave him their standard we know you grins.

"Our child in-law" Latha's mom just blew the bomb in the ears of Ravi. He was stunned. "What ? At the point when?" turned out Ravi's arrangement of inquiries, everyone gazed at him. Understanding the harm he had quite recently done controlling every one of his feelings he attempted his best to give a political grin and addressed "I mean stunning! Congrats when were they wedded?", "Just yesterday my child in-law works in the armed force" said Latha's mom grinning.

"You should pay for the additional things' madam and you should pay 300 rupees additional for that itself !" said Ravi composing something on a some paper in a book in his pocket. Everyone gave him a befuddled look Ravi never charged Latha's family additional rather gave them concessions.

"You need to pay 500 rupees general now pay or get down" instructed Ravi in an alarming voice. "Of course, here take this present" Latha's significant other gave Ravi another 500 rupees note. "Well… ! trust it isn't a copy note." Murmured Ravi in a voice which was heard by Latha's mom. She gave him an avoid my little girl look and Ravi gave her a concurring look.

Smashed totally he advanced back to the conductor's seat he didn't recognize what to do now. He felt terrible about himself and he reviled his method for approach perhaps he ought to have proposed her before itself. He thought of turning into a devdas and was thinking about its benefits and negative marks until the point when the transport achieved Pichapaadu. The transport unloaded in the blink of an eye and Ravi to turn out until chose to head towards the bar.

"Congrats Latha what a charming amazement?" The voice which just talked diverted him. He saw a lovely young lady around his age conversing with Latha and her significant other.

"There is dependably a next time I can be fortunate!" Ravi console himself winking to the bar's name load up.

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