Cloudy Fogs Clear Our Vision 👁 Leave Illusion FOR THE BLIND

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Diving Deep Into This World— Celestial
A Cloudy Fog Takes Them To The Edge
Where They Beg & Search For A Source.
Clarity We Must find Our Path— The Course
Unto Which is Divinely Ours
They Reach Far But The Truth Is Within Us
A Bright Image Of The things They
Seem to Comprehend
But The Fog...
They Really Want To See Whats Ahead
It’s Making them Anxious & Filled with Dred
The World Around Them Seems Smaller
We’ve been traveling for some time
Going In Circles, because they don’t think to leave
Breadcrumbs behind
Those that do get hungry & Eat Them
Munching Away at the clues
That Would Have Freed Them
Opened Their Visions & Closed Their Eyes
Illusions are fun when Truth is disguised




Ground Yourself, Ground Deep—
No stone on earth Can keep you on your feet
Standing sturdy, knees solid
The Fog flows through like whims of knowledge
Relax— It’s Time That brings us To A Panic
Life is To Be Lived So Fill The Fog With Magic
Sacred Soul Dance The Wave
We find beauty in Every Day
The Fog Flows showing us Where we are headed
Crowning With Peace The Mist is Released
Our Source Is All & All is We




I have faith, the substance of all things. Believing I do not. Believing in something makes anything different from such belief offensive. Why? Because such belief is a disconnect from the Source. You have left, yourself in going to the place you have gone to. & so you react negatively, to things that are not in line with your leaving. Trusting is good, having faith even better— as long as it is in yourself first before anything outside of you. These are the basics of life, Love & living. Opinions are grey areas of truth, Facts are grey areas of truth. Truth however— Is Absolute. Something Neither Logic or Feeling Alone can Prove or Argue. When we choose to entertain illusions, we find our life without much substance, much purpose, much growth. When we choose to live our truth, our unique divine principles of living— Being becomes fulfilling. Embrace the Fog, it is clouding your vision NOT, merely paving our paths.. guiding our way 💨




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Lovely ♥

I'm Hope you can manage to come visit Brazil Soon =)

Yes ! Such A Beautiful Place, I’ll be back soon.. ✈️

in my country too, when you visit, the western part of Aceh is famous for its beauty

Wow! Every word of this was so beautifully put!

Thank You ⭐️

This is outstanding !

beauty post, love it!

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