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Hello great steemian nation! I recently looked into a few apps to keep track of my activity levels throughout the day. While doing this I stumbled across this great app called Sweatcoins.
Screenshot_20190130-104321_Google Play Store.jpg
How it works is simple. First, simply use this link to download and install the app.... Sweatcoin

Next just follow the on screen instrucrions and you're on your way. As you go about your day, the app will keep track of your steps and reward you Sweatcoins for your activity. Just remember that your phone records almost every movement as a step, the app will use an algorithm to best judge how many steps you have actually taken.

As the coins stack up you will be able to spend them on items and services they have available from their in app market place.(These offers are always changing, so if you dont like something this week, just wait.) YOU CAN EVEN TRADE THEM IN FOR $1000 USD IF YOU GET 20,000 OF THEM!!!


On top of using the coins in the market, you can also sell them on "peer to peer" basis with peple in the app OR through some services offered online. They currently sell for between 5-10 cents peer to peer.


Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this app is the fact they are in full development of a blockchain to support their internal economy and its millions of daily users. The reason this is exciting to me is because, normally a blockchain is built first and then its up to everyone involved to convince people to use it. In this situation however, they have an app with over 10 million downloads, millions of active users a day(compare that to Steemits' daily active users), an already working and valued coin system with a healthy economy. I believe once the chain is in place, this coin could become worth significantly more then our Steem tokens. And because we earn them through activities we do anyway, there's no real need to invest to be ahead of the curve....just active.

That's all I have for you great people today. I really hope everyone will take a second to look into this awesome app and opportunity! And as always, I send out my love to each of you and hope that your day and week are going wonderfully.

  • also, please let me know if the Sweatcoin link above works. Ive never added one like this before.😋

Thank you for always sharing your find/findings with us lesser mortals. Heaven must be missing an angel.
The Sweatcoin thingy sounds interesting, especially, as you said, "we earn them through activities we do anyway." I might give it a try.
By the way, the link works. Cheers! :-)

Awrsome! Im glad it works. And yeah, give it a shot. Save up some coins and ill buy them from you for steem if you dont plan on holding them. Thanks for stopping by. And we are all the same mortals my friend. Some just don't act that way.😋

I love this comment and i am trying it out too! Just installed it

I love this comment
And i am trying it out
Too! Just installed it

                 - wised-up-warrior

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

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i will try this my friend, thank you for sharing but I hope it works in my country.

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This is really interesting. Thank you for sharing. I can hardly imagine walking wand being recorded by an app on my phone.

I have a question. Does my internet connection needs to be on before the app starts reading?

I dont know. But i dont think so. I think just the location. It will still count your steps and add them to your total the next time you your your internet on or find wi-fi. Thanks for stopping by. I really hope it helps.

Yeah it does. Thanks

Great share, @johndoer123! LOVE the idea of earning via walking app. Please keep us updated on its blockchain development too. I'll download the app from your link when next on my phone.

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Awesome! Im glad you stopped by and that you like the idea of earning for walking. Im up to almost 40 coins in the few days. Plus even if you have a slow day, you can claim the daily coin bonus, so you still get something, even on slow days. And if you want a little more info on their blockchain progress, check out their site.

Wonderful! Thanks for the extra info and I will.

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Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @johndoer123
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

looks great\

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