Two Weeks in Williamsburg - The High Line (Travel Series Ep. 4)

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Most people on this planet see things as they are, the rare few see the miracle of what can be.

What is now The High Line began its life as a crumbling eyesore of an elevated train track running through the heart of the meatpacking district in lower westside Manhattan. All it took was vision, ingenuity, copious amounts of money, and a whole lot of work to create the beautiful gem that exists today.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

My wife Raymi and I had the pleasure of traversing the entire, nearly 1.5 mile park during a recent trip to New York City. While you're at park-level it's easy to forget that you're perched a few stories above the city streets on these elevated railway platforms, until you see the old rails peeking through the lush perennial ground cover and trees.

The perennials and flowering trees aren't the only sights to be had. All along the route are some amazing views of the architecture of the surrounding area, a wonderful mashup of the old, the contemporary, and even the ultra-futuristic.

Sadly, this structure below wasn't completed yet but it will be one of my first destinations when we return to New York. Once this is built you'll be able to climb up the spiral stairs of this sculpture to enjoy a bird's eye view of both the park and waterfront nearby.

The entire park is a feast for the senses, peppered with whimsical art and sculpture of all shapes and forms.

Please tap the video below to enjoy a montage of all of the photos we took during our excursion to The High Line.

Seasoned Traveler Tips

Don't forget to build a little extra time into your itinerary when you visit the park. One of New York City's best new museums, The Whitney Museum of American Art, is right beside the entry of High Line Park. We were under a time crunch so we couldn't visit the museum this time but this just gives us another reason to return.

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Central Park

Grand Central Terminal

Many thanks my friend @dougkarr who is doing a great job showing me the hidden gems of this wonderful city. I hope you enjoyed this journey!

Yours in the Chain,


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What a beautiful use for an old line- and it appears to be very popular too! Maybe i can squeeze this into the schedule on my visit if i happen to find myself over on the west side.

It definitely was busy when we were there. I would "highly" recommend seeing this if you can @opheliafu!

Great to see so much greenery in the city, you were fortunate to have someone show you all the hidden treasures of New York, I just love that sculpture! Thank you for sharing your travels here :)

I'm glad you're enjoy this series, @lizelle. The sculpture was amazing, the individual pieces moved like a mobile, I should have captured that on video. I hope to be doing lots more of this kind of travel writing in the near future!

That must have been very special to see, looking forward to seeing more of your travels :)

These pictures are amazing sir. What camera are you using sir? The pictures are so clean and clear and i give that to your proper handling too.

New York is really beautiful. I would love to visit there too one day. I can't wait to absorb and soak all the feels and thrills of it.

That spiral stairs would definitely be a center of attraction, and i look forward to seeing you go back there when they finish, so you can bless us with another view.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, i always enjoy lovely pictures as this sir.

I hope you have been good sir?

So glad you enjoy them @olawalium, thanks! I shot all of this with my iPhone 8. The camera is unbelievable on this model. I have an early 80's Nikon 35mm camera too but rarely use it anymore, the mobile phone is just so much more convenient.

All has been good. I've been busy lately moving to a new home, this is why I've been slow to respond. How is everything in your corner of the world?

Wow! Phone camera? That is amazing. Crystal clear and sharp. Really impressed.

Wow, new home? Congratulations. That is great sir. I wish you speed and strength. I know how tiring that could be. I am moving soon to a new apartment. Trying to prepare for life that happens next for a guy hahaha. Should move by ending too sir.

Everything has been great. Busy days and all but it's great so far, by God's grace and help.

Thank you! The new mobile phone cameras are really impressive. I think some of the Android phones' cameras are even better. Best of luck with your move! Many hands make light work...if you have some friends/family to help it's so much easier. : ) Glad to hear all is good with you!

Yes sir, i have load of them willing to help immediately i am ready to move. Still fixing some tiny details in there. I am excited.

Yes, samsung too has great camera and it makes taking pictures or even viewing them admirable.

Always excited hearing from you sir and i am happy you are good. Thanks a lot sir

This is awesome! Don't think it was there in 2009 when I went, will definitely visit this next time I'm in NYC :-)


Thank you @cryptogee! Yes, the city has changed tremendously in the last few much cool stuff to see.

