SteemHeroes character template - create your own heroes or villains for SteemHeroes!

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So you want to create a character to live within the SteemHeroes universe, huh? Great! We want to have a rich cast of characters who can naturally interact with each other within SteemHeroes.

Did you miss the SteemHeroes announcement? Read all about it here.

Here’s the steps to creating and submitting a character for SteemHeroes:

Below, you’ll find the standard template to use when creating character submission posts. Copy the text below where noted and replace the [bracketed text] (including the brackets) with your character’s information

  1. Use this format in your character submission post’s title:
    SteemHeroes Character Submission: [hero/villain alias (not birth name)]

  2. Use the #shsubmission tag on the post so we can easily find and review it for approval.

  3. We suggest using this cover image with your post, but it's not required:

  4. Join the SteemHeroes curation trail and fanbase so we can generate support for SteemHeroes and reward character creators! The more support we get, the bigger SteemHeroes can become and the rewards character creators receive will grow! You must join both for your character to be approved.

Join the trail here:
Join the fanbase here:

Tips on creating characters

  • DO NOT make a clone of an existing character. Any obvious clones will be rejected.
  • DO NOT make a blatant gag or parody character.
  • DO NOT insert real-world politics. We get enough of that everywhere else. They can still have political and social beliefs, as long as they exist in SteemHeroes and not real-world politics.
  • DO NOT create a blatantly bigoted character. However, a character can have biases if it’s rooted in their backstory or personality and they have legitimate reasons for their beliefs. People are flawed and these shortcomings can make them more interesting or relatable, as long as its not rooted in mindless bigotry.
  • DO NOT create overpowered characters. Try to use Marvel’s X-men as a guide for roughly how powerful SteemHeroes characters should be. If a character is as powerful as Superman or Wonder Woman, they’ll be rejected.
  • DO give your character a weakness or describe the limitations of their powers. Without weaknesses or vulnerabilities, characters are bland and uninteresting.

Characters are assumed to be heterosexual and agnostic, unless otherwise stated in their origin and personality section.

The above are general guidelines, but should provide a solid set of boundaries. This concludes the character creation primer. Use the template below to create your character and post it using the steps outlined above. Once we review your submission, you’ll receive either an approval or rejection (with reasoning) memo to your account. Rejections that have a reason stated can be edited and resubmitted by sending a memo to SteemHeroes after changes have been made. Note that SteemHeroes may make minor adjustments to some of your character’s information if deemed necessary for approval.

Once your character is approved, they will join the SteemHeroes universe. They will interact with SteemHeroes based on the powers and personalities you describe in your character submission, and we’ll do our best to integrate them as well as we can based on how you designed and described them.

I'll be posting a character submission from the account @retro-room shortly, which should be a good example of what we're generally looking for.

----- Copy the template below to create your character submission post -----

Basic Info

Alignment: [hero or villain]
Alias: [your character’s superhero name]
Name: [your character’s birth name]
Profession: [your character’s profession]
Age: [enter age]
Height: [enter height in feet/inches]
Weight: [enter weight in lbs.]
Gender: [M or F]
Birthplace: [enter city/state/country of birth]
Description: [physical appearance like hair and eye color, body shape, distinguishing features]
Costume: [What does this character wear when acting as a hero or villain?]
Ethnicity: [enter character’s race]

Origin and personality

[ Write a backstory or origin for your character, before and after they gained their abilities. Describe their personality, what they love, what they hate, how they behave and anything else that’s relevant to explaining their motivations and their behavior. This section should be at least 3 paragraphs long to provide a good description of the character.]

Equipment or unique items

[Describe any gear, weapons or items your character normally carries with them]


Ability 1

[Describe your character’s first ability]

Ability 2

[Describe your character’s second ability, if any]

Ability 3

[Describe your character’s third ability, if any]


[Create a weakness for your character, either shortcomings or limitations of their powers or a vulnerability to a certain force, power or element.]

Other notes

[Enter any other relevant information about your character here.]

Cover artwork designed by Freepik

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Thank you. I hope it can grow into what I have planned out. Follow along for more updates and to check out the prologue story that will set up the SteemHeroes world.


what steemheroes only limited to gaming

My character submission, I was thinking on it since the weekend. Let's see if this grows up into something interesting.

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I have question, Because I have my own OC Hero with back story, but I need to ask if I can have heros based on space race from anime? I'm Dragon Ball Fan and I have full story of my character builded years ago.

Still if this is not allowed, I wanna ask if my hero can have option to controle his own energy to boost his attak, strenght ect, like Saiyajins with continuously need for improving powers ?


That would be fine, as long as the character doesn't use any DBZ specific terms or features (no scouters, no kamekameha; I'd just call it 'energy manipulation' or something like that) If you can adapt the character into something specifically non DBZ that works within SH, we'll make it work.

I do have plans to expand the project beyond Earth when the discovery of Olympium raises the interest of a hostile alien race, so this should be fine. Just as long as the character isn't specifically a Saiyan, we should be good ;)

I hope to see you on board!


I will try my best :D and thank you for the response :D