Street Art #198 Most Known, Porto (Portugal)

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When looking for information on street art in Porto, you'll find articles on these artists and their work :

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To (almost) finish this series about my street art discoveries in Porto during my week of holidays last May, it's perfect because I wanted to speak in priority of less known things :
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Like this, if you visit this beautiful city, you have some info.
And it would be cool if someone can complete for my next visit :-)



Porto (Portugal).

Position on Google Maps



Frederico Draw

Born in Porto in 1988, Frederico Draw is street artist, member of RUA Collective that draws beautiful and large anonymous portraits like this one (I think the most photographed mural in Porto du to its position near to Dom Luis Bridge).


AN.FI.TRI.ÃO, 2015

Anfitrião that means Host in Portuguese is Figurative representation of the people of Porto, as to welcome all those who visit the city daily.

Daniel Eime

Born in 1986, Daniel Eime is Portuguese street artist since 2011 known for his large scale mural with detailed stencils.


Mira, 2015 (Ribeira)

"Eime comes from the German word Eimer, which means bucket or pail. Over time I lost the R, merely to simplify writing and sound issues." Eime - (source, interesting interview)

Artur Bordalo

One of the most famous piece of street art of Porto although it's on the other side of the Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia. I have only one close-up of this work because I had my zoom was installed on my camera.

Borin in Lisbon in 1987, Bordalo II is a street artist denouncing the consumerism of today's society with the mantra "one man's trash is another man's treasure".


"I use my work to communicate ideas, fears and awareness about the global problems we face: global warming and climate change, mass extinction, deforestation, water scarcity, pollution ..." - Bordalo II (source, French)


The last work, also in Vila Nova de Gaia, was done by the Argentine artist Pastel, Francisco Diaz from Buenos Aires with his floral pattern in pastel colors... Very nice...



Still a lot of street art to discover in this city...



  • Photos taken in May 2019.



Frederico Draw
Frederico Draw Instagram
Daniel Eime
Bordalo II
Bordalo II Instagram
Pastel Instragram

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Bonus Video


Bordalo II: A Life Of Waste is a Screen Ireland (IFB) Short Documentary (source)

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awesome art works and thx for your information research.

You're welcome...