How The Allies of Old began: (Novella) BORN Chapter Six "Innocence Lost"

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For those of you who missed the post of the release, I briefly explained how the series began as an idea for a Young Adult novel, and that I had in fact written what amounts to a novella taking place the summer before REBORN begins, and I decided to release it here on steemit.


Chapter Six

“Jess! Come on, we’re going on a night ride,” Macey called from the dock.

“Not right now!” Jess called back with a giggle as Nate pulled her past. Macey made a lewd face at her and grinned before taking off in the direction of the boat where most of the girls and a few other kids were waiting.

“Where are you taking me?” Jess laughed as Nate continued pulling her past the picnic benches on the retaining wall.

Instead of answering he yanked open the door to the small boathouse and tugged her inside, shutting the door behind them. There was very little light in the space, just enough for her to dimly make out his face as his hands found the back of her head and he brought his lips to hers. God he’s a great kisser, she thought giddily as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. One of his hands dropped from her hair and caressed the side of her neck before moving down to her shoulder and down her arm as he continued to devour her lips with a level of talent and experience that excited her.

She wrapped her own arms around his shoulders and gripped the back of his head, pressing her body tightly against his. He tasted like a mixture of smoke and whiskey, and she found it so much sexier than her past experience with toothpaste and mouthwash- manlier somehow. His wandering hand moved to her waist and squeezed before subtly moving to one of her lower cheeks. He let it rest there for a moment and when she didn’t protest he began lightly caressing it causing nerve endings she hadn’t known existed to start singing.

He broke away to her dismay and she watched in confusion as he stumbled around the room. A few seconds later he seemed to find what he was looking for and began pulling things away from the wall to get to it. She squinted her eyes in an attempt to see what it was and understanding dawned as he laid a mat of some kind on the floor. He came back over and suddenly she was being lifted into the air. She let out a surprised laugh as he cradled her for a moment before laying her down on the narrow foam “bed”.

He covered her with his body locking his lips on hers once more. Her body was assaulted with sensations as he pushed her legs out and gently rocked his pelvis against hers. His breathing quickened and a tingling sensation ran down her thighs. She made a noise of excitement and he broke the kiss and stared down at her, breathing hard.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said in a voice thick with arousal.

She smiled widely at the compliment, her entire body responding as he continued undulating against her.

He brought his head back down and murmured similar sentiments into her ear causing a delicious chill to ripple through her. His hand found its way under her shirt and she arched towards him as he squeezed. His other hand joined it and she felt the clasp on her bra give way. He kissed her deeply as he massaged her, the feel of his warm hands transporting her to a floaty place.

She was so lost in sensation that she barely noticed when one of his hands traveled down and pulled her skirt up and before she had time to process what was happening her panties were down around her ankles. He expertly caressed her and it felt so good she didn’t want him to stop. She found herself rocking towards him and then abruptly the sensation changed from pleasure to pain.

It felt as if she was being torn and she made a small noise of distress against his lips, which he either didn’t notice or mistook for something else because instead of stopping he slammed forward causing hot tears to spring to her eyes. Without breaking contact with her lips he grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head, rocking into her faster and harder as she struggled futilely against him.

The pain was so intense she could barely think and then his body suddenly seized and he broke free from her mouth, making a noise that reminded her of a wounded animal. Silent tears slid down her face and she winced as he pulled himself free.

“Gotta take a piss, be right back,” he mumbled, and she watched numbly from her position on the floor as he pulled his shorts back up and left the boathouse.

She lay on the mat staring blindly into the darkness above her head as tears continued to stream down her face. The place between her legs felt as if she’d been bludgeoned…which in a way she had been. She made a noise that was half laugh, half sob, as she waited for him to return. She shakily sat up and groped around until she found her underwear. The act of pulling the material up her legs felt like an enormous effort. Her hands were shaking so badly that it took five tries to re-hook her bra. When she was reassembled she scooted the mat backwards until she came in contact with a wall. She rested her cheek against the cold metal and waited.

When he still had not returned after what felt like hours she forced herself to her feet, her body trembling. She pushed open the door to the boathouse and peered out. The music which was suddenly so much louder coupled with the sounds of laughter and good-natured shouting was a shock to her system, like walking out of a dark movie theater in the middle of the day.

She didn’t see him anywhere and gave up after a few minutes of searching, heading up the deck stairs to Anna’s house, feeling battered in body and heart. When she reached the guest room she climbed under the covers and rocked herself to sleep.

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Oh Jess... If you only knew the worse things that would lay ahead. It's strange once you realize how far they've come. What feels like the end of the world then is really nothing compared to what comes next.

Just read a para and need to start from part 1 keenly. Lovely writing.


Great :) And thank you!

this story writing is love bruh 💖
👍 for u


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