Fishing under the sun

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Fishing under the sun

A post for SunThursday - led by @lizanomadsoul and initiated by @uwelang

Fishing under the sun.jpg

Sony A7iii 70mm F13 1/60 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

This was from a morning visit to Walnut Beach and when I saw the fishing boat out on the Sound I had to walk along to line up the rising sun behind the boat to get this shot.

Similar to last nights post Chrles Island features also in this photo, its visible from most of the beaches here in Milford, and at low tide you can actually walk out to the Island on a sand Bar, but you do have to be careful and watch the tide times, when the tide comes in the sand bar dissapears and there can be quite a rip if you try and get back as the water is rising.

This is also a post for @juliank’s daily photo contest for info check out the FAQ page

This is for the Thursday Colorful Photography

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A beautiful place to walk! The sunset makes it gold. Your photos are formidable!

It sure is a beautiful place to walk and thanks for such a kind comment :)

With pleasure.

I like the way the lines in the surf and the lines in the sky seem to be converging plus the gorgeous colors of course :) Happy Thursday @tattoodjay!

Thanks such a kind comment truly appreciated

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This is breathtaking! I would just sit down a d stay there :) great shot @tatoodjay!

It was a delightful morning, but I am not a sit down sor tof person I am hyper so I enjoy walking and watching the sunrise myself ;)

Wow, this shot looks amazing! I love the sun's rays reflect on water... I love how crisp everything is. love your photograph my friend tattoodjay

Thanks Kindly always appreciate your support

Scuh a lovely capture, such a lovely moment. You are lucky u were there!

Thanks and yes Indeed I was lucky

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Similar to last nights post Chrles Island features also in this photo, its visible from most of the beaches here in Milford, and at low tide you can actually walk out to the Island on a sand Bar, but you do have to be careful and watch the tide times, when the tide comes in the sand bar dissapears and there can be quite a rip if you try and get back as the water is rising.
It should be disappeare instead of dissapears.

Wow I like the picture, bonus points for the early morning fishermen 🤗

Thanks, The fisherman are always out onthe water well before sunrise, getting there days work in

Oh, who can resist when the sun shows off her colors so brilliantly?

Getting caught between the tides m! Oh, yes! I am more careful now than when I was a kid, for sure!

Beautiful morning and thanks for sharing it! Upped and steemed

When I was young I wouldn’t have worried about the tides I could easily swim out to the island back then, but age is wearing on me lOL my what a way to start the day's so peaceful and serene. Great job on getting the fishing boat and sun lined up for such an excellent shot!

Thanks it smy favorite way to start the day :)

hey JJ do you do that actifit thing that everyone is doing? I mean if you're out walking on the beach every morning and then walking in the city during the day you could be making some serious coin!

Yeah I heard of it, but I havent started with it for two reasons, at the time they did now have an App for IOS, and secondly to earn the coin you had to do a post from actifit, and I dont want to do three posts a day two Photography posts is what I do :)

But thanks for thinking of me

oh I get it, no I wouldn't do that either, you have enough to do, I didn't realize that the daily posting was a requirement.

It may have changedI should check it out again

It sure is one of the beautiful scenario that i have seen for today :)

Lovely shot buddy

Thanks Kindly :)

Ahhh. You did save a good sun photo for today. Very nice!

LOl yeah I did find one ;)

The colours of sunrises and sunsets and heck even midday on the sea are always an inspiration to me; just breathtaking.

Yes I feel the same being by the water is so calming for me

Yes I feel the same
Being by the water is
So calming for me

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The sunset that hides in the clouds looks even more charming. ;) Greetings

Indeed, the clouds meant not to much color before sunrise but made for a nice sunrise with the sun in view

That is awesome!!

Wow! I love those shades of orange! I'd like to have a walk in there! Stunning photo!

It is a beautiful spot for a morning walk without a doubt :)

Super beautiful shot my friend! Milford is a beautiful place!

It sure is I am lucky to have stumble don it by accident and decided to move here

The flame of sun is awesome. I enjoy it.

Thanks it was a gorgeous morning

Such a breathtaking phot. Makes me wish I was down at the beach to enjoy the sunrise. Can almost hear the waves slowly rolling in and crashing into the shoreline as some birds hidden from view make some sounds.

Thanks The tide was so low so no waves that morning but it was truly beautiful :)

Beautiful shot!

Thanks Kindly :)

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Beautiful photo !

Thanks Kindly

And another outstanding post ;) You got again in the TOP10 this week man, congrats.

Thanks so kind of you
Have a great day