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Quick Note - The totality of this publication is a '70-min' read. However, it could not be contained in one post due to the steem's block-size capacity. This means that i have published the publication in parts, linking each part. 

This is where it started (i.e part one): Save Surpassinggoogle - A Colorlesspaper Tackling 'World-Adjustment', Derived From The 'No-Books'.

I implore you to buy out time to read the entirety of this publication with your spirit and being starting with 'part one' above, that you can pay attention to the undertone of 'your boy Terry', in one giant read.

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Now, why not just dig in further for 'your boy Terry'. Kindly continue reading the publication below. Let's go...


It started decades ago as 'the story of a boy who went through the intensest levels of suffering 'without an outlet' but to whom 'suffering' was a positive'. He bore it through to understand 'life and humans', to exert and exercise his God-given human virtues, to find testimonial use for good, to find rare answers. In the midst of so much cruelty, he turned out 'extremely loving'.

He wanted to stir 'beautiful disruption'; to take 'lights' right inside tunnels. He wanted to expand the context for' happiness, sadness, tears etc'. He wanted to find 'sense' in the so-called 'nonsense'. He wanted to remove 'all barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' can be available to 'every(any)one'. He was going to 'surpass google'.

He created 'fresh curriculums', those not covered in/by 'the books' and he began to seek answers in the 'no-books'. In the process, he turned out 'full-blown human' too, 'without influence from nation or circumstance' and going through stage after stage of "tests & intense battles", RARE INTEL began to be revealed to him, that in turn he should reveal these things to the nations. 

He became a 'legit illiterate'. His substance became firm, deeply-rooted, unshaken; he became, "your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears". 

But this boy broke down too! 'In the physical' he 'teared many tears'. His mum died and he watched it. He was helpless! He was in so much wailing and pain. Then, his dad arrived too, 'all sick' (yet with his hefty dreams intact) and his dad would wail and wail 'till date' and this particular lowly boy watches this too, still helplessly; till one day soon, 'change' should arrive!  

> "May help arrive, may it arrive, may it arrive. May it arrive soonest!", are his words now. 

> Where you turn in a prayer, his 'amen' is on default.  

 **May this particular boy live.** 

Over the course of ages 'doing time' (i.e intensest 'levels of suffering', without an outlet)), i did many things to try to touch the world. I was "your boy terry, whether bulls of bears". 

I have thought of you many times. I have taken initiative on your behalf many times. I will bear even your consequences many times.

Pertaining to fellow humans, even 'the things of them' labeled 'nonsense' by world-standards i have sifted, to find 'sense' therein or testimonial use for good. I will forgive you a hundred times.

> "When you have done ages in time, many things become forgive-able". @surpassinggoogle

En-route evolving the 'Teardrops ecosystem' and defining its model/paradigms, an 'entire curriculum' has played out and by this means i have been able to reach many, helping them shine some more. 

Here are some of the lowly things i have done (even in the midst of my many pains and 'lost life'):

  • I have tried to impact as many people as i can reach.

In 'real life' and across the internet, via social interaction (e.g over several social-network platforms), i have managed to inspire many. I have had thousands of 'DM-chats' and i have given 'hours-of-talks' in a bid to share 'love'. (Some have spoken about me in heartfelt 'light' as seen here: 1 , 2 , 3 )

And some of my 'lowly words' have managed to reach the homes of many and are seated therein!

See these images: 


Then we say, "talent is not that impressive without the 'substance of the human', for 'just talent' is generic".


Here are some videos too:

  • I have considered everyone. 

"Everyone has something to offer". @surpassinggoogle

"Eliminate average, bum or smart and suddenly, we are all genius". @surpassinggoogle.

"Talent is generic. 'Un(dis)talent' is in the ranks of great". @surpassinggoogle

Over the course of time, i have dynamically instigated social movements/endeavors that has involved 'everyone'. For instance, some two years ago, i started a hashtag called '#untalented' and to make its inception fun, i initiated it with a contest title "who are you". The contest received more than 1,000 post-entries and each one was rewarded. The very post that announced the contest also accrued some '1000 comments'.

The 'un(dis)talented paradigm' forms a core paradigm of all my innovations.  

In more recent times, i started '#ulog', allowing every(any)one to become a content-creator and in the first 4-months of its inception, the tag produced some '20,000 posts and 179,000 comments', allowing each one to 'shine some more' by virtue of their content. (See recent stats!) 

  • I distributed rewards.

I have been able to reach people with 'rewards' too! Besides other forms of rewards, i have been able to actively reach 'thousands of people' with some 'money' too. 

Via the art of content-curation, i have been able distribute 'monetary rewards' to thousands of users across several social-network platforms.

I also created the digital currency called 'TEARDROPS ', and even while TEARDROPS was in 'an imaginary state', i gave them out. 
In more recent times, i created the digital currency called 'MARLIANS' and have managed to distribute this too. (See evidence.)

