The VALMY File: Chapter 10, by @vincentleroy (translated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by Vincent Le Roy (@vincentleroy): LE DOSSIER VALMY (Thriller) : Chapitre 10

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Vincent Le Roy (@vincentleroy), a French guy.


Chapter 10: The mutiny

I continue my story. I have returned home from Poland and the last chance meeting is scheduled for 26 April 2006 under the leadership of Kojak. It must take place in Paris, in a hotel where a meeting room has been reserved. There must be the chemists, Kojak and me.

Denis is in Africa for a conference. But we know him and me that the choice of date has been finely tuned to avoid his presence. Never mind. We must not flee the debate, we must make them speak and understand. We have agreed that I will keep him informed at a distance.

I need a witness too. Among the partners who remain faithful and who support me, there remains only Jeannot. 70 years old, retired, Jeannot is anything but an extrovert. I know it, it will not help me but I want a witness. We had discussed it. The strategy is meticulously prepared. We accept all grievances and let them speak. Jeannot is not scheduled at the meeting. Nobody invited him. We will play the surprise effect.

The meeting begins without him. Initially, there is only one chemist and Kojak. The scenery is planted from the outset. Hate is palpable. I let it be said, even going so far as to admit my responsibility on this or that point. And as expected, after a quarter of an hour, my Jeannot arrives. General surprise. Kojak does not even take a step back:

  • What are you doing here?

Jeannot, faithful to himself, says nothing. He sits down and takes out a notepad. The literally hysterical chemist shouts:

  • Still a manipulation of Vincent but this time you will not fuck us!

Jeannot remains imperturbable and says to Kojak:

  • Listen, I have twice as many actions as you in this company, and I am an administrator like you. So I want to understand. I came to listen to you.

Kojak scores the shot and tries a bluff.

  • Get out or I throw you out!

The chemist stood up, ready to fight it physically. The tension is at its height. And of course, he calls to me:

  • You're a kind of fucker, you've engineered this ... you knew he was going to come!

I pretend ignorance and I do not even notice the words of my employee. He still talks to the founder and the majority shareholder who is also his superior. But we have a course of action, let them talk. So we say nothing.

I swear to all the gods that I did not know that Jeannot was going to arrive. I admit to just having sent him the mails since he is administrator. Jeannot confirms. Finally, Kojak takes the lead. The meeting has only one goal and he does not want to deviate from it. He decrees a compromise:

  • Well, Jeannot, you can stay. You will be able to judge for yourself and as you are there, please help us ... For once proves that you are a man!

And the meeting resumes. A bludgeoning rule should I say. 4 hours of insults, vociferation and humiliation. I admit. I do not stop admitting. Nothing goes and I constantly admit that it's my fault. At times, I take a few arguments to put them in front of their contradictions but they sweep them in tandem.

Around 8:00 pm, they are exhausted to have spit as much hatred and imbecilities of all kinds. But they finished getting out all their bile. Until then, the demolition job is still going on but I still do not know who pulls the strings and what is expected of me. I want to smoke and Kojak too. He would light a good cigar. I suggest a break. And everyone goes to the bar. I order beers and we sit in the chairs.

Hysteria did not abandon the chemist. He speaks loudly, so much so that Kojak is forced to ask him to speak less loudly. I wonder if he did not take coke ... Until then, I took everything in the face. I am responsible for everything. Nothing goes well. But we still do not know what is planned to change all that. I start the debate:

  • So what do we do?

And here, the beer helping, languages ​​will loose. The chemist begins:

  • We have to change the board.

Kojak confirms. They are waiting for my answer, which is not long in coming. I agree. Just replace some directors with the chemists. As a good strategist, I even tell them that it is a good thing and that everyone will be more involved. I even agree to no longer be part of the direction. Kojak is delighted and says:

  • No, but for the machines, you have a certain talent. We will still need you.

The punk has the nerve to say that after what they made me suffer in Poland but I do not react to this umpteenth vexation. I feel that we are no longer very far from the truth and that's what matters to me. This especially as the chemist says again loudly a little stupidly:

  • We have to change the board.

This makes me question him a little more, in a honeyed way:

  • Are you talking about the directors or the shares?

  • Bah the shares! The shares, that is the real power!

There, all is said! I'm watching Kojak. I pretend to be stunned and I ask him how he sees things because I still have 80% of the shares and the company is worth a lot of money. Redistributing stocks will not be so simple even if I'm not opposed to it. Kojak does not disassemble and says:

  • It's pretty simple. Alex would take 30 to 40% of the capital, the chemists 20 each and me, because of the services rendered, I will go from 9 to 20%.

Clearly, Jeannot and I who have 91% of the shares are out ... I continue to play dumb asking how he intends to proceed. The answer is immediate.

  • The company is worthless. We buy from you your shares for one Euro. And Alex will put money on the table.

Well, let's see ... I finally have the answer to my question. So Alex pulls the strings. He has the employees in his pocket and his accomplice Kojak to do his bidding. Everything is now very clear. I heard what I wanted to hear. It is time to bow down and put an end to this organized extortion of funds.

Kojak and I want to pee and we go to the bathroom. There, each dick in hand, we continue the discussion. I ask him 48 hours of reflection if only to convince Julie of the new reorganization. Although I have 80% of the capital, it is she who put the money in the company at the start.

And always dick in hand, in front of the urinal, fully satisfied with this meeting, he said:

  • Explain to her that it is better to have one Euro now than nothing tomorrow. Anyway, if you do not agree, we continue and explode your company.

Back at the bar, the chemist smiles. Their project is on track. They are certain that I capitulated. I greet them and leave the hotel. Jeannot follows me. It is 22:30 and now I know. It is of course not a question of folding. I have the right for myself and I will put all that in order. I am convinced that this is only a bad passage. I do not know that the steamroller has started and they will go all the way ... because they expected me to fuck them that night. For months, two lawyers have been working full-time to set up 17 all-out trials in case I did not understand lesson # 1. But that, I'll discover it later and that night, I'm still unconscious. I do not know that the descent into hell is just beginning. I push with Jeannot the door of a restaurant. Veal stew. And a bottle each.

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