SteemHeroes Season 1: Episode 1

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SteemHeroes Episode 1-1

The Council positioned a standard assault team across the street from a derelict building in the King’s Head district of Olympus. The neighborhood was a thriving industrial area less than a year ago, but the explosion at the nearby Verdentech research facility chased away most of the businesses who where previously located here. What’s left is a bunch of abandoned, graffiti-decorated buildings that were quickly claimed by squatters and used by small gangs as hideouts.

Most people know well enough to avoid this area of town for their own safety. Even the police are reluctant to patrol thanks to stories of Martyr sightings in the area. This made it an obvious place to drop a Martyrs safe house.

“How many targets?” asks Mandrake, the squad leader.

Sight responds “I sense six level 1 OPS and maybe 2 or 3 nons.” He paused for a moment. “General Hastings stated that we may proceed at our own discretion if there are less than 10 Martyrs in there.”

Mandrake was usually eager for combat, but the idea of taking out a Martyrs camp made him downright giddy. “WUNDERBAR! OK listen up, there’s a half dozen Martyrs in there and maybe a few nons too. Nothing more than level 1 grunts, so we shouldn’t face too much of a threat.”

He looked around at his team to gauge their readiness. Mandrake’s unit was made up of 12 Counselors (not including himself), the standard for Council assault teams. Most of this group has seen a lot of action already, though two of them are facing their first real combat experience.

“Rodeo! Fisher! Are you greenhorns ready for the first day of school?” Mandrake shouts at the two virgin Counselors.

They both respond with hearty “YES SIR!”, though there’s a hint of uncertainty in their voices. Why wouldn’t there be? All Counselor recruits have heard stories about what others have encountered in these raids. There’s a rapidly increasing number of plots in Holdrege Cemetery that belong to Counselors who weren’t able to walk away from these raids.

Regardless, they’re committed to bringing down whatever they find in there, so they fall in line with the other members of the assault team and prepare to go in.

Inside the shell of what used to be a mobile phone store, a small group of Martyrs pour over crates full of equipment they’ve stolen from labs outside of King’s Head. Computers and lab equipment are overflowing from these boxes while a few non-enhanced Martyr grunts meticulously inventory their contents.

Solis and Luna were sitting in the back office with Mirage as they discussed their plans to transport this equipment out of King’s Head without raising suspicion.

“Do we have a truck lined up yet?” asked Mirage.

Solis responds “Its on its way. There was a delay since Tiny decided he wanted to renegotiate his prices.”

“We convinced him to honor his original quote” added Luna.

This seemed to put Mirage at ease. “OK good. Do we have an ETA then?”

Solis jumps to his feet. “It should be ten minutes tops.”

“Good. Let’s get ready to move out then” says Mirage. The three of them get up and head back into the storefront of the old phone store in preparation.

Meanwhile, Mandrake’s squad has mobilized and has made their way across the street. Sight has maintained his position to watch the building from a safe distance.

The squad snakes its way down they alley, between rusted dumpsters and cardboard boxes and eventually make their way to the back door of the building.

Mandrake lays out the plans. “OK, after we pick the lock on the back door, we’ll enter single file. Everyone prioritize taking cover until we know who we’re dealing with. Slinger, you take Rodeo and Fisher around to the front door to flank them after we blow our cover.”

“Any questions?” He pauses for a moment, then turns his eyes back towards the building and starts to pick the lock on the back door.

// To be continued in Episode 1-2


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