Save Surpassinggoogle - A Colorlesspaper Tackling 'World-Adjustment', Derived From The 'No-Books'.

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Quick Note - The totality of this publication is a '70-min' read. However, it could not be contained in one post due to the steem's block-size capacity. This means that i have published the publication in parts, linking each part.

The publication contains 'the histories and stories constituting surpassinggoogle', a colorlesspaper tackling world-adjustment and explaining each project that makes up the Teardrops SMT ecosystem, 'rare intel' derived from the 'no-books', special prayers and insight from one who has 'done time', a declaration of breakthrough and a fundraiser imploring your to 'save surpassinggoogle'.

Altogether, it contains 'answers'.

I implore you to buy out time to read the entirety of this publication with your spirit and being, that you can pay attention to the undertone of 'your boy Terry', in one giant read.

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Are you ready to dig in? Start reading! Let's go... 

Preface (More Than Parables)

I live in places where life has the 'complexest tenets'. I have really lived the life in these places. I have done 'time' and it is never-ending but I have managed to keep one thing intact at least and it is 'my shine'. This a rarity!

I may have special gifts; I just may. I do! I do! I am grateful.

As ages past, i managed to 'shed the nations', that i could 'evolve the human'. This has required 'stubborn genes'. This is a huge feat! I was made for this but my body wasn't. 

Now, my body is broken; i am rubble and i need your help! 

Please read on....

As you continue on reading, please listen to my undertone. Pay attention to me with your spirit and being, apply your 'mind's eye on my behalf and you will hear me. I am faint but you will hear me. I am 'talking-dead' but you will hear me. I am 'your boy Terry'.

Many live in the aforementioned places; these places 'where life has the complexest tenets'. They live without 'shine'. They have lived without 'their shine'. These ones are labeled 'tunnelers' (by world-standards). They are told to 'wait till tomorrow', to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light. 
These ones are considered 'half-humans'. "Daily-bread" is the end. The means is "consolation".

In these very places, 'hoping' begins to hurt; 'it takes forever!' 'Breathing' is 'two gasps for one gulp'; no longer a reflex! People in these places 'do time', for there is a never-arriving tomorrow. 
'This' can't happen on forever, for there are dates now! Yes, in these places, the only thing 'time' relishes doing, is 'fly by'. Alas, "there are dates now!"

So, i went into 'these tunnels' to grasp 'its therein'. Listening to its undertone, immersing in its darkness, i found bliss and beauty; a valuable irony. I saw many things! 

"When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary". @surpassinggoogle

In these very tunnels, 'i did time' (i.e 'intensest suffering', without an outlet). I teared many tears. I discovered even 'untold breeds of tears'. 

I could process these things; I could bear these things; I could translate these things. ''Time" was a positive! 

In these very 'so-called tunnels', I found rare intel & revelations 'in stages' and each age 'in time', insight arrived; 'insight' only find-able in the 'no books'. Alas, there was so much knowledge in these 'no books'.

'The answers' aren't at 'the end of the tunnel'. "The end of the tunnel", those are the narratives in "the books" to keep a cycle in place. Yes, 'the tunnels' as sealed in 'the books' aren't designed to have 'an end', for 'it's a cycle' instead. That so-called 'tomorrow' was never created to arrive; an 'incessant consolation' it is, instead. 

'The answers' are 'right inside the tunnel'; 'the answers' are contained in the 'no books'. The answers are very simple! The rigmarole? Unnecessary!

My battles didn't stop. My battles haven't stopped. To me, humans are special and when it comes to matters bothering humans, i bear the consequences. I am 'your boy Terry'. 

So, I kept translating and translating....that 'the answers' be revealed.
Yes, each 'breed of suffering' that befell me, i translated into 'things of beauty', that there can be testimonial use for good. I sifted each 'so-called nonsense', to find 'sense' therein.

"Suffering must have essence, so that it isn't 'suffering for fun'." @surpassinggoogle

Without an outlet, i could exert my human virtues, i could grasp even life's 'complexest tenets', i could process each context; i could see many things. I was legit-illiterate by world-standards but oh, i could see.

