It's Raining Money While I Sleep... Want Some?

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No, you're not too late...

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again."
- Arthur Freed -

The 'BEOS Rainfall' began a couple of weeks ago,

but ten weeks still remain. This means that you still have time to claim your personal stake in the most exciting crypto opportunity I've ever seen. Once every hour, I'm stacking up more BEOS, all at no cost to me.

How cool is that?


It isn't raining rain, you know... It's raining BEOS! ~ Image courtesy of Jessica Knowlden

BEOS is EOS on Steroids...

The BEOS blockchain is based on open source EOS code. It executes smart contracts, just like EOS.

But the icing on the cake is this: unlike EOS itself, you can specify the jurisdiction where your DAC or dApps execute. This guarantees regulatory compliance. You can execute your smart contracts where needed, even (for maximum liberty) in international waters or outer space.

This unique feature, jurisdictional agility, will undoubtedly become the lightning rod that attracts major players with specific use cases, enhancing both the utility and the value of BEOS.

But here's the most amazing thing...

At the present price of BTS, the cost of entry is trivial, and you only pay it once.


BEOS - EOS on Steroids ~ Screen capture from

Staking your claim is simple.

There is a 500 BTS fee to create a vanity-named BEOS wallet. Stake as much or as little BTS beyond that as you wish; you'll get all but the 500 BTS wallet fee back. In fact, you can take your BTS back any time you want. However, BEOS will only rain on you as long as you keep your BTS staked in your BEOS wallet.

When the rainfall is over, you can take back all your BTS, and you will still own all the BEOS that fell on your account. Free money, while you sleep!

BEOS is privately funded.

Incredibly enough, the developers aren't using tokens to raise more funding. They are giving away the majority of BEOS tokens to any and everyone who believes in the project enough to support it with their BTS.


Jurisdictional Agility - the Genius of BEOS ~ Screen capture from

What are you waiting for?

Read all about it at Get your BEOS wallet today, and claim your share of the rainfall. That may mean a little less BEOS for me, but the more participants, the greater the enthusiasm, and the wider the success.

Let's change the world!

Spread the word. Stake your BTS, get BEOS (and RAM). Get out your buckets and catch some rain!

Note: This article also appears on Whaleshares.


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Nice summary!

Thank you, Stan! :D

Hi Stan, any chance to comment on whether it is possible to send back BTS to your old account any time - or is there a certain "incubation" period - one needs to hold BTS on the BEOS chain?

If I'm not mistaken... BEOS is added to your account every hour at about 28 min. past the hour last time I checked. If you hold Bitshares on the BEOS chain for even 1 full hour of the day, you'd still get some BEOS. I think there's about 28 million BEOS that get dropped per day. You get whatever percentage of that BEOS (whatever percentage of the bitshares staked for that day that belongs to you). You could move your Bitshares back off the BEOS chain, and then tomorrow decide to move it back on (of course you won't get any BEOS during that time window in which you've removed your BTS from the BEOS chain). Your bitshares are always yours and you can move them on or off the BEOS chain whenever you'd like, but you only earn BEOS in the hours your Bitshares are actually being held on BEOS blockchain. You can't tap into your BEOS until the 89 day rainfall period is over though. Technically there's some risk in transporting your bitshares and holding it on the BEOS chain, but I personally think that risk is minimal. The people at Blocktrades have had their hands in the making of this and they've seemed to do a great job. Plus I've followed stan a good bit and he seems to have his head screwed on right. I've moved my bts on and off and it's worked great. Also, I think there's an added benefit to having our BTS held on BEOS, because I think it gives voting power to these guys, and I like what they're coming up with. Though I don't understand all of it, their plans seem to make sense and feel right.

@twernli is exactly right, AFAIK...

The TLDR version is: YES! You can send your BTS back at any time.

A good summary and it feels like BEOS can be a competitor of EOS too!


I think it will also complement EOS...

In other words, it is another system compatible with EOS that will support the entire ecosystem by extending its capabilities.

It's sort of like when you go to a city and find all the antique stores on the same street... Yes, they may be competitors, but everyone looking for antiques will come to that street. ;)

"Free money"....who can beat that!

Yep, that's damn hard to beat... ;)

Loved your post!!! Very informative and creative. Two thumbs up from me!!🤜🤛

Thank you so much! :)

I hope your cruise is continuing to go well. ;)

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I keep seeing BEOS around Steemit but had no idea what it was. I've been out of the crypto game for a while so I'm out of the loop. Anyways, I'm just stopping by to say hello friend. I'm trying to make a comeback into posting and being active now that life has slown down. Hope you are doing well.

Hi @marxrab,

It's great to see you. Thanks for stopping by!

I need to get back to posting more regularly. I have plenty to write about, just seem to be lacking the time and energy lately...

hey there darlin ;)

I tried for 2 days to get an account - but i couldn't do it. it just kept saying the site wouldn't load :(

any idea why?


What site?

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