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Two Weeks in Williamsburg (Travel Series)

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I’m excited to say that our two weeks in New York City were EXTREMELY productive for the HardFork series on several fronts (which we’ll go into more detail on from our official HardFork Steemit page soon.) During our two weeks in Williamsburg we also managed to squeeze in some sightseeing and extracurricular fun that I’d like to share with you in a series of posts.

Just as in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, New York City will envelope you in a swirling vortex of time compression, two weeks seem like just a few days. For this visit Raymi and I stayed in a fabulous Airbnb in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After several visits to the city over the past few months we’ve figured out Brooklyn is our favorite borough, by far. Each neighborhood feels like a self-contained village, the streets are dotted with charming graffiti covered shops, restaurants, and bodegas that offer everything you’d ever need for day-to-day sustenance. There’s also an insane concentration of creative talent of all varieties. That creative energy is contagious, ideas always flow freely while I’m here.

As you can see from this slideshow, the street art is stunning...some of it speaks volumes.

Random shots in and around Brooklyn.

Our Airbnb was just a block from both the Williamsburg Bridge and the elevated train that ran six times each hour of the day. It was surprising how quickly we became accustomed to its rumble. The train quickly became less of a nuisance and more like white noise. After a few days it became inaudible and the only time I noticed it was when I looked up and saw the succession of polished aluminum cars speed by our window.

The Epicenter of Pop Culture

What I’ve learned of New York City is it’s, undoubtedly, still an epicenter of pop culture here in the US. A trip to New York City is like a preview of what the rest of the country will see at some later date (which is in direct correlation with the hipness of your locale.)

What are the differences between when I was last here in January and now?

For women, we noticed that mom jeans are making a huge comeback. For those of you who are too young to remember or have mentally blocked this fashion phenomenon, mom jeans are the high-waisted denim pants that were popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

For the male side of the spectrum, man bun sightings were far fewer and further between. Bearded, Redwing boot wearing hipsters were now almost nonexistent. For men, the clean shaven look seemed more abundant and athletic wear was the new norm. We noticed a few cutting-edge male hipsters who donned bushy 1970’s era mustaches and aviator frame prescription glasses.

At night, techno music was emanating from every speaker in the borough, oddly there was even a DJ in a local bakery spinning techno/house music. As evidenced by this graffiti, we also noticed a huge intolerance to Tweeto Von Cheeto...even on his home turf.

From the rooftop of our Airbnb.

I’ll say it again (because I can’t say it enough) Steemit, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology are life-changing. All three of these things foster personal sovereignty, allowing you to live life the way you choose. I’ve met so many lifelong friends scattered throughout the world. I now have a huge concentration of those friends in New York City. I thank @dougkarr, @zenmommas, @bakerchristopher, @skycorridors, @skypixelpilot and many others for the amazing hospitality and friendship they've shown Raymi and I.

Life is good.

I’ll be sharing more posts about our excursions into Manhattan soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Yours in the Chain,


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Tweeto Von Cheeto’s getting turfed like the man bun! It was SO MUCH FUN hanging and creating with you this trip brother!


Ha! Maybe TVC SHOULD sport a man bun. It could be interesting. : ) It was incredibly fun, I couldn't be more proud of the project and the team. This is what life is all about.

an interesting trip @ericvancewalton your video tells the city worth exploring, it turns brooklyn people still have a typical classic that has been largely ignored the people of Usa, do not feel 2 weeks if a vacation with a trip that holds good memories.
Have nice day


Thanks for your comment!

Wow! What an experience in just two weeks?

You really had a very great time in UK

Not that the noise made by the train was reduced, you became used to it since you can't change it... Hahahahha

For women, we noticed that mom jeans are making a huge comeback. For those of you who are too young to remember or have mentally blocked this fashion phenomenon, mom jeans are the high-waisted denim pants that were popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

It seems the world is traveling back the clock, I can't wait to see women adoring the mom's Jean here in Nigeria too... Smile

I think clean shave is common to men in UK, I've never been there, but I've seen a lot of movies from UK where almost all the men are adoring clean shave... Smile

Cryptocurrency is becoming the hope for the common man, I'm glad to have found my steemit... Hahahah

Welcome back home....


It was definitely a great trip! Thanks!


It's very obvious... You are welcome.

A very exciting journey, and can travel together with your loved ones, it would be great fun. I think you do have a wonderful life. New York City is indeed a very beautiful city, and has many sights and has many beautiful scenery. Like this video you share it, it looks very beautiful with the atmosphere of the night. I really want to vacation to a country that has snow, like to New York City, my first dream is to see the beauty of snow. Hopefully my dream will be achieved. Thanks for sharing @ericvancewalton, and wish you a wonderful day... :)

I'm really so happy for you that everything is working out so fabulously @ericvancewalton, life is so full of wonders hey!