In these so-called tunnels, i could "shed the nations"; nations became 'merely locations'. Then, i could see 'the nations' in their truest state, without 'influence from nations'. I was turning out 'full-blown human', with my 'shine' intact. I had no dime but money became 'the smaller things', for i had my 'shine'. I became extremely loving, very understanding of fellow humans and i grew. My very human was mined, its very substance evolved. Eventually, 'rare intel' began to arrive; 'the answers' simplified.

'The answers' are bare now. The models are set now. There are dates now!

No longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel' to find light. 

The Answers

I am nothing. I am mere dust. I am 'your boy Terry', whether 'bulls or bears' and i have done 'time'. I tell you, "many answers are simple". 

With matters regarding 'humans & green pasture' however, many of 'the answers' are located 'in the down-to-earth', in the 'first simplest obviousest solutions' and not in outer-space; not in the 'nth complexest solutions'. 

"Want to know what is on Bingo's mind? Start by asking it!"

However, over the course of time, the world has shifted (a lot) in its paradigms, becoming inclined more towards 'things of outer-space'. Information have grown more complex and "for a few". This is favorable for these 'select few', that the world stays 'a business'; each human a client. 

"A cycle!"

In a bid to evolve 'this business', bots, cute cats, superman, human clones, virtual babies, crypto-kitties, clout, luxury, gimmick etc begin to garner more value. Then, information becomes all the more complex, keeping it further away from the hands of humans (everyone). 

Curricula are put in place to keep this 'cycle' intact. Standards are set to capture the globe in fact. 'Hand-to-mouthmism' becomes almost 'the only deal'; "the end of the tunnel", the only goal!

Side-question: Where each gene is unique, where each human is defined, how can masses be so alike, captured into 'one cycle'? (I mean, even 'one stone will struggle to kill two birds'.)

Money becomes among 'the only thing' and 'labels & buzz-words' are invented and replayed, to keep preempted distractions in place, that 'humans are stuck and no longer evolve'. 

'The few'? They receive the accolades (as masses follow them into outer-space) and alas, they never 'evolve in their human' as well. They appear to shine, like 'small gods' but they are 'half-humans' instead and 'the irony' that permeates the world stays. 

'Half-humanism' needs to abate. 'Hand-to-mouthism' too! The cycle will have to break.

Then, 'the rest of world' becomes about 'seeking answers in outer-space'; about 'the things for the bots'. No longer is 'the human' mined, for 'answers' we must find.

"Adding some 'English' into the 'Mathematics' and even complex equations are suddenly non-equations." @surpassinggoogle

The world is still very novice; it thinks it is not! To the 'complexest tenets of real life', to the 'knowledge contained in the no-books' (i.e knowledge designed to evolve 'the human'); the world is still very novice! Many of 'the answers' sought after in 'outer-space' are located in 'the down-to-earth', in the no-books. 
The answer is simple, 'humans need to evolve towards their awesomest version'. 'The human' must be mined.
Among other things thus, there has got to be 'a revelation' of the content from the 'no-books', for balance' sake.

If the bulk of the world is hastily becoming about 'catching a fancy', about 'satisfying an impulse', about 'seeking the end of the tunnel'; there has to be another 'half' becoming about 'becoming full-blown human'. 

The further into outer-space we go however, there is a 'widening gap', leaving a growing rarity in the 'great men' industry. 

"There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry. We fix this rarity; we surpass google." @surpassinggoogle

The more the world is said to be advancing (according to world-standards), the more the 'number of tunnels'. A valuable irony! Alas, within this "valuable irony", lies most of 'the answers' (solutions). 

"We can't change the world. We can adjust it". @surpassinggoogle

It is simple; humans need to evolve into 'full-blown humans'. In many cases, we are 'half-humans'. The world begins to be filled with half-humans. Many humans; 'one identify'! Genes no longer hold sway. We are becoming programmed; 'like bots'!

