Win SBD and Upvotes for 60 Days - Enter #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition No 24 Here!

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Hi Everyone!!

Share The Steem Love Competition No 24 is here!!

I can hardly believe this is the 24th installment of #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competitions!! How awesome is that! Now is your chance to nominate a fellow Steemian who is creating great content, and helping to build their community. If your nomination wins, you get to share the SBD rewards from this post with your nominee, and both of you will receive daily upvotes from me on your posts for 60 days.


Current Competition Exclusions:

Winning nominee countries of my previous 3 competitions are ineligible to enter this competition. This helps smaller communities to have an equal chance of winning, although vote count isn't the only criteria used when finding a winner.

My current competition winners, receiving upvotes form me are as follows:

This means that nominees from USA, Croatia, Canada and Philippines cannot be entered this time. If you are from these countries, you could always nominate someone from another eligible country, and help to Share The Steem Love worldwide!!

How to Enter:

Entering my Share The Steem Love Competition is really easy. Just follow these rules, and you could be the next winner!
Please note: Rule No 6 has been modified so that nobody gets disqualified because that's not in the spirit of Sharing The Steem Love.

  1. Upvote this post and resteem it. This will boost the reward pool and exposure of the competition, and give you a chance at winning more SBD. The SP rewards go into my upvote value, so everyone I support wins! Your upvote % and resteem status may be used as part of my algorithm to find my next winners.
  2. Find someone on Steemit who is posting great content and making a positive contribution to the Steemit community, and who you feel deserves to get a few extra upvotes as reward for their efforts, and do the following:
    • In the comments section of this post, tell us who your nominee is, what country, and community tag you are a member of and are entering under (England, Japan, Canada, South Africa, teamaustralia, thealliance, steemsilvergold etc... you get the idea), and why they should win 60 days of upvotes from me.
    • Put a link to one of your nominee's recent posts, no more than 2 days old.
  3. Get your friends to come and upvote this post and upvote your nomination. The SBD (traded into STEEM on the internal Market) and STEEM reward go to the winners, so the higher the post payout, the more you stand to win.
  4. I will feed in some information about the top 5 nominations from different communities by vote count, including reputation scores, post frequency, post length, and average post payout value into my AI engine, and calculate a winner. My algorithm is "Top Secret", and subject to many variables (possibly including the current moon phase, and price of chocolate at the corner store), and may carry a certain amount of subjectivity factored in.
  5. A country (as listed in your nomination under rule 2), cannot win my competition more than once every 4 competitions. More specifically, The country represented by the winning nominee is deemed to be the winning country.
  6. === UPDATED RULE === Self- or Bot- upvotes may result in a 25% Score Penalty. Auto app upvotes (like eSteem App) and voting trails may also be deducted from your vote total.
  7. DO NOT upvote your own comment.
  8. The winning nomination will also receive the liquid portion of the rewards, traded into STEEM for this post, split between you and your nominee.
  9. Read rules no 6, 7 and 10 carefully!!! I don't want anyone to be disqualified. Missing any information out in Rule 3 renders your nomination invalid.
  10. DO NOT upvote your own comment. Self-voting your own nomination or comment will result in a score penalty.
  11. If there are no nominations, the SBD prize pool from this post will be put towards renewing my SP leases, and my master, @bmj will choose an entry from one of my previous competitions to add to my prizewinners upvote list. @bmj's decision will be final, and not up for discussion.
  12. The decision on who the winners of my competitions are is final, and no protests will be entertained. This is about Sharing the Steem Love, and not who is "entitled" to claim a prize.

The Prize

The SBD portion of this post reward payout will be traded for Steem on the internal market, and shared equally between my winning nominator and nominee. Both winning nominator and nominee will be also be added to my prizewinners voting list for a minimum of 60 days (I sometimes conveniently forget to remove my winners from my list, and give a few more days of upvote... just for fun..). Those voting settings can be found in my latest status update post.

Now all you need to do is get your entries in, and don't forget to read the rules carefully.....

Good Luck!!


Thanks a lot @stsl for this opportunity to support this great steemian!

I nominate @cherylsonty. She is from Nigeria and belongs to the I-rise network community.

I strongly believe that she deserves your support because she posts great inspirational, motivational and spiritual growth post which are very vital for living. Her hardwork really deserves some accolades and very commendable despite her busy schedules.

Below is the link to one of her recent posts.

She also supports the community, below is the LINK, I hope her hardwork is being rewarded.

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty 👍👍👍

I can guarantee the nomination of @cherylsonty, she deserves it.

I nominate @cherylsonty

Whereas I know @cherylsonty from the I-rise community to be hardworking and whose post are always soul lifting and beneficial, I hereby second her nomination.

