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No One ever really dies as long as they took the time to leave us with fond memories


I am starting to feel a little bit out, all my friends and family are
getting married...and I don't even have a girlfriend... but I am in no
rush to get married, I am not even 20 yet! The bride and I have know
each other for many years, since we were babies.

When it came to pre-primary school, she was that girl I hated the most
I hated most girls as they were evil disgusting creatures that told nothing
but lies and were no fun at all The wedding was amazing and I wish a
happy life for my sisie. She deserves a good life



A few days later we all got together after finish wedding we were make a
plane that tomorrow you will go for a swimming for fun and time pass with
friends so next day we all together and find a swimming pool in the city at
last we find a swimming pool its conditions is not so good but this is the only
one pool in the little town

We spend a lot of time in swimming one of my friend they did't know how to
swim we forced her to jump into the water and try swimming they said i
i am not jump into the water if i jump into water i will drown we said to him we
will help you in swimming At last the jump into the water but when i jump first
and what happened see in this video


I always remember my old days of my life and missed him a lot because old is gold if you like my blog click upvote and give me some support and love

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Hey don't worry that you're not married. I'm a bit older and look today our life expectancy is a way higher than our parents generation. You're so young enjoy the freedom, first build your life, reach your personal goals as you like with your friends, family and the one love will come automatically to you if you're just yourself and in times you never expect, believe me 😉

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