The First Book of My Series- The Allies of Old- REBORN is ON AMAZON! Momentous Day! I LOVE YOU STEEMIT! (steemit collages inside!)

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This has been a long time in the making, and it's almost hard to believe that the day is finally here- Reborn, the first book of my paranormal series The Allies of Old is ON AMAZON!

I am immeasurably grateful to all of those who read it here on steemit; your support, encouragement and feedback played a large role in propelling me to this point :0)

A special thank you to my incredible friend @therealpaul who painted a masterful scene for the cover, who in fact plucked the very image of what I had always envisioned for the cover right out of my head and breathed glorious life into it-

Reborn cover by paul.jpg

-and to Scott, whom you all have known as @son-of-satire, for turning the magnificent painting into this incredible book cover that is now beautifying Amazon-


Here is the back of the book blurb, which was agonizing for me to write (summarizing is not my strong suit):

reborn blurb.jpg

This has been an incredible journey so far for me, in both the real world and the fictional one. The book began as an idea for a young adult novel, in fact I have what amounts to a novella of the original story which takes place the summer before the book begins (though there are some identical scenes in it that I had moved over into the beginning of Reborn, sans chapter one) which I have decided I'm going to release here on steemit.

(For those of you who have already read the first novel it will be a deeper look into the main female characters outside of Anna with a fun little side adventure.)

All in all this has been a banner year for my bucket list. I have now checked off its top two items of "Publish a novel" and "Road trip to California", both of which I've had on that list for a very, very long time.

And I've just realized something as I'm writing this- I was stuck for quite some time, feeling distinctly uninspired, a lack of enthusiasm for the future... I kept blaming it on the heat, and while that never helps I knew it wasn't all of it. I thought perhaps that it had to do with not being ready to come home from that glorious trip, but now I see something else. I needed the milestone of getting a book published. I didn't just want it to happen, I needed it to. I was standing still- not moving backward granted, but not able to move forward, and this was the reason.

Suddenly, I have all kinds of ideas, I wake up itching to write, to plot, and to go do life to the max!

I am eternally grateful to Steemit which has been a force, like one of nature's elements, in my life; giving me purpose, propelling me forward, like the wind hitting the sails of a boat that had been stuck in a harbor and pushing it out to sea.

It is relatively quiet around here lately, and that's okay, sometimes it's nice when the water is calm and you just float around in lazy circles.

Especially when you have amazing people floating around with you ;0)

steemit gratitude collage2.jpg

My heart is stretched to bursting with the amount of people who fill it- So Blessed!

steemit gratitude collage3.jpg

steemit gratitude collage4.jpg

steemit gratitude collage5.jpg

A special shout out to my amazeballs friend @meesterboom who was among the first (may have actually been the first) to order the paperback version and send me a pic! Dude, you rock!!

meester reborn.jpg

Buy Your copy of Reborn HERE:

I'm not generally one to ask for Resteems, but for this post- if you feel so inclined- I would appreciate it immensely!

Thank you my steemit peeps, so much love for you!!

COVER REBORN BOOK (1)-page-001 (1).jpg


YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! You did it!!! One more beautiful top notch expression from @dreemit. Look at all those fans in your corner--and I'm sure that is just the beginning. I'm truly grateful to witness you in such great expansion, and at the same time providing something for the enjoyment of others.

@therealpaul's art is also super potent. What a miracle you have come together. Kuddos to the entire manifestation of this dream.

Behind you dear sister--full upvote and resteem. Blessed yes!!

Ahh, this is why I was very much hoping to see you here, I knew you would mirror my excitement and enthusiasm! Being overjoyed by the good fortune of others is a gift you effortlessly give @everlove :)

Meeting @therealpaul was a serendipitous blessing for me! As it was meeting you lovely lady!

Thank you so much! xxoo

Serendipity is blessing us all. And now your outreach will make it even more potent! So grateful to shine the light on you @dreemit. <3

Wow, what a journey.

I remember those days so well when you filled notebook after notebook with ideas for this story. I remember you tapping on keys into the night to get the story hammered out. I remember you agonizing over rewrites.

I remember the day you said- "I am finally finished. I've written my book". A victory.

Then, you posted the first chapter on Steemit. People came. They began to reward you for all of that work. It was not just your husband or your brother telling you that you are great...strangers were now telling you that. A victory.

And here we are. You are now a published novelist. Victory again.