'Money being the smaller things' however, in the art of curation and even in the midst of my 'many pains', i have gone out with love to reach each one with a piece of 'your boy Terry', leaving 'thousands of loving and empowering comments'. (See stat.)

Take a look at this screenshot: 

  •  I Began The Teardrops Ecosystem & Evolved Its Model. 

"Fix the tears with some teardrops". @surpassinggoogle

The above words have come to life further over the past years. Starting on #teardrops, we have begun to regard 'tears' as 'an emblem of human'; 'a by-product of evolving/mining the human towards its awesomest version'; and we have began to celebrate and reward each tear.

We have moved together. We shine together. We celebrate this 'breakthrough' together, with some TEARDROPS.

Take a look at these images to see the world shining some more: 

  • I signed some autographs. I have requested autographs.

"Start rehearsing your signatures today and soon, you will sign autographs". @surpassinggoogle

Then, i went on to declare the fun words in the image below:

Starting even small, i have been "your boy terry" towards many; an 'ultimate true fan'..... 

and i would dig of myself even on your behalf, to pop out 'rare words' that perhaps, you will find your fixing....

and i would say, "you are celebrity and i am your fan". 

Then, i will ask your autograph, that i may cherish it.

and just when you ask for 'my autograph', i have rehearsed it aright, that you may hold it tight.

Your boy Terry, once again.

See these aforementioned words 'live': 

I am your ultimate true fan.

Finally, we say, "true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all". See how: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • I have kept on "your boy terry".

Over the years, amidst 'intense odds', i have kept creating. I have gone on to finding the very "vision within the dream'' and this "vision within the dream", i have kept evolving into 'levels of spanlessness'. 

I have done the 'stories and histories', the 'prayers and tears', that 'insight' may arrive and i have shared this 'insight' and laid it bare, that even 'my own suffering can have some essence', towards 'the world finding more light'.

In the nooks and cranny of my dark room, I have brainstormed and pondered and taken particular interest in the very 'elements' of human, to understand 'us' and love 'each one' better. 

Starting small, I have initiated social trends that carry 'tenets from the down-to-earth'. Translating 'my suffering' into 'things of beauty' we began to play out an entire curriculum that 'incites humans to mine human virtues' via simple hashtags like '#untalented', '#steemgigs', '#legit-illiteracy', '#macrohard', '#ulog', '#ourmamaterry' and '#teardrops', enabling many to experience some 'joy moments' and more 'shine'.

Together we have stuck and eventual 'families, communities and noble dreams' have been born.

See some videos of "your boy Terry": 

  • I have created an entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy'
That 'every(any)one' can school, i have discovered and discovered; I have dug and dug and dug; I have translated and translated. "No 'books' involved!"

I have exerted and exercised my human virtues. I have done 'suffering without an outlet', that i may understand life and humans and grasp 'suffering' and answers. 

Now, there is a school and it has students. It is called 'Legit Illiteracy' and its curriculum is written. It will help! It will help! 

I have schooled in this school. I have done this! Now, every(any)one can school in this school too, even free. Now, every(any)one can go to school. 

The models are set now

All my ages 'in time' and my endeavors to ensure that i became and stayed "your boy terry (@surpassinggoogle)" while 'doing time', have led to this: "the models are set now... there are dates now. Lights can go right inside tunnels now!"

Yes, the models are set now! 

Based on unadulterated feedback from each human in my journey and 'most-utmost and especial help from the Creator Jehovah', the 'Teardrops ecosystem' was established, including all its tenets and paradigms. 

The path is clearest now.

Humans simply need their shine. Humans simply need to shine. The 'Teardrops ecosystem' will help! 

Here are a few important things to note regarding the Teardrops Ecosystem.

Drawn from the 'no-books', here are some tenets of the 'Teardrops ecosystem':

  • We will not have a black or whitepaper. It will be a ColorlessPaper
  • Where we decide to use 'an oracle', it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we decide to make use of 'lists', we will have a grey/gray-list; 'not a black/white-list'.
  • We aren't out to create 'disruption'. We are about 'beautiful disruptions' instead.
  • Our ecosystem is built around a 'grey-list of certified uloggers'.
  • Our 'eventual aim' (big picture) is to direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah. 

The Teardrops ecosystem is composed primarily of 'three steem-based social-network platforms'.

Here is a list (with brief summary & some screenshots):  

1. - a social-network platform created to propagate the art of ulogging (i.e the culture of creating 'ulogs') into the world and emanate uloggers globally. is reaching its 'alpha-stage of development'. It has been functional and in-use for close to a year. 

See image: 

 '' intends to emanate and rendezvous uloggers from around the world. (Gain insight into the evolution of the concept 'ulog' here.)