"When did humans become so alike, 'a product of one curriculum', a shared an identity? There is no mystery then; 'one cycle' can capture the bulk". @surpassinggoogle

Many 'answers' are innate. They need to be mined. Many answers are in your own identity; in the beauty of your creation; in 'the down-to-earth'; in your 'shine'.
The curricula of the world aren't designed to incite humans to 'evolve in their human'. Life suddenly becomes about 'a race into outer-space'.
The 'smaller things'; things like 'perfection, comfort, impulses, money etc' become 'the end'; "god". Then, 'fellow humans' become 'an odd'.

"The world has got so much paint. Unreal!" @surpassiggoogle

At this stage, the world simply needs a balance. For this to happen, humans must begin to become 'full-blown humans' with their 'shine' intact. Value needs to be returned to humans. In a world filled with humans, money can't be 'the end'. In a world filled with humans who shine, 'money is the smaller things'.

Even labels, buzz-words etc will lose value! "You are developing", "you are developed", "you are third-world", "you are bum", "you are smart", "you are average" etc; how can these concepts hold so much sway in a world filled with full-blown humans?

In a world where "human" begin to have value, 'humanity' becomes 'the brother next to you'. 'A brother' first before 'a cute-cat'. 'Your brother' before 'superman'. 'That brother' before 'human clones'.

In an unpainted world where 'human' & 'mining human virtues' hold sway, many more things become forgivable. 

Going back to 'what the world has come to think of itself', aren't these things just 'labels' at best? 
"They are poor; let's fix them"; "We are poor, let's exhaust everything to feed/get rich" etc. Isn't the world grander things than just this?

Oh, it is!

Where poverty was never the issue, 'reward-distribution' isn't the right tissue. Not a soul made in Jehovah's image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty.

All along, when it looked like poverty was the issue, it was the 'human shine' that was missing, never-tapped or pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances or due to the narratives and curriculum(s) renown by world-standards, that are modeled to favor mining things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc.

Human virtues are innate to humans. We have these things as children. We lose it along the way.

Alas, there are dates now; there is a revelation now; many 'no-books' should be written and that has started now! 

Little Play zone

Let's look at 'the tunnels' again. Can it be that there are no tunnels? Can it just be that those labelled "tunnelers" have simply bought into a narrative, that keeps them in a 'cycle of hand-to-mouthism' (i.e incessantly seeking 'the end of the tunnel')? Can't it be that "tunnels" were created in terms of 'a cycle' and without a known end?

Let's look at 'the books'! Many books have been written; 'x = y + z' etc. Complex stuff!!!

Granted, the things contained in 'the books' are complex, things that robots can come to know and just perhaps, 'years from now', be allocated to do. So, was the tunnel to have an end or is it a cycle instead?

The things contained in the 'no-books' are of humans, less-complex, the very things that robots can't come to knowing, but where is this knowledge? Why isn't this knowledge written in 'the books for humans'? Who will reveal this particular knowledge? Why is this particular knowledge frowned at; ran from?

And 'the many things' that world-standards hastily propagate as 'suffering', 'poverty', 'tears', 'discomfort', 'sadness', 'untalent', 'imperfection', 'dirt' etc, can't these very things be 'labels' at best? That we keep running away from these things as if 'these things aren't of human' and run towards 'the pursuit of a facade' instead; who will reveal the content from the 'no-books' then?

In the face of human virtues, i tell you, many of the things labeled 'suffering', are translatable into 'things of beauty'. Many of the issues aren't issues after all but avenues to 'evolve our human', find testimonial use for good, exert our 5-senses, tap into our shine, attain greatness, become full-blown human etc

"Not every mosquito bite needs 911. Some need your cent". @surpassinggoogle
"If you have done ages in time, many things become forgivable". @surpassinggoogle

I CCTVed the world and found out its 'truest state' and the issues with the world, weren't that much of issues. Many so-called 'issues' are sand-boxed into a 'cycle'.
For the cycle to exist, you are fed 'buzz-words and consolation', till your very 'shine' enters relegation. They take 'your shine' and intermix it into 'new-found buzz-words' and while you are left in strife & competition amongst your brothers, they process 'your shine' further, mine it, add it into a 'giant pot of shine(s)' and show it as 'light' at the 'tunnel-mouth'. Then, they console and re-console you with 'new-found buzz-words' in a loop' and you become 'the tunnel'. 