I remember when I asked you all those years ago- who are you? You answered without hesitation- I am a writer! And so you are.

I do not have the words to describe how proud of you I am. You made it! May you have many more victories, many more stories. Your fans, of which I am your biggest, can hardly wait.


I couldn't have done any of this without you. In the story of my life, you are the hero, and what a story we are writing together! No words can ever adequately capture my love for you, my muse, my soul mate, my heart. I know you will never stop pushing me to make all of my dreams come true- and since the biggest of these is you, I am well on my way :)

I have the micro-printed first edition, I'm proud to say. Congratulations again, and thanks for the opportunity to spread my artwork all over creation through this awesome book!

Soon we will be working together on the next piece of your brilliant artwork to spread far and wide- how lucky are we to have found each other immediately in the steemit sea!

I do feel lucky-- not sure I could have kept paddling without your help! I am ever thankful.

Aw, me and the little boom right up there!!

It's a fabby thing. And its amazing now that you are abuzz with ideas, I love that feeling!

You did good sister!

I debated on which picture to use, but I just couldn't help myself, that one- MELT!

I know! That feeling is what I live for!

Thank you sexy, I mean brother- okay that's weird now. Haha!

Sexy brother.. gaaar!!

Hehe, it is a good one. I quite love it myself!!!

Congratulations @dreemit !

That's a huge accomplishment and must feel SO GOOD!

Thank you so much @canadian-coconut! I can't thank you enough in fact, your support on my steemit journey has been tremendous! I am so blessed that I can call you my friend Linda!!

So much wonderful news!
Maybe even more awesome than publishing your novel is your new found a inspiration and enthusiasm!
Many blessings on the inspired path.

Thank you so much! It's a milestone that was definitely needed, it's awesome that inspiration and enthusiasm is the result for sure!

How have you been?



And very flattered/Honored to see myself in your picture montage.

Thank YOUUU, haha! You made a beautiful addition to my montage, colorful too- I think your hair matches one of the shades on my book! (Love it!)


I just ordered my paperback copy. I'll be shipping that to you for an autograph. XOXOX Congratulations!
Time for a victory dance :D

Only you would have the perfect Gif for this! Love it!

Awesome! Oh the fun things I will scribble inside for you! ;)

Congratulations, dear @dreemit, on this achievement! Evocative cover art by @therealpaul & it's gracious of you to acknowledge all who are part of your book's journey. Wishing you continued success, my friend, on Steemit and off. Onwards, upwards! <3

Thank you @yahialababidi, your words, and you yourself mean so very much to me- such a beautiful soul you have!

I would not be where I am if not for all of those who have been apart of the book's journey! Thank you again, and I wish you the same my illustrious poet!

I'm launching my latest book as we speak, also recently available on Amazon, so I know how you feel and deeply appreciate how books are not possible without the support of so many others in so many ways...

Stay blessed _/|\_


That's fantastic! Make sure you let me know when you post about it!

Beautiful artwork! :)

Well, I've posted about it more than once, but here's author page if you wish to take a peek (hardcover edition of Where Epics Fail is available from my publisher & paperback can be pre-ordered on Amazon) Sweet dreams :)

Yes, I know, sorry I meant when you put up the post of its release, definitely want to resteem that for you!

Sleep tight :)

Hello, again, @dreemit :)

Here is today's post with information of my new book's release (out, now, in hardcover & as an ecopy).

Many thanks, for your support & happy weekend round the bend!



okay so the muted human version of this was me physically going SQUEE and bouncing up and down in my seat but it wasn't enough so I had to bash out excited goat real quick XD

Congratulations on publishing :D I hope you sell at least a hundred million books! And also yay for knocking off two HUGE things from your bucket list :O Feel accomplished!

Excited goat rocks! Not quite as hard as the visual of you going SQUEE and bouncing up and down, but still hard!

Thank you, and I hope what you hope happens- though I'm content to wait until I've put out a few more, haha!

Congratulations. AMAZEBALLS.
Now, Amazon does not ship to Cambodia. Wait that I go back to Italy for Christmas and I'll order it! Promised.

Hellz yes amazeballs! Is it Amazon or Cambodia that's slackin? Haha! Thanks chica, it's a perfect holiday read ;)

Escribir un lubro no debe ser nada fácil y que salga a la venta por Amazon más aún felicitaciones por tan excelente logro y gracias por agradecer a Steemit y a todos los usuarios que colaborarón contigo en la publicación del libro. Saludos @dreemit y este sea el primero de muchos más

Thank you @franciscana23, it is definitely a hard won accomplishment!

