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RE: Two Weeks in Williamsburg - The High Line (Travel Series Ep. 4)

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These pictures are amazing sir. What camera are you using sir? The pictures are so clean and clear and i give that to your proper handling too.

New York is really beautiful. I would love to visit there too one day. I can't wait to absorb and soak all the feels and thrills of it.

That spiral stairs would definitely be a center of attraction, and i look forward to seeing you go back there when they finish, so you can bless us with another view.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, i always enjoy lovely pictures as this sir.

I hope you have been good sir?


So glad you enjoy them @olawalium, thanks! I shot all of this with my iPhone 8. The camera is unbelievable on this model. I have an early 80's Nikon 35mm camera too but rarely use it anymore, the mobile phone is just so much more convenient.

All has been good. I've been busy lately moving to a new home, this is why I've been slow to respond. How is everything in your corner of the world?

Wow! Phone camera? That is amazing. Crystal clear and sharp. Really impressed.

Wow, new home? Congratulations. That is great sir. I wish you speed and strength. I know how tiring that could be. I am moving soon to a new apartment. Trying to prepare for life that happens next for a guy hahaha. Should move by ending too sir.

Everything has been great. Busy days and all but it's great so far, by God's grace and help.

Thank you! The new mobile phone cameras are really impressive. I think some of the Android phones' cameras are even better. Best of luck with your move! Many hands make light work...if you have some friends/family to help it's so much easier. : ) Glad to hear all is good with you!

Yes sir, i have load of them willing to help immediately i am ready to move. Still fixing some tiny details in there. I am excited.

Yes, samsung too has great camera and it makes taking pictures or even viewing them admirable.

Always excited hearing from you sir and i am happy you are good. Thanks a lot sir

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