The issues that constitute 'real issues' in the world, are very-fixable. "No money" wasn't one of these issues.

As for the tunnels, it simply needed light. Yes, 'lights' therein! All that was lost was 'the human shine'. Lights can go into tunnels or tunnels can restore their lights. It is easy. 

"There is light at the end of the tunnel"? A complex Irony! No, that is a cycle and a cycle has no end. Well, except you 'straighten the tunnel'.

I take a stand thus and say, "there are dates now, for tunnels can find light".

As per suffering itself, 'utmost suffering' is that from 'loss of shine'. Suffering must simply have essence, else it is entirely lost; "suffering for fun"! If suffering has had essence, why should 'generations yet born' or others suffer then. 

As per tears consider it "an emblem of human"; 'the by-product of mining the human towards its awesomest version' and in it you will begin to see 'breakthrough'. Now, celebrate each tear with some TEARDROPS.

Dead simple!!! 

The Fix.

Oh, 'a fix' exists! The ages of rigmarole? 'Too unnecessary!'

"Simply fix the tears, with the tears". @surpassinggoogle

It became all-the-more established...; the world has simply needed 'balance'.
Lights need to get right 'inside tunnels'. No longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel'; and where there is suffering, 'suffering must now have essence'.  

It was the 'human shine' that was missing all along, pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances; but also, due to the narratives and curriculums (renown by world-standards), that are modeled to favor mining things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc. 

"We were made in Jehovah's image", is a weighty sentence. We simply need to continuously evolve till 'we become we'.

Where we begin to write curriculums focused on 'mining human virtues' to compliment the existing curriculums in the world, 'a balance' is struck!  

The 'down-to-earth', the 'rare intel' contained in the 'no-books', will have to be revealed that 'knowledge' can become 'for everyone'. Then, more humans can evolve.

Even simple humans activities can be put to more testimonial good use, applied towards things like 'evolving the human', 'exerting or exercising human virtues, 'exploring our senses' etc. 

> 'Discomfort, flaws, sadness etc' isn't the enemy. 

'Fun' can be directional too, applied also towards  'mining the human'. 'Travel' too, as an avenue too to learn about creation; 'our own creation' being utmost; 'the Creator Jehovah', most-utmost!

Attempting to cater to this niche, we have looked to create an entire ecosystem called the 'Teardrops SMT ', one that'll dynamically emanate down-to-earth innovations, 'each innovation' modeled to play out a curriculum that incites humans to 'mine/evolve their human'.

Besides, each of these innovations play a role of 'revelation' (of 'the knowledge contained in the no-books') and play out paradigms that "remove all-barriers to entry" from 'everything good'  (for humans); returning 'value' to "human".

As a result, these 'three primary social-network platforms' below where born, each posed to 'remove barriers to entry' from a respective aspect of 'human growth', while revealing 'rare intel' to the world at large:

  • - to propagate a form of content-creation called 'ulogging'. This allows every(any)one to participate in the art of content-creation/content-curation, giving more testimonial essence to 'content-creation' as a tool to 'mine the human', while returning 'value' to humans and reshaping the entire internet. (See the definition of 'ulog' here.)
  •  - to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, where "everyone has something to offer". This is accomplished by allowing and incentivizing 'experts & non-experts' alike to offer services, enabling everyone to participate in the art of 'dream-building'.
  • - an enterprise focused on making 'every(any)one' capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a 'programming protocol' in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.

We then sought to create a digital-currency that that can appeal to the soft-spot of every human and we founded 'TEARDROPS'. 

By rewarding the 'human activities' incited by the 'three social-network platforms' aforementioned, we can celebrate resulting 'breakthrough in human' with a 'breakthrough token/currency' called, 'TEARDROPS'. 

TEARDROPS makes use of a 'proof of tears' distribution model. This means that besides things like 'proof of brain', TEARDROPS will also seek to reward things like forgiveness, mentality, self-sacrifice, un(dis)talentedness, ulogging, legit-illiteracy, effort, 'display of human virtues' etc. It will also look to reward 'past deeds'.  

