Misunderstanding Destroys Everything!

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Misunderstanding can destroy life of many people most of the time sleep only look one side of the kind with destroy in the life of the person.

We see something and when we hear something something from someone and we directly Belief in it then we do not investigate about that.


This is not the way of thinking and a way of making a long relationship even if there is a close friend if we are in relation with someone and we do not trust each other that relation go no longer and It Ends.

It is very necessary that when we hear something we should inquire about that matter we should try to think and a positive side always save our relation.

In the society there are different people who want to destroy the relation of two person always that is very common these days that people will create misunderstanding between two friends two brothers two sisters or sister brothers etc.

And we are giving a chance to those people to create misunderstanding between us because you like to hear negative words about others, we like to believe in those words even with no evidence but that is not the way we should go on.

Each other we always like to believe so that way you will build good relationships and we will save the already existence relationship with the family and friends and the loved ones that is how life can go happier and we will enjoy the moments always, because once you lost someone that relation can never be built again as it was so we should be careful before getting to the result.


I think that trust is the most important thing in any relationship between people. Trust creates understanding and desire to hear another person. No matter how strong love is in a pair, when trust disappears (or does not appear), this relationship will sooner or later crack.

I fully agree with you. I my self had this happened to me and I suffered a lot. Came out of it after many years. May God save us from such things.

Amr khub

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