Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 13th January 2018

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Price Today

BTC USD = $14,248.30
SUP BTC Alpha = 0.00000029
SUP SouthXchange = 0.00000037
SUP Stocks.exchange = 0.00000027
SUP USD = $0.0041
SBD USD = $6.99
STEEM USD = $6.31

Price Yesterday

BTC USD = $13,704.90
SUP BTC Alpha = 0.00000036
SUP SouthXchange = 0.00000024
SUP Stocks.exchange = 0.00000025
SUP USD = $0.0049
SBD USD = $5.89
STEEM USD = $4.96



SuperiorCoin is growing everyday. Check out Tech details at BitCoinTalk Buy at least $20 for the future.

Its good information.

Another good Samaritan post. thanks for sharing.

I could not buy yesterday.

Thanks its a hood think for sharing

It seems SUP is experiencing a minute drop while other rises. I look forward to SUP exceeding the zero-line

thanks for updating

It feels good to see SBD going up. Hated it when it was around 4.

What is Superior Coin and what makes it better than Steem?

I could write all the things why SUP is better but that wouldn't be fair. Steem is just as awesome! I recommend going to superior-coin.com. Join FB, telegram, and/or slacker feeds see what people write their thoughts and go from there. If you like download a SUP wallet message me and I will send you 500SUP

Glad to see the nice rise for Steem :).

Hope the trend goes in a positive manner.

Steem made nice jump up but I would prefer lower steem and higher SBD. Value of the SU is also rising, you can earn some at kryptonia.io

SUP is nicely climbing :)

THANks for the price update @sydesjokes really hoping superior coin takes off this year!

Thank you for doing this.

SUP is growing steadily. It suits me that it's not a step change. Thanks for your review

SBD is falling but atleast it increased compared to yesterday.

Sbd will suprise us sooner or later...

Thanks for the information

how do i transfer superior coins from kryptonia to a superior coin wallet ?

thanks, very good

Thank you for keeping us updated !

glad to know that steem is going good:). thanks for sharing @sydesjokes

Thanks again sydesjokes. Glad to see SuperiorCoin is making progress!

Thanks for the update

We're seeing it getting higher! :)

hoping for steemit will doing well soonest.