If we remove all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one; 'we surpass google'; and the 'Teardrops SMT ecosystem' is taking this testimonial harder route, erupting 'beautiful disruption'. 

Speaking of tears, did you know that there are also many other 'breeds of tears', besides happy, sad or un-fell tears? Once these particular 'breed of tears' are unveiled, we will seek to reward those too. 


Where tears are defined right; 'a by-product of mining the human', 'an emblem of human'; then, 'we can fix the tears with the tears'.
Many times, it is the 'shine of the human' that is lost; never tapped or simply 'lost'. TEARDROPS seeks to restore that 'shine', abating the rarity in the 'great men' industry.

 The Path - To Enabling More 'Lights'

After ages 'doing time', the models are set now. There are dates now!

My username across the internet is 'surpassinggoogle'. This has grand significance and stands for, "removing all 'barriers to entry' from 'everything good', so that 'everything good' becomes available to every(any)one". 

There is a path to accomplishing this and it is this: "to abate half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism; to fix the rarity in the 'great men' industry".

> The issue is revealed now! Applying the right tissue is no longer a very complex feat. 

The issues with the world has never been poverty. "No 'full-blown human' created in Jehovah's image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty". This means that the solution isn't necessarily 'reward distribution'. 

Many times, it is the 'shine of the human' that is lost; never tapped or simply 'lost'.

People simply want to shine. They have simply wanted to be 'owners'. They simply want to be 'human'; not half-human, 'human'! They want to be celebrated. 

Humans simply need to tap/re-tap into their shine. 'Value' needs to be returned to 'humans', in a world where 'millionaire kittens', superman, pugs, 'human clones' etc are garnering more value. 

My aim thus, has been 'to compliment the curricula that exists in the world', by emanating and propagating a curricula that incite humans to 'mine their human'. In effect returning 'value' to 'humans'; 'beautiful disruption'; 'world adjustment'; 'balance'!

"We can't change the world; we can adjust it". @surpassinggoogle

Yes, to create this historical history, 'an entire curriculum' will have to play itself out that attempts to "remove all barriers to entry", in a bid to involve 'each human'.

Speaking of innovation for instance, we must begin to emanate innovations that dynamically attempts to "remove all barriers to entry", taking cognizance of each human. 

While the geeks take the route of emanating complex outer-space innovation, there must be 'another' taking the simplest (yet circumvented) 'down-to-earth' approach to innovation. This is essential for 'balance' sake.

While we can replay/recycle all 'existing innovation' on each new-found technology in a bid to 'distribute rewards', another must take the route of discovering and emanating 'fresh down-to-earth innovations', in a bid to reveal a world, whereupon 'money is the smaller things'.

Yet, another must explore the use of technology as a 'mentality adjuster'; 'as a tool to mine the human into its awesomest version', so that technology itself can begin to finds its own shine, tapping into ranks 'great'. 

Yes, while a portion of the world seeks to glorify things like talent, brain, luxury, beauty, another must reveal the unpopular 'tenets of human' as seen in the 'un(dis)talentedness, flaws, hassle, jungle etc'.

"Where the world is too painted, it is not really a world then". @surpassinggoogle

There needs to be a 'growing bulk of the world', breaking the bonds of 'imbalance' that the world isn't curing.

We are helping......! 

We have created an 'entire ecosystem' focused on returning 'value' to humans. It is called the 'Teardrops ecosystem'. The Teardrops ecosystem  will innovate dynamically enterprises that makes use of 'down-to-earth paradigms', in a bid to bring each human to further limelight, helping them shine.

Emanating from the 'Teardrops ecosystem' are 'three primary social-network platforms', whereupon users can begin to 'mine their human' consciously, courtesy of the same fun 'human activities' that they are familiar with, like content-creation, content-curation, gigging, social-interactions, programming etc.

Each of these platforms make use of 'down-to-earth paradigms' (relatable to 'by each human'), with the aim of inciting and incentivizing 'activities' that returns 'value' to humans.

Starting on '' (our front-runner platform), users can apply the fun art of 'ulogging' (a form of content-creation) as a conscious means to 'mine their human', attaining true celebrity-hood/icon-hood/greatness. 

