The Old Dog Reports: Leaving The Fairytale Village of Blatten And On To Another Dream

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It was time to leave the enchanting village of Blatten but there was no time for regrets. More unique beauty awaited us!

We never expected such a view when we booked this hotel and did we ever enjoy it!

Our next "ports of  call" were the town of Brig, the town of Ernen and the Grimsel Pass.

A Bonus Waterfall Along The Way

On the road down the mountain from Blatten we spotted this waterfall. There are so many of these in Switzerland but this one was only about 50 meters from the road. Cold, clean and inviting but no time for a shower!

The Town of Brig

When visiting towns I love to go to the old town squares. The architecture inspires me and I love to go back in time with my mind and marvel at the artistry of a bygone era.

This particular building caught my eye with its turrets and steep roof line.

It was time to head on foot, through the old town and up the hill to Stockalper's Castle. It was built in the 1600's by Kaspar Stockalper. He was called the King of Semplon becasue of his vast wealth and business dominance in the area. At one time he had a total monopoly over the salt trade in that area. 

At the peak of his power he employed 5,00 people even though Brig had a population of only 900!

Stockalper built the the road for the Semplon pass and a canal from Vouvrey to Collombey. After building his monumental "castle" the residents of the surrounding area drove him into exile in Domodossola Italy! 

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

This warehouse, residence, castle was built between 1658 and 1678 and has extensive gardens surrounding it.

A piece of the inner courtyard which is now used for concerts and events.

One of the towers as shown from inside the courtyard.

A bridge connected different building of the complex.

It Was Time to Visit The Village of Ernen

This picture pretty town is nestled in the hills of Valais. Image credit

In a recent article we visited the Goms suspension bridge but we didn't have time on that occasion to visit the old village of Ernen. Now we did!

This village is home to the "Tell House" which was built in 1576 and has its facade painted with what are likely the oldest William Tell frescoes. The town was awarded the Wakker prize in 1979 for its preservation of architectural heritage. 

Here you can see the William tell Frescoes. While fades they have lasted for well over 400 years! How long has your last paint job lasted?

Here Are Some Other Structures in Ernen

We Next Decided to Drive up The Grimsel Pass

The Grimsel pass reaches an elevation of  2,164 meters or 7,100 feet and it links the Goms in Valais with Hasli Valley in Bernese Oberland. The first documented use of the pass was in 14th century although it may be that the pass was used in Roman times.

Here are some pictures that we took on our way up the pass. On the other side of the valley you can see the Furka Pass which goes from Gletch in the Canton of Valais to Andermatt in the Canton of Uri.

On the left is the road for the Furka pass and on the right the road for the Grimsel pass.

We were getting closer to the top and were amazed at how my cyclists venture up these mountain roads!

Off in the distance you can see the glacier that is the source of the Rhone River which travesl from here 812 km to the Mediterranean Sea!

The really cool thing about all of what I showed you is the it entails only about 3 hours of driving! There are so many wonderful things to visit within a small area!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing this portion of my holiday.

Until next time, 

 @kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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I wish one day STEEM will let me to buy a residence from this area! For me this is a mythical world with lots of wonderful views! Stunning photography and I think it might be a memorable trip to you!



Yes it's been great so far!

Hello my dear friend @kus-knee, and we continue with our holidays, my God, one image is more beautiful than the other, I am really surprised to see each of them, the castles that you show or the residences as you say, stores, they are a beauty its structure, they just need a princess up there, with their big hair and make desender, hahaha, the waterfall took my breath away, and being so close to the road is the most impressive, the view from the hotel window, is where, no, it is provaca to leave that place, although getting lost in such beautiful landscapes, makes you stay there for many more days. I hope you keep going very well, and remember that I am here following your steps, hahahahaha


Thanks so much for stopping by to have a look!


Thank you I have to give it to you, to show us places as beautiful as the ones you are visiting, they really inspire a lot of peace. I want to follow you always and enjoy these beauties

Fantastic scenery. It truly is out of a Fairy Tale!!

It always amazes when I see buildings in Europe with keystones and signs indicating that the building was erected in 1576 etc. Then, looking around Canada, a building is considered very old if it has existed since 1890. It's all perspective.


Really Switzerland is an awesome place for travelling. I enjoy it's beauty. I also appreciate your brilliant photography.


Nothing brilliant except the subject!

Oh wow switzerland is beautiful :)
I love it :)

Really extraordinary place @kus-knee

I loved this photography which seems professionally done (what kind of camera did you use I want to buy one for the same kind of events), the area and everything. I am planning to go there in snowy season. I told to my family I would want stay there for at least a month. I would need to budget it up though time and $s.

Thanks for sharing your experience of joys and fun. I think you're swiss...keep moving forward...all the best...


The camera is my iPhone! :(


@kus-knee can you tell me about this,

Suppose you can choose a beautiful picture or animal instead of a boring desk with a white wall. For example, when you display different effects on camera lighting, then what do they look like or how they really look?

It sounds like an amazing trip. Back then they made those old buildings to last and to be a statement for the rest of History. Thank you for sharing my dear friend @kus-knee


Yes right to this day they really care about quality!

