registered over 50 third party tools for Steemit as of today. + updates

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Steemit is certainly booming: Playmates, Vigilantes, Pirates they are all aboard the Steemboat. But developer-wise an active community is booming too. The past month has seen a rise of third party tools & apps and I have tried to collect them all on Just today I added number 50 & 51!

Upvote your favorite tool on SteemTools:

Some tools are better than others. To sift the offering a bit I have recently purchased a premium subscription for ''-powered vote-buttons.

If you have a tool which you like the most please takea minute to upvote it via Note that these upvote buttons are not connected to Steemit. Of course I would love to have Steemit buttons instead and I am sure this is somewhere on the roadmap!

Filter SteemTools

With more than 50 tools it is nice if you want to quickly filter the available set. Simply type anything in the searchbar on the top, whether the name of the tool, possible description or the maker of the tool and only the results will be highlighted.

Undervalued SteemTools (imho)

Steem Tool Requests from the community:

Made a new SteemTool?

Submit it via the submission form and get listed on


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Sweet dude! Good work and nice milestone, It's super helpful to have all these awesome tools in one place we can easily browse through. I find myself coming back to your website regularly because it's hard to remember all the tools. This saves me writing them all down. I appreciate your work! :)

Party time!


Ouch Inkha! Can't just go flashin' stuff like that in people's faces without warning man!
We do need some NSFW tags and spoilers that only show on click around here though imho.

@dantheman in inkha's defense he is a good man, and I've known him online for a number of years.
He's a gifted writer and mind and I think he'll be an asset to Steemit and our network. I ask for his pardon.


Down with censorship

@roelandp: Thank you for creating this library. Not sure if you know but @ned mentioned it on the interview he had with @dollarvigilante so it'll be trending for sure.

Thanks for having up there man!


Yes @ned thx was really cool to see that.. The whole interview by the way, very interesting... I had just woken up when I watched it and my GF also tuned in on the side and then suddenly 'booom' there was a ShoutOut, really cool!


Whole video was great!


Nice, good news for steemit lovers

holy moly @roelandp it was only 2 weeks ago I posted my quick review of 28 steemtools now there is 50? If people pay attention they will be able to harness the data and use them to make solid profits on steemit. Good work mate, keep it up.

Further indication of what we all know
This place we call steem is a brilliant show
We have more and more wonderful tools
These early adopters are no ordinary fools

We benefit from all their hard work and their time
Speak to others you know and to them you should chime
Board the steamboat and a new community you'll find
Removal of censorship, and reward for your mind

Great post and updates to steemtools @roelandp , very cool :)

With so many awesome developers in this community we're going to end up with specialists sites for everything any steemian could ever want .

All somebody has to do is put out a post with something they'd like to see - all the tools and knowledge for everything a motivated person wants is available right here on steemit .

The tool count on steemtools would actually be an interesting metric to track in itself - if you're not already recording timestamps on additions/updates please do @roelandp .

I predict 100+ easy within a month :)

Dude good stuff! Steemprices actually got a lot of inbound traffic from steemtools! Keep it up!

Well done @roelandp, who knew.. from makeup guy to master steemian!

@roelandp, thanks so much for this article and the special mention of my (undervalued) tools, Steemit CountDown & Steemit ↔ Steemd! I am very honored and appreciate it very much! =D Hopefully people take a look at them and upvote if they are helpful to them!

A nice number of useful steemit tools and it continues to grow as more people join and find aw ay to make other useful thgs to help their fellow steemians in some way. Hopefully some of the nice and useful features of these external tools will get integrated directly into to make the use of the website easier over time like the recent addition of the Feeds tab for tracking the posts of people you follow.

This is magic! That's why people never see my post.

I think, I did submit form yesterday about Steem Mobile - eSteem. Has it gone through? Big announcement is coming soon.

Awesome, great post; thanks for sharing.

