Support minnows , Date 23.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


I have seen your post, very good, thank you for sharing with us
Hi @yoo1900 have checked this post !

congratulation to the winners and thanks to @yoo1900 for his support for minnows
I have been posting links but you have never chosen me please read this article i wrote about cool cousin revolutionizing travel with a sharing economy powered by blockchain

You would get lucky bro

kikikikikiki. Time to get lucky

I think it's all interesting, we'll wait for a fight

I am interested in this post, amazing
thank you @ yoo1900

My post about Antibiotic resistance and future threats to treat infections.

I am also very supportive as that @ yoo1900 says that posting itself is better than taking or copying someone else and here i have hope that @ yoo1900 see my own post in this link

@yoo1900 I see it seems that only those who are in the top comment you choose,is the procedure so...? however I am glad that you helped a lot of small fish, hope you stay victorious

congratulations for the winners, now I want to show my new post, this dipostingan I want to show the animated paintings and my opinion about what an animation. hopefully you can see it. Thanks @yoo1900

Although I beginners, I think I have to dare try luck and I am sure @yoo1900 will support anyone, including me.

Congratulations to all the winner of today and this is the link my post.

wow a good photo, I am impressed with the post you share @manokkate

Thank you very much @anonimox

hope @yoo1900 gives you an appreciation

I also hope @yoo1900 see my post..

despite my comments below

You must be sure with your own work...

in my opinion, your post is very good. what attracted me was the picture

Thank you very much for all your support for me @yoo1900
More beautiful ....
The more crowded day that sends the link via comment in your latest post which has now become something that must be waiting by the minnow.

In effect, all minnows will race to post and display their best content in Steemit, very positive for Steemit steadily growing progress.

I am your loyal followers, hardly ever of your updated post I've missed, one thing I do not understand in your heart-picking endeavors the minnow contestation, making the comments interesting and coordinated, I think this is a unfair effort
While other users instead utilize the Steem Power delegate from whale to vote they comments on your post to get votes from other whale
(like an orange drinking

But any final decision is on the tip of your index finger, and this comment is part of my effort to take your heart.

Here my latest Post :

Cooperation of ants is worth to be an example for us, please visit my post

yes right, because something work when the joint work will be finished fast

Hi @ yoo1900, thank you for your kindness, and congratulations for the chosen ones, I am one of your loyal followers, only I have never been lucky, for this time hope I hope I am selected, thank you, please check my post.

Over the top winners from @ yoo1900

Hi @ yoo1900 This is my latest post
In the field of self-panning
please read

Wow...I see big support here. Congratulation for the winner's. Your support is amazing and very interesting @yoo1900. I like your setting for selected of the win your support. Please visit my post

Hi @yoo1900 whether you can see
I appreciate your tolerance

Thank you @yoo1900 for your generosity to the minnows.

Hi @yoo1900, I really like the uniqueness because it's unique it can appreciate the difference, and the difference is a good change for all of us.

unique and classic is something very beautiful @ersa-siregar

Thanks @zafar82, I really like the uniqueness and I love animals and let alone unique and rare animals.

I love the uniqueness, this is very interesting and we hope the rare animals still inhabit a place because it is very in pity many animals that we do not find anymore and we hope not extinct

Maybe because this animal is threatened and there is no place in our environment for him to live then these animals have to move to the forest free so that they easily live and easy to find food, and I'm sure many of the missing animals are not destroyed but they still exist but in certain places.

Probably because many of the missing animals are also caused by many factors and among others their formerly green areas are now standing factories and many trees are cut down so many animals are so shabby that they have to leave this place and find a suitable place to they live.

You are right, I think this is also one of the factors why they should move. I still remember our childhood every morning in the parrots by birds chirping but now we are awakened by the sound of vehicles.

hai @yoo1900 I accidentally read your post, and I was interested to promote my first post here, hope you want to see it.

thank you very much

welcome @palinggiat I have read your post, I am sure you can be what you want, good luck

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Good promote content on steemit , I like your post @yoo1900. Help me yoo1900.

good job. it is a great help for minnows.

I always comment on your posts, but I can not apvote from you, hope you like my post @yoo1900.