Your posts are always on priority in my news feed. Because i am very impress by your work. Your posts shows your hard work.



What an amazing place to visit!
That water fall is so beautiful to watch.!


Yes we enjoyed every moment!

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I'm sure that there are some great places to visit in your area!


I'm sure that there are
Some great places to visit
In your area!

                 - kus-knee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It was like leaving a city of Heaven to another :)

The landscape of the mountains were indeed stunning.The roads made it even more interesting and not to mention the clouds they were impressive as well !


It was a great day and a great trip!


Thanks for sharing and making us a part of the trip buddy !

It hurts when we have to shift to another place


It can yes.

Fabulous architectural buildings there. Beauty waterfalls and nice background to see. Always pretty awesome captures by you @kus-knee.



Hi @kus-knee, When we're shifting another place from beauty place it gives up really hurt feelings. I know what about your feelings. This is a fair-style village I've ever seen in Switzerland.


There are always other nice things to see!

I am impressed with the nature in general and the beautiful and distinctive architecture of the trip. Switzerland is definitely a very interesting place to visit, not only because of the large old buildings you can find, but also because of the nature that is well maintained.


Yes it is so well maintained!

Woowwww, what wonderful places! I loved all your pictures :O They filled my belly with butterflies. I really really really want to see those things in person someday. They feel like landscapes of fantasy and dreams.

I'm so in awe. I don't know how to express how much in love I am with the places you showed.


I'm glad that you like them!

Wow...lovely place..very beautiful photography 📷



Aww amazing/extraordinary place @kus-knee
Especially, this place is spectacular

One of the most place on earth I would like to visit ever since I saw this place when I was still young, I was immediately in love with Switzerland, Hopefully, I plan to visit this place 2018end. and I dream may come true.

May good bless you, thanks for sharing this excellent photography.
Nice experience...
Steem on!


Thanks a lot!

I really prefer to to see those amazing view of the mountains and roads, Outstanding landscaping scenery indeed location. I feel I gotta go there, nice shots @kus-knee.


It is a great place to visit!

Dear Sir, Good Morning from India. I wish you a great day and thanks for making our days memorable and very beautiful by the awesome natural phenomena you shared with us, these are very beautiful and also associated with some man-made marvellous architecture, in my opinion, it's a complete blend of pious beauty of nature and natural phenomenon.

These beautiful phenomena are completely a Gift of God to the beautiful persons and its necessary to get some bonus haha, enjoy your day and trip sir and make this memorably beautiful.

God bless you.


Thanks for your kind words!

wow, the photography is spectacular.

you both have given lesser mortals who are unable to travel due to economic reasons or due to time factor a chance to really enjoy the well shot/click photography. i've myself been to switzerland (geneve and country side swiss) and extensively travelled to western europe hongkong mauritius middle east etc. every moment of the clipping that i watched i truely enjoyed.

enjoy yourselves in your travel endeavours and may god bless you both


It seems that you've already traveled a lot. The places that I've shown are not far from my home.


Is it very expensive to visit right now? I would like to know your opinion.


Switzerland is expensive in general. Depending on your requirements there are hostels and camping grounds which are reasonable.

Depending on ones age there are also deals on train travel.


What a gorgeous view, just the sites you need to relax , I love the towers of the castle round and fairytale like . Just thinking that would make a good spot for a painting room, inspiration a volonte 👍🏻😁


Who knows what you could paint there!


Inspiring environment plenty colours around 👍🏻😁

That's incredible @kus-knee that there is so much beauty to see within just 3 hours of driving.

Your photographs certainly do the area justice. I'm always surprised at how you able to get clear shots without people mucking up the view. 😂


Pure fluke!

It's really not very nice to pick your photos.I am fascinated by the many beautiful photography I have seen.We hope you'll gift more such good photos in us.Hope you will always be with us and we will be able to pick up the wonderful scenes in us.



You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

but we didn't have time on that occassion to visit the old village of Ernen.
It should be occasion instead of occassion.


Thanks, fixed!

Que lugares tan encantadores nos muestras hoy @kus-knee sobre todo la de la pequeña cascada espectacular

Very Great Fantastic scenery.

These pictures are great!

Time to keep exploring the world is awaiting to be explored more and more :)

Our universe is great, it houses beautiful places worth knowing, full of traditions and cultures
thank you very much dear friend @ kus-knee for letting us know these beautiful places and all their history
I wish you a happy stay

Wow very nature photography my best friend
I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

The pictures really look like the scene of any movie or fairytales. Each one of the above pictures is perfectly shot and have a lot of story to speak by itself. Switzerland is a true heaven on Earth and we all have a bucket list in our life where this is on the top of the list.

Beautiful places.

Enjoy the hotel. And you enjoy life along the way.

Wao such a fabulous are a great photographer...very beautiful houses....mountains looks so wonderful...and very lovely waterfall...very great natural beauty...buildings looks so Amazing....such a great artitucture....Very attractive buildings.....such a Amazing mountains and greenish looks so beautiful.....and roads are so clean....switzerland is most beautiful country in the world...great trip..and sir enjoy your self...enjoy every moment....i really like your post..thanks for sharing ..

Realy wonderful natural photo.I love it very much