What a surprise to see my own name in your post. Thanks for a mention, @roelandp!


as said your work is super nice and original. also it looks great too. How's that for steem feathers up the .... ! :)

Awesome, @roelandp! Could you please tell me where to find some docs or manuals? Are they exist? :)


Hi Omfedor thanks... What docs or manuals? You want to build steemit apps? You could google Steemit and find a batch of resources... I


Thanks. Yes, I wanna build steemit apps.

All I can say is - AMAZING!

the Steemitverse Ecosystem is booming with life.

Even the third party portofolio page like yours is in need of filters and buttons. That says it all :)

Great work.

And yes, our voting for tools being reflected on Steemit would be great, too.

TO THE MOON! This is the most exciting cryptocurrency since Bitcoin. We the early adopters have a clear chance to become millionaires in 7 years!

update update ... new feature ... for better life ... for better service

Thanks Roeland,

Did not know there allready are that many...

Could make anySteem thing my daily routine, now if I only could get rid of the sleep thing that my body claims to need.

Nice addition would be some kind of way to sort the tools by.

👍nice to share @roelandp

Bravo! Thank you for making this cool site!

Thank you! I especially liked your Undervalued SteemTools :)

A huge THANK YOU to all the independent devs who made and are continuing to make the Steemit experience at least bearable in these hard times of prolonged betaness of the Steemit interface - without steemstats, and, since yesterday, piston.web too, and all the other little tools, I would have fallen into despair.

So you are still looking for a niche? I think there is still one ripe for the harvest:

Make ordered "subscriptions" to tags possible, enable us to filter. I have lots of interests, all of which do not overlap (and most of which will never be among the "hot" category list). Here is what I have in mind:

{steem-related} = (steem OR steemit OR steem-help) NOT (introduceyourself OR bitcoin)

{music} = chiptune OR (metal AND music) OR hiphop


(there could be other conditions as well, for example [payout<1000], [created<24h], but that would already be a great start)

If such a tool would also remember whether you prefer to browse in trending, active, hot or created, that would be awesome, because it would give curators much more power over how to sort through the streem.


yes great ideas here akareyon!


Yes the site is open to submissions, see form above... But don't worry i've looked up your tool, nice one! It's been added now.. thx.

Thanks for curating this list of helpful tools!

it truly fascinating to see all of the various support sites/tools that thrive upon the principle of the blockchain being open and available to anyone to extrapolate any data points.

Submitted. Version v0.0.3 will be released today. It includes topic and user clouds, and improved interface.

Nice post

Thanks for this great information and the benefit it will mean to the Steemit community! God bless you as you help and serve others!

Good job) Thanks

Keep up the good work!

"SteemUps: a site dedicated to discovering new stories with potential to go viral."

Awesome, this one looks really interesting for curators. :)


Thanks, buddy! I've a big Steemups update in the pipeline. So keep an eye on the future posts :)

Thanks for the work! It was helpful when there were about 8 tools...but I'm certainly glad you added voting now! :)

Hi @roelandp this is really cool! you probably don´t know this but I bought domain exactly one day before you got hehe what a coincidence, had a head start of one day but you were faster than me :( a week later I noticed my idea had already been implemented by you :( , kudos to you! steemtools has a really cool design! :D

Awesome stuff @roelandp :)
Do you take websites that aren't like "tools" ?
I've been working on the SteemIt Forum and was hoping to get it listed. I'll submit the form regardless. Thanks for everything you are doing!

EDIT: ALSO IS DOWN! can I use another image service to submit ?

I'm so glad there is a buzzing development community to make more apps related to the Steemit platform. I included this post in my Steemit Daily Roundup for today!

Hi @roelandp, great work with steemstream. I have been using it to track the votes of certain users to get an idea of when the whales are hopping online and things. That's been fun.

For some reason though, when I tried to filter r4fken only, to track his flags and try to do something about it, his username wouldn't go in for me. The 4 in his name seems to disappear as though it were a space or something.

Just thought I'd bring it to your attention in case that's something you'd want to resolve.