Very beautiful photo

This is awesome @yoo1900, you're doing a great job here. Giving minnows actual reason to hang on. The ecosystem would be better off if we had 10 more of your type who do this with the same level of commitment. Kudos man!

if you want to eat cucumber visit my blog later I send. thank you @yoo1900 maybe you are interested in my plant 😂😂

Hey! I just try it again with my post, maybe you will see it! Thank you anyway. :)

@yoo1900 one behalf of the chosen once I say thank you, you are a generous and kind hearted man in which everyone should emulate.
The work you are doing is not easy at all, to look for articles with quality, the first work and to still bless the authors with your cash another work, I really admire the work your doing, your making the world bearable for lots of people, keep up the goodwork. I also try to help minnows survive though I don't have the cash but that doesn't mean I should do nothing. I mentor minnow and promote steemit and also I compile list of ongoing contest so authors that don't earn by posting can still have hope of getting something out. I love the work you are doing. Thanks once again

My friend told me about this and I've gotta say this is great support to us Planktons. Thank you for doing this
This is an important topic that I really care about and I hope to get your recognition.. I hope I've done justice to it . This is my entry


Thanks @yoo1900

God will bless you @yoo1900 for everything you've done for us Minnows. It's been a while since my work was appreciated by anyone, please take a look at this, I know you will like it.
Please help

One of the posts I have read this year. Somebody say "bee sting"!!!

Wow! This is such an amazing article. It's the best I've seen here today. I hope you are visited by @yoo1900. But even if you are not, don't tire out just yet.
Keep writing!!!

Wow this article is exceptional. I digested till the very last line. I never knew that bees can be used commercually for the pollination of flowers. Thanks for putting this through. I hope you are rewarded

Thank you @yoo1900, you have chosen me as one of today's winners

Congratulations to all today's winners.

i am very proud to see you @ yoo1900 kahadiran you are very helpful especially as I am new to know steemit I put great hope that @ yoo1900 mensuport me and help me anyway you have done it with your small fish thank you very much for you and here is my link

The Legend continues, Congratulations to the new minnows that @yoo1900 has supported, you've been blessed, now Steem on..... Check this out

Hi @yoo1900

Thanks for being so supportive of minnows

Here's a poem I wrote for my Mom on the occasion of her birthday

@yoo1900, I'm a newcomer to Steemit, hopefully with my presence in Steemit can be warm welcome, Hope you like it my post. Thanks you very much @yoo1900

Congrats to the winners for today.
This is my entry:
Goodluck to me

I think this invention will be revolutionary.....So here my post for sharing new idea!! and I appreciate your good attempts. thank you @yoo1900

Good to see that since last three months, at least the good content of four to five minnows trend on steemit. This is all because of you, you are doing a work by providing a holy invisible hand.
Thanks for appreciating good work

Congratulations to all the winner.@yoo1900 sir you are such a humble and great person.Because of you still there is some hope for the minnows.Thank you and keep supporting like this.

Congratulations for the winners today.
Hello @yoo1900, thank-you for your fantastic blog, Please feel free to check the link below and if you like my effort then kindly do not forgot to upvote me

Thanks alot buddy ...just posted a thank you post to @yoo1900....
Will make post that you will keep supporting...
You are Great ...

Stay blessed buddy..

congratulations to the winners?
i'm support post you

Hi @yoo1900 you are really a blessing to us the steemit newbies thank you so much for your kindness. I didnot win but am pretty sure the winners are all smiles they just cannot believe what has happened to them
May the good lord reward you for that
stay blessed

congratulations to the winners?
hallo Yoo1900
I will always be the spirit to support you, this is my link please see

We always support you, but you do not support us

you are the best thanks for supporting such people please have a look at my videos

hello there i am waiting for you support on my videos thanks here is the link
thank you for sharing @yoo1900 here .. if there are words I have mistake in writing just ignore it

thank you @yoo1900 for your support for best post. and this is my post address about honeycomb.

I just want to say, Congrats for all, thanks @yoo1900

We appreciate your support to the Minnows. God bless you richly

friends visit me, I am sure you will not be disappointed, and for those who have won support us, who can not get support and vote from @yoo1900

waah congratulations ya friends who have won minnows support from @yoo1900, hopefully your masterpiece more beautiful again, success for the winners.

@yoo1900 thanks for always supporting minnows.

Check out my link and please I will need a retweet even if I don't get an upvote. The post is about the easiest and the effective way to cure cancer. I want this awareness to go round. Our love ones don't deserve to die for something that has a cure. Thanks in anticipation

Congratulations to all winners. Please @yoo1900 try an visit my blog and do not forget to bless me.

Thank you. Steemians can follow me up @focygray.

Hello Dear @yoo1900

Here is my simple post. Hope you will like it.

And I am very appreciate to your great work

U will b richly rewarded for ur good works

Congratulations to the lucky winners. I hope you be a part of what you are doing. My latest post below

Thanks for your support and thank God we have someone like you on the steemit blockchain.
Here is one of my referable post

Hey thanks for your support to all minnows out there :)
Here is my last post check it and let me know.

congratulations to the winner.
this is my introductory post in steemit I also tell my

favorite variety and my hobby.
I really hope that you @yoo1900 can see my post

congratulations to the winners and participants. and this is a post I merbain with my cute nephew

Not very much people are doing the work like you! Keep it up

your post very attractivly. if anybody follow me i'll also follow you