I appreciate it @lizelle! We definitely are giving in to our wanderlust these days. Have you ever been to New York City?


Well enjoy it and make the best of it, you're so fortunate to travel. My booties have never walked on another continent besides Africa believe it or not ;)
My late uncle absolutely loooved New York, he was one who managed to satisfy his wanderlust, I have all his old photos! Once the travel bug bites, you're hooked, so enjoy!

Well yes whenever you get to like a place time usually flies very easily.While like you said the place is sure a great one.

While Steemit, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology are indeed one of the best thing that happened to most of us.


So true @rehan12. I think it's funny how the first few days of a trip seem to pass at a normal pace and then after that time speeds by. It's all perception, I think. Thanks!


That is indeed the beauty of travelling and good memories of it :)

Have a great time buddy !

Ordering myself a nice pair of high waisted mom jeans now- thanks for the fashion tips Eric!


They were bound to cycle back into fashion sooner or later. ; ) Dad jeans will be next and then, inevitably, the mullet (gasp).

The joy you and Raymi have for life is all over the page as you write your blog, Eric - it is downright exciting. Also, good to know what the upcoming fashion trends are. 😄


These last few years has definitely been a dream come true, @lydon.sipe. I'm glad you're enjoying our adventures, even the "tongue in cheek" fashion trend updates. Hope you and the family are enjoying these last few days of spring!

I am so happy I could get to see your wife. You both ooze awesomeness. This is really good and what a nice shade you have there sir.

Those street murals are so adorable. My favourite is the red flower/petals. The street paintings/drawings always make me admire people with such talents even the more. Such creativity and expression always humble me.

Brooklyn is really a nice city. One of the many cities I have pencilled down to visit, apart from Guardalarajar in Mexico. I hope I spelt it correctly

That train is a beauty, even from afar and it would be amazing if we have one here.

Thank you for this sir. When I see places like this, my desires increased and I am motivated to make it a dream come true. I enjoy travel journals...a lot.

Thanks as always sir.


Thank you! The street art was pretty incredible there. The entire city is like a gallery. I wish you a great week @olawalium!


No doubt about that. What a view you must have had and thanks for sharing this with us. I love such views. Hoping for more.

Have a great week too sir and my warm regards to your wife.

I love it!


Thanks , Juan!

interesting travelling experience that is hope you had an amazing travel fun too :D


Thanks, it was a great trip!

Wow so much fun in the air. Life is sooooo good. #Smiles

I’ll say it again (because I can’t say it enough) Steemit, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology are life-changing. All three of these things foster personal sovereignty, allowing you to live life the way you choos

I believe on some level this is true for everyone. This platform is evolving everyday.

when judging by the images of the videos you have spent very incredible days, from the landscape that provides the balcony of your room, to the graffiti that pacian in the street, I really liked the graffiti that has a great rose oesocreo that is.
I comrate your opinion that these three things change the life "Steemit, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology" these three things gave a 180 ° turn in my life, living from the web the best thing that has happened to me
I wish you a prosperous week

Good post , i really like your post .

I am waiting your next new update news .

Your post is always different i follow your blog every time , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @ericvancewalton

Keep good work of every time ...

Nice story dear Eric , videos are very beautiful, it's showing awesome view of Williamsburg . Your and raymi pic is good .

Good journey passed very quickly , you describe your trip in good story . Thanks

It's looking great trip, street art video is realy beautiful . You are looking cool in pic .


Thank you for your non-traditional photos and sights to "ordinary" places. Greetings from Bohemia.


Thank you for reading!

love to read it...

Looks like you have an amazing time


Hey @stephenpaul - I appreciate the comments but could you please delete the duplicates? There are three here. Thanks!

Great post sir
For all cities in the world,I would be most excited to visit New York
And I believe you had an amazing time over there

Great post sir
For all cities in the world,I would be most excited to visit New York
And I believe you had an amazing time over there

Cryptocurrency is winning, especially the steemit, soon we will have more crypto investors and digital money would be the most spending in the world

Very good, i like is it post.

invite visit my blog.

That's good to know about this thing had no idea about that will try by the way the video looks really amazing.

Two weeks in a very important city like new york is very impressive, much can be gained in him weeks and also lots to do, we enjoy your trip.and we will follow @hardfork-series.
Thanks @ericvancewalton

very nice selfie

Excelent for information Sir......

Always enjoy visiting "the big city," but also equally enjoy getting back to my tiny rural village.

Glad you had a blast.

Looking forward to updates on the hardfork progress.

Hey, @ericvancewalton Really great work my dear friend and I am glad to seen your daily post .many many thanks for sharing with us your important post.