I second the application for @cherylsonty, she deserves it.

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty. She deserves it


I support the nomination for @cherylsonty from all of us at I-rise community.

I second the nomination of @cherylsonty. She so deserves this

I support the nomination, @cherylsonty.

I support and nominate @cherylsonty, she deserves it

She is someone who is always ready to help fellow steemians, I support the nomination @cherlysonty

I support the nomination.

I second the nomination for @cherylsonty

i support the nomination for cherylsonty

I second d nomination @cherylsonty, she's got our support from i-rise

Supporting nomination of @cherylsonty, she's got our support

I support the nomination @cherylsonty💜💯

I support @cherylsonty, she's also a nigerian

I support the nomination @cherylsonty from the i-rise network, she deserves some accolades!

I support nomination for @cherylsonty

Nice one, am with you

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty, she has been a great Steemian since I've known her.

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty, i believe she deserves it.

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty. She deserves it!

I stand for @cherlysonty. She deserves it.

I support @cherylsonty , you deserve it.

I support the nomination @cherylsonty, she deserves it.

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty

I support her nomination.

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty. She deserves it.

I support the nomination @cherylsonty from all of us @i-rise network

I'm 100% in support of this nomination. @cherylsonty deserves some accolades to be honest

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty

I support @cherylsonty nomination.

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty.

I am also in support of the nomination of @cherylsonty

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty

I am also in support of the nomination of @cherylsonty

I support the nomination of @cherylsonty

I support the nomination of @cherysonty

I support the nomination

Without mincing words, @cherylsonty sure deserves my nomination. A visit to her blog would clear your doubts, if you have any.

I support and norminate @cherylsonty

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty

I support the nomination for @cherylsonty

This time around (and I'll not upvote my own comment this time), I am nominating @robertandrew. It is evident in this post that he needs a good pat on the back and some serious STEEM love. I see him all over the place commenting on people's posts, and not just fam either. Plus, his posts are pretty darn good involving serious issues and a humorous bone. And...Texas is it's own country, ask anyone who lives there.

I'm behind this nomination for sure. I'd like to see Robert getting more support for the effort he's been putting into this platform. He definitely deserves it.

I will second this nomination, definitely!

I agree completely @robertandrew is very worthy of this nomination.

I agree 100% on this nomination. He is amazing and deserves credit for his posts and his support on his friends 🌹

Totally agree with @enginewitty. @robertandrew deserves this prize as he's a dedicated Steemian who takes the time to be a good one through comments, posts and support. I know he will be the winner of this edition!!

Yep, this guy.

Way to go @robertandrew. Definitely has my vote

I agree with the nomination for @robertandrew , and excellent community member posting great content and always taking the time to comment on others posts.

@robertandrew is one of the most engaging members of #thealliance. He's got my vote!

I agree on every level. @robertandrew hands down! I absolutely love the conversations we have had and want him to stick around for as long as possible!!!!

Yes !! @robertandrew . Let's make him happy with a little voting love. He really does good posts and is an active commenter!!

Yo apoyo a mi amigo @robertandrew es excelente esta iniciativa.

All the very best @robertandrew .
Regards Nainaz

Seconded. @robertandrew is the Man.

My nominee is @barineka

He posts great geology and earth related content, he breakdown the principles of planet earth and he is consistent with his posts.
He is from #Nigeria, he belongs to @steembees @euronation communities

Your upvote will go a long way to encourage him more, giving us more great contents, sharing his findings, for me am a pharmacists, but i know one or two things about geology/planet earth from @barineka.

Link to recent post

@barineka all the, you all should vote for the geologist

since he is from Nigeria, am all in.
I hope he wins.

@barineka I stand with you
Always posting good stuff. Geology and earth related

I second this motion, goodwork @barineka

MY NOMINEE is @barineka#

He is consistent and great at his writing about planet earth and Geology in general.
He is from#Nigeria, he belongs to @steembees, @ euronation communities.

as an Engineer @ barineka has made the principles of planet earth clearer and, his write-up is great and he is great>
Recent post from @ barineka

I nomimate @drqamranbashir.
He is working hard to create health related content but unfortunate part is that most of his posts are not getting good response.we are from INDIA.
I think he deserves your support .
Link to his recent post.

Thanks a lot. You are really a friend in need.

My nominee is @martinalex, he is a friend of steemit, which has been dedicated to creating the post of advice on different topics. Has gained very little but has worked very hard every day as a creator of content in this community.

These are the link of the last post:

great post

I nominate @blackempror , he writes contents that benefits steemians mrntally and rmotionally...

Dream smile skull all life is good to be grat post nice

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