Andaman and Nicobar Islands:Wildlife

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These islands have 96 Wildlife Sanctuaries, nine National Parks and a Biosphere Reserve. Mammals - Of the total 55 terrestrial and 7 marine mammal species notified till date, 32 are found in special areas. In birds-islands, 246 species of birds and subspecies are found, out of which 99 species and subfamilies are found in the region. Reptiles - In this state, 76 species of reptiles are found, out of which 24 are limited to specific areas. Sea creatures: More than 1200 species of fish in the sea of ​​these islands, 350 species of units durm, 1000 species of snails (mollusca) and other micro-species are found. Primarily in vertebrate animals, duogg, dolphins, whales, saltwater clocks, sea turtles and sea snakes are found. So far, 179 species of coral and coral-borne disease have been reported. The predominantly fringe type on the east coast and the barrier type of coral are found on the west coast.20180825_120547_0001.png


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