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This is the translation of yesterdays post in German

Unfortunately there are only a few German articles about the new cover of the Economist. (This is not true for articles in English, there are quite a lot, still my interpretation and those to come are mostly not yet found) Usually a lot of things are written and thought about. Perhaps that is because the theme is (again) incredibly complex and there are enough other things to deal with. I will to try to summarize what I have found.

Some pre-thoughts for those, who read for the first time about the crazy theories concerning the Economist Cover:

The Economist is an English magazine of high finance, which is owned by the Rothschild family (at least 50%). The Rothschild family has more than one link with the occult, a little "googling" usually leads to massive stories, conspiracy theories, but also some clear facts.

Personally, I do not believe in predetermination or the possibility of predicting the future clearly, but I believe that there are people who firmly believe in these matters. I am also quite certain that the goal of the "evil" Satanists is to become "god-like", which is reached by making one's own prediction come true by their own actions.

I should be forgiven if, as a beginner in these matters, I sometimes will confuse the words "occult", "satanism" and alike. But I don´t want to dig deeper than I did so far, because I actually feel "stained" already.

The cover of the Economist may be such a medium: Prediction of planned things, warnings, assumptions by means of probability calculations, etc. For example: With little imagination on the cover of 2015 the terror attacks in Paris in autumn 2016 were"predicted".

The new cover is now available and I was very curious, what I will discover in it. I compared my findings with the things that others have discovered.

Let's take a look at what we see ...

There are eight cards from a tarot. Two of the cards are moved, the rest are "in order". Obviously it is about Trump and many associations around him. Destruction, protests, death, and later on, some more soothing cards like "the magician" using a 3D house printer and "the star". Overall, however, the mood is rather threatening. But what would be an Economist cover, if you could cover it with only one or two views. In addition, one has to take into account the satanic background and the fact that you´d have to optimize the interpretation to possible goals from their point of view.

So I began to dig into the subject of tarot. TinEye provided the first approaches, so I found out, that the tarotdeck of Rider-White was used as a basis. The next thing that was interesting for me were the countless different ways to lay the cards. However, there seems to be only one "classic" laying system using 8 cards. The so-called "Lemniskate". Four cards define a question and the remaining 4 provide the answer or approach. Actually, the lemniscate is about relationships, and in fact the system is placed in the form of an infinity loop with the third and seventh cards overlapping each other.

Let´s "re-read" now the laid cards:


The cards 1 (tower) and 5 (death) show what is concealed or what separates the "asker" and the "asked about" from each other. Well, this gives somehow morbid meaning.


The cards 2 (Trump / judgement) and 6 (Magician) shows the conscious motives of the questioners (in our case the Rothschilds). One might think the question is "will Trump make his announcements come true and thus create prosperity just like a magician?"

WorldWheel of fortune

The cards 3 (World) and 7 (Wheel of Fortune) show the conflict. A networked(internet), enlightened (sun) world in conflict with the "right-wing populists" Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen on the ascending branch and Merkel, hit by lightning, whois on the descending branch. This could be seen as quite clear logic.


Finally, the cards 8 (Star) and 4 (Hermit) which should show "The unconscious motives and unrecognized patterns in the behavior of the questioner and the other person". So, one of them will control a mass of protesters who can hardly be restrained wanting to show the "right way" and the other one only satisfies his greed for attention as a "star". I assume, in the self-understanding of the Rothschilds, this also makes sense: The dumb mass must be tamed and Trump is seen as merely an attention-seeking star, which will soon burn like a shooting star or a comet.

Seems simple, seems good, but in my opinion this reading pattern is quite wrong, respectively, only one possible way of reading. There is so much more trouble and work invested in the cover, so that it takes a much deeper and more accurate considerations.

But more of of this it in one of my next posts.
Until next time!


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The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff.[12][13]


Thx for precising these official facts.
Though it is considered quite probable that these "private investors" are also strongly linked to "the family".


You're welcome, and I'm willing to believe that if there is some evidence...

NB. I have Zero gold, but I have a few dollars...


It's actually rather incredible what I have with those few dollars... I work about 30 hours a week, am very poor compared to the next guy, but compared to kings of old, I'm filthy rich. (It's December and I'm still warm and comfortable, for example...)

Do we think that if money was still just gold/silver, it would spread around so much?! Isn't it because of fiat, that money is able to spread so freely? With almost any idea, companies and individuals can raise money easily to lift THE REAL STANDARD OF LIVING IN THE WORLD! Just what has happened in the last 300 years...

Could there be a better system of money? For sure, and thanks to crypto, steem, and others plans, we'll get there... But thank goodness for fiat until now...

In the meantime, I'd rather have Rothschilds and a few dollars, than "kings" "ruling me" with gold (I'd have 0 gold) as it was for the last 2000 minus about 100 to 200 years...


I agree with most of what you say. Any way of thinking about philosophy, freedom, self-expression etc. is due to free time and the raise of the general stadard of living. I strongly believe in evolution and it is about time to get rid of "rulers" in any way. Free money like steem is one step, and one of the important ones. Identifying who is ruling is another step (here I strongly believe that democraty is just an illusion).
The "kings of old" are still there, but they are not visible and most of them are not "good".


I think that patience, philosophy, education, logic, accurate data about the world, technology (blockchain, p2p, etc.) and compassion will prove you correct. We don't need rulers anymore...

To be fair, I don't think our problems are the rulers faults. It is the fault of slow evolution... We, (every single one of us,) are still behaving like half animals...


This is true in many ways. From my perspective is "getting rid of rulers" a personal decision and mindset, not an active "war".
Still, for deciding not being ruled any more, you have to find out what is ruling you. This includes of course recognizing the inner animal which is ruling us much too often.


I have to admit that my claim of 50% ownership was poorly researched.
Here you get an even clearer view:

Also it seems that Agnelli and Rothschild is helping out each other on many projects (Rothschild financing projects of Agnelli in Japan e.g.) I found some less reliable source for the links between the two families here: For some reason it wont let me reply directly to your last comment on the thread. But I entirely agree....

"Pharaoh," "slavery," the "taskmasters" and the "land of Egypt" are referring to a state of mind...


it is only possible to comment up to 6 levels down.

"Pharaoh," "slavery," the "taskmasters" and the "land of Egypt" are referring to a state of mind
=> what are you refering to? Seems I am not able to follow right now...


Oh ok that explains the lack of a button, thanks...

Sorry, I made a leap from the idea you raised; "From my perspective is "getting rid of rulers" a personal decision and mindset, not an active "war."," to the Torah, to explain why I agree with you...

The Torah is a blueprint to God willing, and over many years, or lifetimes, set ourselves free and leave the "land of Egypt and slavery." One doesn't learn this from the literal reading, but from questioning each word, and putting "the (appropriate) law" into practice, one day at a time...

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Hey, I am totally Ok with you making advertising for your blog/craft here on my article. But I would also appreciate an upvote. This would be considered "good karma" in my opinion...

Glad you found your way to steemit, too. An introduce yourself would help promoting your articles as well!