Users have profiles, whether 'public or private' and a reputation-score. Each user can create content, curate content, engage with other users, transfer rewards, earn rewards etc.  

Our driver content-form is called 'ulog'. (See definition of ulog)

Then, users who go on to becoming 'certified' uloggers can create 'ulog-communities' and be empowered with 'tools and exclusive UI-perks' to autonomously grow these respective communities. 

Making use of a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model, we can incite human activities (e.g ulogging etc.) among users, that enables them to 'consciously mine/evolve their human/virtues' and we can celebrate their 'breakthrough' with a 'variety of rewards', including 'digital currencies such as MARLIANS, TEARDROPS and STEEM'.

In the future, '' will dynamically innovate and offer 'social-based UI-features and tools', empowering each user to shine some more. 

It will also build around 'a solid community', made up of a close-knit 'family of uloggers', who truly move together. 

Content-form/style across our ecosystem will begin to 'center around ulogging', with the aim of integrating the 'ulogging-style of content-creation' into every existing niche, community or enterprise renown to the world, courtesy of "ulog-substags". 

'Serving the search engines incessantly with ulogs' and the internet will begin to find 'dynamic content'; 'content' made up of 'fresh piece of humans'.
As the world begins to know about 'ulogging', each dictionary can integrate the word "ulog", each keypad can suggest the word "ulog", each social-media outlet can have a tab labelled "ulogs". Then, since the letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', stands for "you"; 'u, you and u' can shine some more. 

'True celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all."
'Value' begins to be returned to humans. Tunnels can find light. 

'As humans begin to tap into 'their creation' more and get closer to being 'in the image of the Creator Jehovah', many things are fixable. He is Love. He is the Creator. "All the answers lie there."  

2. - a social network that provides a 'freelancing & dream-building services' marketplace, whereupon "everyone has something to offer". has been functional and in-use for more than one year. It is still in its 'alpha-stage of development'. It is built on blockchain technology, specifically 'the steem blockchain'.

See images:

 STEEMGIGS makes use of 'down-to-earth paradigms' (e.g 'the un(dis)talented paradigm' etc), incentivizing and allowing 'experts & non-experts' alike to participate in the ecosystem. This constitutes "beautiful disruption". Many more 'noble dreams' can be incited as a result and many more 'noble dreams' can be built 'even for free'. (For instance, by means of, non-experts can now hone their skills while offering services for 'free' or at a cheaper price.)

Note that '' being an innovation emanating from the 'Teardrops ecosystem', builds around the same solid-base of 'certified uloggers' (applicable on 

Each 'certified ulogger' automatically has access to exclusive UI-perks and tools on '', to further enable them 'grow'. These ones begin to become more of "brother talents" than "just talents", ready to play an active role in helping others build their 'noble dreams', for the sole reason of being part of historical history.

We have also started integrating a 'database portal/mechanism' that is modeled to 'curate humans', regardless of their 'levels of expertise', which will enable use to avail users of an 'internal search-engine', that propagates "human". 

In the near future, we will allow/offer every website on the internet the ability to integrate our 'search-engine API', shining forth more 'lights' into the world courtesy of the 'shine and beauty of humans'.

In a world where crypto-kitties, human clones, AI, cute cats, millionaire pugs etc is beginning to garner more 'value' than humans, we can begin to return 'value' to humans.

Powered by the TEARDROPS ecosystem, users on '' can currently 'avail of gigs, create micro-tasks, submit testimonials, interact via-comments, curate content, contribute niche-based knowledge, study from our knowledge-bank etc' and they can be incentivized to do so, with a 'variety of rewards', including 'digital currencies like TEARDROPS , MARLIANS and STEEM'.

> Users can also get to pay for gigs or micro-tasks, using the tokens that they have earned within the ecosystem.

Too, in the near future, we will implement a model that allows users to exchange 'gig for gig', further highlighting 'money as the smaller things' and returning 'value' to humans.

Overall, with the emanation of many more 'brother talents (un(dis)talents)', many more 'noble dreams' will be build-able. 

> 'Generations yet born' will find a fixing. More lights can go inside tunnels.

Hence, on, we can get to say; "do the dreaming; leave the 'building' to us." 

3. Macrohard - is a social-network platform modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' and create a programming protocol/language that will enable 'every(any)one' to 'code with swag'. 

Being a product of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', Macrohard will make use of the 'proof of tears' reward distribution model, powered by the TEARDROPS digital currency. 

As our users begin to shine and go on to 'building their noble dreams or those of others', they are likely to need 'programmers', more specifically, "brother programmers". There is a rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry and '' aims to abate this rarity. hasn't started building yet but its enterprise-model is set. intends to create a 'programming  language' that anyone can code in 'regardless of 'levels of literacy', further removing all 'barriers to entry' from the process of  dream-building. It will help project-owners who can't code to have 'better relationships with programmers and success at project-development', by providing these ones with 'programmers who can code with SWAG' (i.e "brother programmers") 

We will discuss more about 'the development of' at the later part of this 'fundraiser publication', at which point we will seek your support. 

