ETERNITY - Blue Fire & Blue Blood - A Moontime Poem

in #poetry2 years ago



Blue fire Blue Blood
How Long is An Eternity
A Full Moon 🌕To New Moon 🌚
My Baby Grows
Shining , I can feel
Movements Express The Feel
A Blue Time I Find
Thank You For Coming To Me
Poetry Seals A Shear Embrace
Upon the Face
Of a Watery Teal
Turquoise, Kind Of Color
To Tell You Love Me
We are Like No Other
My Baby Is Growing
Rose Quartz On My Belly At Night
When My Dreams Of Losing
The Love Of My Life
Get Vivid
Real Images Of You
Hard To Get Out Of My Mind
I wouldn’t let me leave me
Blues You Keep My Baby Close
Pure, Wise, Loved
For An




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This poem is refreshing and I'm glad to have read it this morning! It really put me in a nostalgic mood of being pregnant and pondering life. You're going to be such a great mother. You have wisdom, knowledge, and a deep rooted love of humanity 🌸 But that's just my perspective ✨

Thank You ⭐️

Not having had any children this poem was bittersweet for me but the depth and layers connected me with the process all the same, it a beautiful testimony to the unfolding...

outstanding and very deep meaning poem. I really like it.

Thank You 💙

Beautiful poem...!

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