Student Should Read It Before Start Learning

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$ What IS Student Need!

I have seen my little brother that he is always wasting his time in managing what he need to study and what he want to start first and what he need to complete during his study,hour he was always confused in many stuff related to the the study!

I have explain some basics to him which i was following in my student life and i have good good grades though out my life and i was in range of 82 to 88 % always i have never fall below 82% which i have remember from the time i was in primary school to my masters degree!


Student life which I have spent in my school time I have worked hard day and night for getting a great marks that's why I would like to share my strategy to my younger brother, That how he will get success in his studies and how we need to focus on studies because he is wasting a lot of time in different strategies and I do not want that he waste his precious time because this is the time that he will need to manage a good marks for the future.

According to my study is you have something depressive on your mind then you will be not able to catch those things easily.

My opinion to the student is how they will need to study is like if you are trying to learn 1 chapter in 5 hours so it will be look like impossible for every student that if we continuously studying one chapter for 5 hours so it look more un-comfortable for brain to get one thing for long.


  • Divide Subject Time:

So what is the strategy strategy is that that you need to divide your subjects and you need to learn one chapter in one hour or if you divide the half chapter and you try to learn half subject in each hour so that will be more handy and your brain will never get bored and you will love it very easily.

When you trying to change subjects And then you change subject and start learning anther one that make your mind more refreshing and you will be interested in those learning subjects and your mind will catch those subject easily which is looking hard for you in the start of the study that is the way you will be able to make a good study schedules!

In Out Next post we will describe some More handy tips From What we be sure that we will get good grades!

Thank you for reading!

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