My Original Art Piece for Steemit Vision Quest: Sky Meets Sea

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Here is my piece I did for #svq (Steemit Vision Quest) whose theme this week is Sky Meets Sea hosted by @cabelindsay.


When I heard sky meets sea, I thought of spirits or Goddesses of the sea and air. I had so much fun doing my surreal challenge art piece that I have been wishing to do more figures in a surreal setting. This seemed the perfect opportunity.

I also felt she could happily live in the same world (or even be in the same show) as my piece I did as a collab contest entitled the Angel of life and death.

Taking my own challenge for the year, which is to look to challenge/contests on Steemit of interest and use them to make my own fine art pieces to add to my portfolio/body of work, this one seemed the perfect fit. This allows me the joy of community on here as well as being sure to stick to my own art creating schedule and work.

I really enjoyed making this piece. Here is the preliminary sketch and below is a gif of a few of the layers/stages of its production.


If you would like to enter, and I certainly think you should as it does not have to just be painting, but can be video, poems, songs, then by all means go here and enter Come along and join the fun!

If you appreciate my work please feel free to upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.



How fun.

Done, done and done. Upvoted, commented and restreamed. xxx

Thank you @marianbowes you are a darling. :)

My God, girl, you rock! Her eyes just draw me in, and the fish send me adrift, and suddenly I'm in there swimming in this image you've created. It's awesome! And thank you for being so kind and showing your creative process too. You are masterful, my sister. Thank you.

Thank you, such fine praise. I really enjoyed making this and am really getting the 'flow' of this new year and my new goals of making more and more art.

Bravo girl!! Love this piece..My vote goes to you :) Unfortunately came across to late for this contest..

Thank you so much. Yes, I think it ends tomorrow?

yes i think , but maybe I have something..:) Been working yesterday all day, drawing on paper :) Missed it a lot!

I have two other pieces I have been working on for the work for challenges as well. I pick those that will fit into what I should be creating for myself anyway, but all week I keep coming across others and think, "Oh that'd be a fun one too" But, trying to stay focuses on the few I already picked. This really is an inspiring place!

I really like the composition of half sky half sea, and how the fish come out of the girls mouth :) Awesome! Your painting and coloring style is very good!

Thank you so much. I really wanted a figure as part of it and the surreal just seemed the right way to go.

Beautiful painting! And awesome post, great idea to stay motivated to create.

Thank you so much. Yeah , it's really a great goal, I think.

since the first see your work give a very contemporary style, i like your focuses on nature and fiction @donnadavisart

Thank you so much. I do always have a little story in my head when I am doing a piece. :)

every work art stems from a simple idea <3

Very impressive painting!
For me, this is a reassuring picture. The water mirror is smooth and the fish do not escape because she gives them shelter, just like the parrots. Is she really Gaia?

Thank you, in a way she is gaia. I really wanted a female representation of sky and sea and this is what I dreamt of. Funny minds we have, we artists.

Awesome piece, @donnadavisart! Great idea and incredible realization! I love that

Wow, it looks beautiful. Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you, I shall.

That is an awesome expression of the theme! The parrot / fish "reflection" is very fun!

Thanks so much, I had fun with it.

I really like your proposal, all the best in the challenge!

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