Congratulations, is renewal going to be released also? Does this mean more time going to be spent with Anna and Jared,a nd Michael, and what just happened at the end of renewal?

I am glad for you, but also glad for me, because that means a few more stories maybe from you on the adventures, we just barely got into the shapeshifters, and I am looking forward to how they get presented.

Once again congratulations.

Hi there! Yes, I'm going to release my stand alone Unproven in the winter, then Renewal in late spring/early summer. I'm already a couple hundred pages into the writing of book three in the series and it looks like the series will be a minimum of five novels, might spill over into a sixth :)

Thank you!

Good to hear, and once again congrats on the Book and Amazon. I must say I was surprised at the page count, it did not seem that long when reading it online in the post.

That's a great compliment actually, I've always thought one of the marks of a good story is that it's fast paced enough to sweep people to the conclusion, surprise them with how long it really is ;)

I'm one of those that love long books. I don't read as fast as I use to, but still most 270 page paperbacks were done with in about six and a half hours wHen I was super into reading. That got costly. Five to six books for a series is a good amount. Sometimes they can be pushed to seven, but then it just becomes to much of the same ole-same ole.

Love the cover! Can't wait to buy ... and more importantly, READ the book! I am humbled that I was included in your montage of friends!

And I can't wait to hear what you think of it, so very different than the one I'm currently posting (and to be honest, I'm much more attached to this series, proud of it. Of course Unproven still needs to go through some revisions, so that could change ;) Of course you're included! I'm honored that you have been reading my chapters so diligently! xoxo

wow I bet your on cloud nine (or ten ) well done , is it for sale here in the UK ?

Oh, I am, of course it's where I generally live so...haha! It is on Amazon and since @meesterboom ordered it and he lives in Scotland, I would have to say a firm yes to that! Haha!

@dreemit , yes I have just bought it , going to have a good read at weekend x

Sweet!! I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Hi I am up to the bit when Anna goes away on her trip with her friends , I thought the prologue before that was very exciting and wanted me to read more , were ever she ended up sounds brutal , I hope she will be ok , as the characters though younger than me are likeable as well x

Oooh, you're where the real action starts then, getting close to where the prologue fits in :) Thanks for telling me, I love hearing where people are on the ride!

yes now onto there London trip and were her friend starts seeing things as well , very good indeed , all the best x

My daughter, the biggest supernatural fan in the wide world, happened to be looking over my shoulder and she thought that I should tell you that the two brothers in my series, who appear about halfway through, are an homage to the brothers winchester ;)

I bet it will be great , have a ace day / night !!

I can confirm that it most certainly is!! Buy it!

thanks @meesterboom just bought it x

Top notch uk girl! :OD

Did I mention you rock my gorgeous friend? Oh yeah, I did, haha ;)

Hehehe, yes indeed! Almost as much as you! :OD

Congratulations, that must feel incredible, to have your first novel out and to the world. Good on ya, can't imagine the work it takes, but so well worth it. And so well deserved for you. Glad the creative juices are flowing now. That is such a wonderful feeling. Can't get to things fast enough.
Thanks for adding Mr. Chicken into the montage...a very nice feeling indeed. I'm glad we've gotten to know one another, through the Steem. It's been a fun ride, with no-doubt many more curves and bumps and joyous days to come. And more publications. Have a grand night, though it might be about over out yonder. Cheers

Thank you! It does feel great, all the way around :)

I'm glad to have met you too! It's a rollercoaster, this steemit ride, good thing I love rollercoasters!

You're probably going to get a visit from @call-me-howie (my husband), he does photography mainly- but he has only just started socializing on steemit a bit and I gave him your name- I think you too will hit it off nicely :)

WOOHOO! I couldn't be prouder of you, my sister from another mister! Watching you progress here has been such a treat to watch. One of my most favorite moments here is when this tiny minnow came up to me in the comments section and told me that comments of mine have caught her attention. Little did I know that it was the start of a friendship that would stretch beyond the STEEM blockchain!

I have watched her churn out lyrical chapter after chapter, ones that paint a picturesque scene that oozes emotion with every line. Sharing trials and triumphs, and everything in between. I am filled with joy as she expanded her network, evolve as a dolphin and become a veritable juggernaut here on Steemit.

