SteemHeroes Episode 0-5: The Ravenwood Agency

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Amidst the conflict between The Council, Nightwatch, the Martyrs and Blackrogue, there exists a mysterious fifth faction of OPS that are under command of an organization known as The Ravenwood Agency. While not much is known about this group, some information has been discovered.

Episode 0-5: The Ravenwood Agency

The Ravenwood Agency is an organization helmed by Gabriel York, the VP of Zenethen and son of its CEO Edward York. As more and more OPS have emerged and joined one of the primary four factions, Ravenwood has increased its activity and presence. Nobody outside the organization knows exactly how long they've been in operation, but its estimated that it was founded before than The Council.

From what we know about Ravenwood, their sole purpose is the protection of Zenethen's interests and the execution of activities to advance the corporation's goals. While they have a tremendous public image thanks to their deeply effective marketing and PR departments, that perception has started to crack as ex-employees have come forward to make claims about the company's illicit, even unethical motives.

Many of these whistleblowers have either vanished or met with suspicious fatal accidents after their claims became public. These incidents have started a trickle of cryptic information to come to light, from social media to graffiti, that simply said "Who is The Grove?". Online posts of this message are often removed within an hour, while public displays of it are scrubbed within 4-6 hours of being discovered.

Who is "The Grove"?

While we cannot confirm this information, one of the most recently leaked documents is a manifest of this group. The contents of the document disclosed the following:

The Grove

High-level OPS employed by the Zenethen Corporation through the Ravenwood Agency


  • Agent Oak
  • Agent Pine
  • Agent Cedar
  • Agent Redwood
  • Agent Weeping Willow
  • Agent Birch
  • Agent Cottonwood
  • Agent Elm
  • Agent Hemlock
  • Agent Spruce
  • Agent Hickory
  • Agent Maple
  • Agent Walnut

// To be continued in episode 0-6: Zenethen


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