Empowered with 'exclusive UI-perks', uloggers can begin to build 'communities' and accrue 'true fans', becoming 'owners'. (See the definition of a ulog.)

Whereupon they have begun to tap into their 'shine' and have become ready to build a noble dream, they can proceed to '' (a gig-based social-network platform where 'everyone has something to offer') to avail of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents' to help them, even for free. 

Whereupon the need arises for "brother programmers" to assist them with their 'project development', they can find these ones on '' (a social-network platform that is 'gathering the nations to code, with SWAG'). 

En-route this entire journey, they will have the 'Teardrops ecosystem' as their 'ultimate true fan'.
Together, we will celebrate their 'eventual breakthrough' with the TEARDROPS digital currency, rewarding their 'proof of tears'. 

"There is a path now. There are dates now. Lights can go right inside tunnels now".

Yes, we want to build every noble dream, fill the internet with ulogacies and fix the rarity in the 'great men' industry. We want to surpass google.  
We want to give concepts like 'money' its place in society as the 'smaller things', returning 'value' to humans. We want to take light 'courtesy of our shine' right into every tunnel, abating half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism.

The TEARDROPS token should have testimonial essence as 'more than just another digital currency'. We care about "real human growth". We consider this to be of more value than 'bulls or bears'. 

Yes, we want "real human growth (i.e teardrops)" to be the primary reward in our ecosystem. We want the TEARDROPS token to constitute stories and histories,  journeys and breakthroughs. We want each human to love to hold the TEARDROPS token, also for what it represents. We want to create an additional revolutionary use-case for 'digital currency'; one that 'rewards humans for becoming full-blown humans'. 

> The world is going into outer-space; we want to have them re-tap into their human; the 'down-to-earth'.

We will simply create tons of 'awesomeness' together and we will 'serve this awesomeness to the nations'. There is beauty in the world and so much of it still and even amidst the rampant cruelty. Thus, we want to resound the light, the good, the love, the forgiveness, the sympathy, the selflessness, the human etc, all of which exists still. This is the timely time!

> The paradigms in the world is shifting towards 'the down-to-earth' and it may not be too obvious just yet but it is very-very-very obvious.

Even technology is attaining a CAP. After 'blockchain technology', there will be 'AI technology' and perhaps, 'human clones' next. Then what?  
The world will begin to leave outer-space and return down-to-earth, desiring 'the real'. This is already happening.  

Soon, 'humans' will begin to re-attain more 'value' than 'bulls or bears', than crypto-kitties or virtual babies, than cute pugs, than superman or millionaire cats; and we (the TEARDROPS ecosystem) would have long started the motion; 'surpassing google'.

"There is a rarity in the 'great men' industry. We fix this rarity, we surpass google". @surpassinggoogle  

> This is no joke, this is no joke, this is no joke.

With the 'TEARDROPS ecosystem filled with uloggers (true celebrities)', we will have a community for real; one in which 'humanity is the brother next to you'; one in which 'nations are locations'; one in which 'each one is drawn to the Creator Jehovah'. 


Content-creation is still paramount in today's world. Words still rule the world. "Let there be light" and there was light!

This means that to reach the world, among other things, we will have to 'serve the search engines'.
'Content is key' to our movement!

By world standards, content is referred to as 'king'. In order to create a balance and propagate a more testimonial use for content-creation 'also as a means to mine/evolve the human', we are saying "content is queen" and emanating a 'down-to-earth form of content' called 'ulogs'. 

A ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’. 
While 'blogs' or 'vlogs' are 'closer to perfect' in nature and limited to a few, a 'ulog' has an 'un(dis)talented paradigm', allowing anyone, regardless of 'levels of literacy' to participate. 

On an internet, where information has been static, complex and mostly recycled from era to era, 'ulogging' simplifies 'information' and keeps content dynamic (i.e created 'fresh' each time) and a unique 'by-product' of 'an evolving version of U'. 

By ulogging, humans can begin to tap into their 'innate human' with more freedom. Then, they can document and propagate the resulting 'shine' as 'content' into the world, filling the internet incessantly, with 'fresh pieces of human'.

