A Journey To Prosperity - By Esaia Mystic

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Close Your Eyes
Visualize The Path
A Journey So Vast
Encompassing Your Very Senses
Our Wishes to lead
Open Doors
Like Never Before
To Give Us More
Letting Messengers Guide The Seed
Planted beneath
Watch Her Flourish & Grow
To Win Big We Must Play Big
It Is All Apart Of The Show
Dream Like It's All We Have Got
A Lot Is What We Are Asking For
I Am Sure
It Is Ours By Divine Right
The Value Is What Has Grabbed You
The Worth Is Clearer Than Plain Sight
The Vision Of A Mission
We Work Hard To Recieve
Or Is It More To Please
The Cravings For Comfort & Luxuries

Prosperity Follows
Those Who Take Risks,
Or Better Those Whom Trust
In Failure; Playing it Safe
Is Fine, For When We Leave This World Behind
Letting Fear Be The Pillar For Success

I Feel Right Now The Things That Scare Me
Are Here For Me To Triumph
Like A Monster For Me To Defeat
To Reach The Next Level Of Being
Finish The Game To Find Another
Intriguing Enough To Play

Never Shy From Defeat
Humbly Accept Being Beat
Because There's Something You Have Yet To Get Right
Trust In Your Blessings
The Minds Great Power
To Travel Dimensions
Is Our Strongest Path Through Time
From Darkness Always Comes Light


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I needed to read this right now. Yes! Fall down seven times, get up eight. Keep learning, keep believing, keep expanding my capacity for being me. :)

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There's so much truth and love in this poem!

Thank you ⭐️

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