Wow, New York city is indeed a place to be. I love the level of detail with which you presented these pictures and you made it seem like you wwre taking us round and showing us these places physically.

I love the art and everything. I hope the spiral stairs would be completed quickly so you could go back and tell us about the experience.

Lovely piece you got here.

Great post!
I really enjoy seeing the city through your eyes.

I appreciate that @rebeccabe! I hope to be doing lots more of these travel pieces. I hope you're having a great week!

I have a dog so that will make it a tough decision once I decide to stay mobile.
Now if I stay in the states it will be okay.. I do want to go to Portugal and a few other lovely spots.

We're in the same position @rebeccabe. We have our beagle, Amstel. Luckily our son is willing to watch him for a week or two at a time a few times per year so we can get away on some overseas excursions. I want to do much more than that though within the next few years...that is if the crypto market cooperates. It's been very bleak so far this year.

@ericvancewalton it will all pan out in the end.
It always does.

So true. It all works out like it's meant to.

Like all last three episodes this one is also very good . You make good series of your two weeks journey . It's a mark of good writer

Upvoted! dont know why I never saw your account, great stuff! decided to follow! keep sharing, love the High-line been the New York 5 times.

I can see the product of creativity all over the park, everything is just too beautiful.

Why won't you cover miles while enjoying seeing beautiful things like this... Lol

Nice traveling experience you guys had, greetings to your wife.

Your journey is very beautiful. Your city is lovely

It has been more than 10 years since I went to New York. When I see your photos I long to go again as soon as possible! It looks really beautiful.

Hey @clio! There's so much development going on in the city right now. Brooklyn, especially, is being transformed. The Airbnb we stayed at in Williamsburg had such an incredible view of the waterfront and all of Manhattan but we were told within about two years that entire view will be blocked by new towers being built along the waterfront on the Brooklyn side of the river.

The differences and success of people lie in those who can see what can be.
When judging by the images this was a great walk through the park, there are different buildings with beautiful architectures, I hope that soon they will finish the building of the spiral staircase so that you can see the magnitude of the place from above.
congratulations dear friend @mervancewalton for the beautiful images
I wish you a great day

Thanks, @jlufer! I can't wait to go back and climb those stairs! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

I love the high line!!! I took pictures too yeaaaars ago but I see new buildings now wow!!! Also didn’t know this Einstein quote -Genius!! As he was ;)

Thanks! I want to go back again the next time we're in town!

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No wonder the journey does really seems amazing and As for teh quote liked the Albert Einsten's quote.While thw park does really looks very nice.
It was nice to be a part of your journey buddy !

Quite an amazing time you had spent there beautiful place and perfect weather to enjoy with makes it more fun :)

Wow really nice! I know New York is beautiful city but haven't seen before ,now very happy to see . Its a wonderful city, beautiful buildings, street, park, trees everything so amazing that really a nice place for travelling. Hope both of you enjoying lots, thanks to share and have a nice day.

And your wife where ?? Or you have another orientation ??

There are many things you will find on the journey, from the preparation to the new culture. Couples who often do activities together, including learning new things during the holidays will make you and your partner will get to know each other. In traveling, you may find things that do not fit into the plan, such as getting lost, missing trains or buses, or losing things. Here you will learn how to understand each other, and learn to take results together. The tremendous profits that can result from traveling on a regular basis. Travel trip will make people become better, more patient, and more mature. I think this is what a message I can take from your post.

Good place , big building and green place togather it's good thing . Elbert einstein quote is super . Good episode

Those spiral stairs of the sculpture are really awesome. The view from the top over the park should be amazing!

what a creativity!

You've put together a great collection of interesting words and art here Eric, and have seen the beauty in the every day things that people walk by and don't notice as well.

Nice trip to the park Eric, thanks for taking us along with you and Raymi through the story and photos. I don't have any desire to visit NY, but I do enjoy looking and seeing the sights and sounds through other peoples experiences.
I appreciate all you do, great job.

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