By means of the simple fun 'art of ulogging', each human takes control of 'their mine'. The same 'mine' that the likes of 'Facebook, Google etc' have collected, kept and mined, to make 'billions' in revenue and 'influence the world' with. (This is further indication, that when you 'mine/evolve your human', even 'the smaller things' like 'money, popularity, clout etc' will begin to seek your very frequency and want to be hosted by you.)

Furthermore, ulogging gives more testimonial essence to the simple/fun art of content-creation. Besides, being a means to 'display talents, gather clout or recycle information' as is popular with 'blogs' and 'vlogs', 'content-creation' can now be applied too as a means 'to consciously evolve the human', 'to attempt out-of-the-boxness', 'to uncover the knowledge contained in the no-books', 'to exercise human virtues', 'to explore our creation', 'to be redirected to the Creator Jehovah' etc.

The more dynamic 'documentation' there comes to be, of 'the shine of humans' via the art of ulogging, many more noble dreams will emanate. Many more tunnels will find light!

The knowledge contained in the 'no-books' will begin to be reveal too. Then, the world as a whole begins to find more 'light'; each human evolving towards 'full-human-hood'. 

Now, you will have noticed our reference to the terms "brother talents/un(dis)talents" and "brother programmers". While attaining 'talent' is a valuable 'end', by world-standards; we say that "talent is generic". 

"Talent is generic. 'Brother talent' is something rare". @surpassinggoogle

In many worlds, building a dream comes with 'mountains of odds'. With the emanation of more 'brother talents/un(dis)talents', many more noble dreams will be built, even for free. 

Another very important 'ever-missing piece of the puzzle' when in comes to 'dream-building', is "programming".
While there are many 'programmers' however, "brother programmers" is in the ranks of 'great'. Where we can emanate many more 'brother programmers', many more noble dreams will come to life. 

Now, if we decide to celebrate each 'breakthrough in human (i.e teardrops)'with a currency that is 'an emblem of human (TEARDROPS)', this is historical history. 

We will have managed to create 'beautiful disruptions', simplifying the once 'complex Mathematics' with some 'English'; and in place of "x + y = z", we can say for a fact, "fix the tears with some TEARDROPS".

> 'Surpassing google', on the horizon.

Special note: The movement has been in motion and i speak with some testimonies. We have started rewarding 'breakthrough in human' for some time now.

The TEARDROPS digital currency is existence and have been exchanged since its inception, while even in its imaginary state. 

See image:

Due to health constraints, in more recent times, the 'MARLIANS digital currency' was created to reward 'activities that mine/evolve the human/human virtues' on ' '; a side-project under the Teardrops ecosystem. 

The digital currency called 'MARLIANS', also applies a 'proof of tears' model. 

See this:

Upon full-recovery in my health, the Teardrops token will begin to attain full-blown life. 

See these:

Save Surpassinggoogle

Special Note: Go on to read the next part of this publication here: Save 'Surpassinggoogle' - What I Have Done So Far In Terms Of Surpassing Google?

If you would like to read the entire publication in one place, you can do so by clicking here!

Donate To Save Surpassinggoogle

Desired funds: 6000 SBD/3500 USD. See details!

Funds raised will be used to setup a 'Macrohard' hub/office near my house in the Philippines, allowing us to emanate 'a network of brother programmers/entrepreneurs' and together, we will build all my projects, many noble dreams and help with 'steem growth'. Most importantly, i will be able to attain a recovery in my health, while taking care of my dad, who is ill, loving him better. 

You can donate to my Gofundme here: 

Or via PayPal here: '' or '[email protected]'.

Via fundition, you can donate in steem, other cryptocurrencies or FIAT, click here to do so:!/@surpassinggoogle/jfnt9dxs7

You can contact me via '[email protected]' incase you want donate and you would like other convenient ways to donate than those listed.

Note: You can also vote the 'steemgigs' witness here and support my SPS proposal 

to 'fund the set-up of a Macrohard hub via steemconnect here.

Your Boy Terry


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All your dreams will come to pass... We will surpass google... I'll bear your consequences... God will bear all consequences

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