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When I was in eighth standard, our lodging was moved to another area, new place, new companions, no early getting up, no superintendent… we were appreciating superb days.

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Our room was uncommon — constantly live and brimming with stimulation. Gradually it moved toward becoming safe house for all… open for all… regular room… anybody known or obscure, confirmed or unauthenticated, whosoever used to come into our space to have a fabulous time. None extremely made a big deal about our protection. Anybody could come into our room as and when he loved, no requirement for any welcome or consent. What would we be able to do? We the flat mates began thinking approaches to stop these uninvited interlopers, our uninvited companions.

"Truly. got a thought!!" the notable legend Mr. AK shouted. On the off chance that it was from AK the thought can't be terrible. So we as a whole energetically sat tight for him, searching for his mouth to open and reveal to us the thought. "A thought can change your life" so he kept us paused, making the most of our interest. Following a couple of minutes of pausing, at last he revealed the thought "Simply keep a notice board on the entryway". Thought was decent and straightforward. A card board piece was gathered and our HERO composed the notice on it and showed it outside our room.

We hanged the board outside the entryway. In any case, futile, actually no impact, now more interlopers, our uninvited companions, used to go into our room as though giving us an inclination that any notice couldn't be relevant to them.

It was around 9:30 PM. Obviously, we were making parcel of clamor; while one individual was occupied with perusing our notice, at long last there was one who read. He thumped the entryway; some person reacted in our run of the mill lodging style and opened the entryway. He was not grinning, and we have never observed him grinning even later in educational time. We were brilliant so expected that he ought to be the new house superintendent (HW).

We didn't welcome him in, so he welcomed every one of us to his room. We as a whole went to his room and sat tight for HW to state something. He stayed silent for some development; we were losing our valuable time. We would need to play 28, Donkey and numerous such CARD diversions; some insightful individuals among us used to play CHESS also. At long last our regarded HW opened his mouth, "I am Mr. Kuppu, your new Hostel Warden", he had detonated the following mystery "I have joined as the English Teacher" — That was a genuine alleviation for us. We were tired of our past English Teacher.

He asked, "who composed the notice see on entryway?", we stayed silent. He asked 3 more circumstances; we stayed silent. He requesting that I get the notice. Inside no time I rushed to convey the notice see load up to our HW's room. I suspected that he may require this board to his room. I was bit desirous of HERO who composed this. It couldn't be any more obvious, he established connection on our new HW inside no time.

I gave the notice board to HW. He painstakingly held it and shouted, "What is composed here?" We again stayed silent, that was our typical strategy — stayed silent and be joined when we feel things are not going right. We kept on being tranquil. Trust me that is the best viable trap we should rehearse in our life today likewise — it will spare us from numerous issues.

At last he solicited each from us to peruse the notice boisterous, "NO ADMITION WITH OUT PERMITION".

"All of you compose the miss-spelled words 500 times previously you rest". Discipline was given. Mix-up was finished by one individual, our HERO, and discipline for all… Justice was denied to us… besides we couldn't go for an interest against the decision. It was just about 10 PM.. It will take no less than 3 hours to compose 2 words 500 times each.

We as a whole backpedaled to the room and began composing. Our HERO turned out to be Super HERO with simply his incredible thought of caution see board.

What's more, with respect to Kuppu Sir, it was only a start. He generally trusted that composition is learning.

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