Painting Cargo Piles made with my 3D Printer

in tabletop •  9 months ago  (edited)

One of the first things I created when I set up my 3D printer were these cargo piles. These were designed by Printable Scenery which is a New Zealand based company that creates all kinds of assortments for 28mm tabletop gaming that can be printed on your home 3D printer.


I printed these using Prusament PLA on a 0.01 layer height which is considered high detail. Each piece took between 1 to 3 hours to print. These need only a minimal amount of cleanup to get rid of any flak.


Initially I undercoated them with a brown primer spray paint which I had laying around.


For this paint job I only used 5 colors which were 3 different browns, a flesh color, and an off-white color. I then applied a wash over the entirety of all the pieces using the army painter brand "Dark Tone". This adds all the shading and also makes them shiny as a consequence.


After waiting for the Dark Tone to dry which took around 24 hours I then painted on a Vallejo Matt Varnish to remove the shininess and add another layer of protection (from scratches/chipping) to the models.


I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. The print quality is great and they were quite easy to paint. Visually appealing yet nothing over the top that would detract from the main visual elements of a tabletop board.

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I'm also happy to answer any questions in the comments section below!


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Nice, I still need to get around to painting my prints. They look great!

I think that is the bane of most people in this hobby, mountains of unpainted models :)


I defy anyone to tell me this post is not #goodcontent this is the stuff we need on Steem not puerile, easy to churn out Memes. Well done, nice pictures and a good read. Lets hope you get lots of resteems.
@ned @dan

What someone says is far more important than how they say it!
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Cheers mate!

That's really cool, a lot of work involved, must be rewarding to see all the pieces finally come together and finished!

Cheers mate!

What a great result! What scale is it for?

Thanks, its for 28mm scale.

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Very cool, cheers!

Hi sanctus,

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Wow thanks, I totally wasn't expecting this...

¡Hola @sanctus! un gran trabajo, se ve muy bien, gracias por compartirlo, ¿en que juego lo usaras? te felicito por tu voto curie, cariños y besos.

Thanks @celinavisaez I will be using these pieces as part of a fantasy port/city i am building to play skirmish RPG's in as well as dungeons and dragons.

I've been wanting a 3D printer for a long time, @sanctus, and the more I see people like you use them and then create things like this, the more I feel l need to get one. :) Simply amazing.

Now, will these all be going into table top games? If so, which one?

And if you don't mind me asking, which 3D printer do you have? And what do you think of it? It seems to be creating magnificent pieces that you can enhance to the point of realism.

Amazing. I'm pretty impressed with this. Congratulations, too, on the curie.

Hi the printer I'm using is a Prusa MK3. We haven't decided on a specific game, but it will likely be frostgrave, mordheim, DND, pathfinder or a mixture of these.

Thanks for the comment, and goodluck with your prints if you ever get one.

Just looked at the MK3. Looks like it's winning awards just like it's predecessor did, and the price point doesn't seem that bad (especially if you get the DIY kit), particularly if you can make some money with it.

I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks for letting me know what you used. Very helpful.

Hey, this looks great sanctus! Quite original craftsmanship is an art far above the ordinary, art always seeks to illustrate the love we feel by passionately devoting ourselves to what we like, that's what I see in your work. Since when do you do these cool things?

Congratulations, greetings!

Thankyou @fernando.lubezki. I've been painting miniatures on and off for around 20 years.

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I find it incredible that there are machines capable of 3D printing. I liked the result you got, the barrels look very cute in that small size. Good thing you could paint them giving them a wooden look.


All of this technology is still baffling to me! Those are quite amazing. While I don't understand it, I can appreciate what a beautiful result you have there!

Thank you

3D printing has always fascinated me, isn't it amazing what one can do with technology? I love how realistic these look, it looks like something you molded with your own hands and it has some sort of a vintage feel to it which I like — the barrel, the pouch, and the boxes. I Love this!


Cool @sanctus. I love little cute thing as well. The cargo piles were so cute. Unfortunately I not stay close to you. Or else I would be happy if i can get one from you :P.
It look small, but from what you explained in this post. It need a lot of work. 3D printers really can do wonders. If my finance permitted. I would like to invest one and create all these cute things like you :p.

Cheers, once you buy a 3d printer and realise the possibilities you will become obsessed :)

Oh no.. You make me want to get it faster hehehe.. BTW, you have any recommendation on which model I should consider?

Check out the prusa mk3 or Ender 3.

Thank you very much. Let me do some research on these 2 models. Happy Thanks Giving @sanctus

I hunted a 3D printer for Steemhunt. The printer prints ceramic products with different, complex and beautiful designs. And I started wondering about having one. I thought it was really cute. It has now become more interesting as I see your post here.

I do not know the sizes of your products but they look so cute. Plus there are many of them! It seems like you are filling up a shop.

1 to 3 hours to finish! How big are those in general? What is the biggest that took the longest? By the way, did you define the designs that you want before printing? Or are the pre-"populated" designs that you just select from upon purchase of the printer?

Hi, they are around 2-3cm high. The designs are purchased through the website I mentioned at the start of my post. They are converted to a GCODE file that is fed into the printer.

Oh yes, you mentioned about the website. I guess I should have made my question clearer. Do you just pick the designs from their catalogue or can you ask them to customize for you? Can you create your own and fed into the printer?

They don't do custom designs but you can create your own or modify an existing design. They are basically just 3D .stl files which then get converted into a gcode file for the printer using slicer software.

I see, that makes sense... Thanks for the clarifications.

Wow I never imagined there was already so many things that can be done from 3D prints. I visited the page of Printable Scenery and they have so many models! Your look very nice in the pictures. It most be a very entertaining hobby. Congratulations for your @curie upvote!


Wow, that looks really beautiful, I can imagine them as toys for children, when they like to play role-play games. I can remember myself, playing with my son, when he was little, he loved to play a shop, as he had a small shop with cashier and all necessary food as well a little basket. On other hand for you that must have been very exciting to create your own objects, coloring with certain colors and looking at the last picture I can good imagine that it is in haven, waiting for the shipment.


Impressive. You could make a entire scenery with that hobby and convert it into a lucrative business. Just some good photos about the work and some advertising and you're all set. That's a cool hobby.

These are really cute cargo piles @sanctus. I like how you painted them. Thank you for sharing your process. May I ask, why did you decide to apply a Vallejo Matt Varnish to remove the shininess instead of leaving them shiny?

I'm not really a fan of the glossy/shiny finish unless its on something specific like water, slime or even gemstones. Glad you liked them.

Ah that explains it. Thank you @sanctus and happy Sunday to you!

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These are so cute looking, they are definitely attractive and they even look like they come from the official company :).
Congratulations for your curie vote ^_^.

Thanks mate