Final Note:

Each of the 'three aforementioned social-network platforms' has a 'proof of tears' reward-distribution model. Each enterprise intends to play out a 'world-adjusting curriculum' that incites humans to 'mine the human', returning 'value' towards 'humans' and emanating more 'human shine' into the world. 

As importantly, all aspects of our ecosystem is built around a growing 'grey-list of certified uloggers'. A "grey-list" indicates that, 'this list is neither black nor white' and is open to each human. 

Being built around humans, each of our enterprises applies algorithms that are modeled to dynamically bring 'humans' to further limelight, making them 'owners'. (Read more about the perks and UI-perks available exclusively to our users

Furthermore, the TEARDROPS digital currency which forms a key part of the 'Teardrops ecosystem' is something grander than 'just another digital currency'. It is a 'token with a prayer', an 'emblem of human', a 'breakthrough token', capable of appealing to the soft-spot of each human. Its scarce model focuses around 'real human growth'. The TEARDROPS digital currency thus, should succeed whether 'bulls or bears' because 'humans' are involved.

This is how the 'Teardrops ecosystem' stands out. 

Our ecosystem seeks to remove all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to 'every(any)one'. This means that we will continue to innovate dynamically, with 'the entire human populace' in mind, emanating down-to-earth innovations; with each innovation stirring 'beautiful disruptions', by giving more directional and testimonial essence to 'regular human activities'. 

Besides, 'catching a fancy', 'gaining comfort' or 'satisfying an impulse', we can begin to use 'regular human activities' also as 'a means to consciously evolve our creation'; told or re-told of the Creator Jehovah. 

Here are some other down-to-earth innovations that will form part of the Teardrops ecosystem: 

  • This is a side-project under the umbrella of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', that was recently developed. It takes the form of 'the mainstream type of social-network platforms'. However, it maintains 'down-to-earth paradigms'. It is already functional (in-use) and it currently hosts 'more than 2,000 user-profiles'. Availing 'the mainstream-user' of 'a mainstream social-interface (i.e', we can begin to introduce these users organically to concepts like '#ulog, #untalented etc'. (Read more about here). makes use of the digital currency called 'MARLIANS', which is also distributed via a 'proof of tears' model.  
  • An entire school called 'Legit Illiteracy ', that 'every(any)one' can school in. Its curricula have been developed and it currently has some students. (Read more.)
  • A playable game-app that targets 'billions of users'. It will be developed in the near future, deriving its model from a 'base-content' that is already garnering on UloggersTV, a YouTube channel that features ulogging activities from 'uloggers' across the globe.
  • Reality TV-SHOWS e.g #untalented etc. (The framework for this has already began, with its first-edition titled 'Who are you'. It will emanate series of world-renown contests that allows participation from 'every(any)one'. Coverage of these shows will come 'without gimmicks', 'without rehearsals'; just humans, 'real', with flaws etc.)
  • Four TV(s) - UloggersTV, TeardropsTV, UntalentedTV, MarliansTV. (This constitutes a very important part of the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. In our bid to reach every human, we will fill each TV, with 'humans'.)
  • A Search-Engine that curates 'humans (i.e both talents and un(dis)talents)' with an integrate-able API.
  • A 'new internet', whereupon "content is queen", simplified and updates dynamically with 'ulogs', in place of 'blogs' or 'vlogs'.
  • Tara: another side-project under the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. A social-network platform that uses the 'surpassinggoogle' paradigm with the intention of revealing 'rare intel', derived from the 'down-to-earth' aspects of  the Philippines.
  • A new dictionary; one filled with words/definitions that are derived from the 'no-books'.
  • etc.

Special Note: I will fill this area up with the remaining parts of this publication once published, in a day or two. In the meantime, if you would like to read the entire publication in one place, you can do so by clicking here! 

Donate To Save Surpassinggoogle

Desired funds: 6000 SBD/3500 USD. See details!

Funds raised will be used to setup a 'Macrohard' hub/office near my house in the Philippines, allowing us to emanate 'a network of brother programmers/entrepreneurs' and together, we will build all my projects, many noble dreams and help with 'steem growth'. Most importantly, i will be able to attain a recovery in my health, while taking care of my dad, who is ill, loving him better. 

You can donate to my Gofundme here: 

Or via PayPal here: '' or '[email protected]'.

Via fundition, you can donate in steem, other cryptocurrencies or FIAT, click here to do so:!/@surpassinggoogle/jfnt9dxs7

You can contact me via '[email protected]' incase you want donate and you would like other convenient ways to donate than those listed.

Note: You can also vote the 'steemgigs' witness here and support my SPS proposal 

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Your Boy Terry


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