On top of all that, once the curtain is pulled, she lets us in on her life as a loving wife, a doting mother, a kick-ass sister, a dutiful daugther and an extraordinary friend. I not only count myself lucky that I cracked the first collage, but I'm lucky to consider you a friend, Linnet :'D

This is only the beginning. This is step one one on your road to greatness. Li and I are overjoyed that you've ticked off these milestones. We just hope you won't forget us when you hit the big time!!

Funny, that's one of my favorite moments here too! From your first response to me I knew we were kindred spirits. I could feel that soul sibling connection, a bond that seems to have been formed in another lifetime, perhaps over many lifetimes!

You have been with me through it all, you are apart of my triumphs and no matter what happens with steemit, for me it will always be an important leg of the journey because I met some of my most favorite people in all the world here. How much less color there would be in my life without you and boom!

Give Li a kiss for me, I love you guys, I could never ever forget you! When I hit the big time, cruising to the Philippines to pick you up on my yacht will be one of the first things on my agenda!

Fingers crossed that I hit it big not long after and we'll instead have our yachts meet in an island we co-own, of which the big bang BOOMerang holds dominion over!

That is definitely the dream, all of my digits are crossed, even my toes!!

Congratulations. This is a well deserved win for you. Hopefully in about forty or so years I will be publishing my own, with a thank you note to you on the first page.

Forty years? I think you can manage it before we hit rocking chair on the porch days! Actually, scratch that, I'm going to be one of those old ladies who goes sky diving in her leisure time ;)

Aw. xo

Well just so you know, I won't be doing that with you. Lol. Fuck no. I'll be on the porch watching the dlive stream.

A crude word came to mind, I'll give you a hint, it starts with p.... Howie says to tell you he'll be sitting right beside you. Bock bock to the both of you!

Lol. I am not a politician!

So awesome! I just love the cover, the font, everything - so exciting! Well done, you xxx

Thanks Deb! I just love that you love it! I wanted to thank you by name in the post, but as soon as I started composing thank you's of that nature it started getting longer and longer, than I was worried I would miss someone..haha, so I went with the collages.

But when I spoke about floating around in the steemit sea, I pictured you on a float right next to me!

This is amazing! Congratulations not only on the book, but on the amazing journey!

I'm sure this is just the beginning of many more good things to come :)

Hi there! Aw, it's lovely to see your face :) How have you been?

Thank you so much sweetheart!

Well, congrats on the book release! How much time did it take? I would love to write something too, but the problem is that english is not my main language, i would have to up my reading game to actually get better at my writing game!

The book sounds amazing from the summary, and even though you aren't good at summarizing you did an amazing job!

I resteemed hopefully you will get lots of sell! And maybe some of that money will come to Steem :P

And again congrats on your achievement !

Thanks, I appreciate it! By time do you mean to write it? It took me a little over a year of serious hours to write and re-write, then a bit more time for editing etc.

You're English is great, I don't think it would take much for you to perfect it :) I'm in awe of the ability to speak more than one language fluently!

Thanks again!!

I know portuguese, english and some spanish, and still want to learn some mandarin and maybe german and french, but i really need to perfect english, there are many words wich aren't part of my vocabulary!

1 year of serious writing... that's a whole lot of time, might put that in my to do list for the future!

Wow, that cover looks simply amazing! It must be an incredible feeling to see one's name on a book cover, am I right? :-)
Congratulations, sweetie!!! You made it!

It is definitely an incredible feeling! Thanks so much beautiful girl!!

Enjoy it to the max!!! :-)

Wow that's fantastic what a great accomplishment many congratulations :D

Having the ability to create and turning it to something teachable..

So happy for you my friend, congrats on finally publishing and releasing it onto Amazon. That is amazing news. Congratulations once again! The novel looks great and this is just the beginning of all of the following novels of this entire addictive series! Forgive my late reply, just finally moved into new apartment, got a new job and kids starting to go to kindergarten together for the first time, a lot is happening all at once, hope all is well with you my friend. God bless you and your family.

Thank you sweetie! No worries on the lateness, I'm just happy to hear from you :) I completely understand a hectic life! Much love, xo

Awesome post.
Keep steeming

Well!! Hie.. I'm a newbie.
Here is the link to my post. Upvote if you like the content. thanks!

Feedback appreciated!