🔥 Steemit Vision Quest - 1 : When Sky🌤 Meets Sea 🌊 Original Poetry By Esaia Mystic

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This Is A 🔥 Steemit Vision Quest - Week 1: Sky Meets Sea. A Challege Created by @cabelindsay & made known to me by the Spiritual Mod @eaglespirit through #TGP (Team Girl Powa) Discord Server. This Is A Story Tale Of The Sky & The Sea; Creatively Expressed Through Original Poetry by @esaia.mystic.


Clouds ...Drown My Thoughts

Like Dreams...
Soft Like Pillow Talk
Fluffy Feathers Bursting From The Seams
Snow Falls Right Into
The Sweetest Parts of Me
I Love It When The Water Changes
Condenses to Shapes
Only My Sight Can See


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The Sky Upholds Bouyant Souls
The Birds Show us How To Be Free
Open Our Wings
Let Energy Spring
Where Magnetic Fields Push & Pull us
When I Look Up
I Feel There is Such
A Thing as Everlasting
There Are No Limits To The Sky
Its Miles High
The Waters Above
Yet Only Few Tell The Tale
Of Their Heights...


giphy (6).gif

Go Too Far & We'll Meet the Stars
With Little Air to Survive
The Sky is a Place that Gives Us Space
To Feel Adrenaline & Breeze
Both The Sky & Sea
Speak Great Mysteries
Creatures That Roam We May Never See


giphy (2).gif

Living On Earth at Times Feels Limiting
Until we Set out on A Five Day Cruise
Nothing To Loose But The Thought Of Return
With No Land to Ground Us
No Woods to Burn
Just.. Strong Yet Calm Waves Surround Us
Suddenly Our Fate is A Ruse
For The Ocean Tides
The Sun Receeds As The Moon Rise
The Water Doesn't Look As Fun Anymore
Something About it...
Makes Us Unsure--


giphy (4).gif

It is Dark & Ever so Deep
The Sky & Sea Offer No Place For Feet
However The Skies Are Different to the Mind
As Soon as We Delve Beneath
We Leave Smooth Breathing Behind
So Tell Me
For How Long, Can You Hold Your Breath?
3 Minutes Tops Until
Our Lunges meet Sudden Death
So If I can Grow Wings
Then Maybe I will Grow Gills
Cliff & Scuba Diving Both Give Me Chills
Yet They Take You To
A Feeling That There's
An Endless World To Explore
Undiscovered Realms
Of Life We Can't Ignore


giphy (7).gif

Deep Are Our Waters
Going High + Going Low
When we Fall The Sea can Catch Us
Before We Drown The Whales Can Save Us
Swim Us Back To Shore
When Sky Meets Sea
We Are On Earth Once More..


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Love it! Here's the song that I had on while I read it. I had to share it, it went well with your flowetry! ♥✨

Always Got Great Music To Share Stace 🌸

I was thinking hard on what movie that was, now I see It’s Wonder Woman! Eager to watch it now 🙃

Nice. I needed this song, what a great way to start my day. Thank You @staceyjean

You are very welcome! It's a great way to start your day 😃♥✨

Greetings @esaia.mystic just wanted you to know that your poetry has been curated by TribeGlobal-Love, you can see it here: https://steemit.com/curation/@tribeglobal-love/poetic-impact-week-1
Also you have been awarded 2 SBD as a token of our love for your excellent poetic expression.

Wow! Much Gratitude ⭐️

hello my friend @esaia.mystic, you may want to edit and place "svq" tag so you can be entered into the contest.
@cabelindsay is that okay? I love this poetry and photos, everything fits so well together. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this and I feel the energy.
I wish you the best of luck for this Esaia! Blessings. xx

I was going to put #svq , the steemit vision quest post says to put #svg tho... 🤔 I definitely shoul ask the creator to know for sure .. thank you @eaglespirit ! ⭐️

Which post said svg? I hope not mine. I had posted his and it said svq. Look in the svq tag and you will see the entries. I put both of his original posts in the spiritual mod room. I’ll go check right now and I hope it wasn’t nice mine. Sorry for the confusion if it were me! Eeeeeee

Update: he wrote it two different ways within the contest post and there are two others with svg. LOL!
He will have to sort this one out. So now there are contestants in svg and svq.
I alerted him to this too so I guessing he’ll have to make sure to look at both links. xx



LOL ! 😂

However, The Tag He posted In was #SVQ so I Was thinking at first that prolly was a typo. Then I saw two other people posted in #svg so I Went with it !

At least you know he’ll see this now and go with it, he’s easy going and a busy dad! 🍤

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Loving this, great expression of your gift, @esaia.mystic, Upvoting and Resteeming

Fantastic. Your poetry is an absolute thrillride! Thank you for sharing your Vision in this way. I am moved and tossed and turned by your waves.

It Was A Pleasure ⭐️

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