SteemSTEM Weekly Update - Week #40

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SteemSTEM & Utopian Meetup, Upcoming Reputation System, New Badges are out, SteemSTEM for Steem Witness and seed node & New App announced!

It was a very busy week, following the return of an interesting/exciting/long-awaited meetup in Italy and the news is a-plenty!


In an effort to bring the community closer together and with our goal to keep you updated, we are commencing a weekly news blog for everything that was announced or launched the previous days, so let's not waste any more time!

SteemSTEM & Meetup

Yes, this happened more than 2 weeks ago, but it is worth a special mention! For those who might not know, SteemSTEM and went to Italy recently, where they got the amazing opportunity to visit Virgo Labs and to meet world-renowned scientists!
(Virgo Labs is a laboratory where gravitational wave research is conducted)

In addition to the meetup, a hackathon was organized by @utopian-io!

As a bonus to the trip, everyone got to visit famous landmarks in Italy (and abused delicious Italian cuisine of course!)

A more hands-on approach to Virgo Labs and EGO (European Gravitational Observatory) can be found here with even more supporting explanations in another post, written prior to the visit.

If you wish to see the most 'tasty' side of the trip, make sure to read @suesa's recap. Here is another community aspect detailed by @alexdory, and please make sure to check out the posts by @techslut (here), @fredrikaa (there), @sco (here) and @egotheist who sees weird people (right there).

Upcoming Reputation System

Amidst the 'reputation hype' of the last few weeks comes a different approach for an alternative reputation system: A reputation system that will include two main components contributing equally in the results. One concerns authorship and the other one engagement.

@lemouth describes everything in detail in this article that could be the seed of a future SteemSTEM reputation. You will also have the chance to see a list of the top 30 most reputed SteemSTEM authors of all time (out of 2662 authors), and top 30 most engaged community members (out of 23134 people).

Are you in?

Badges are out

Some of you have created steemstem t-shirts, while some of you have created steemstem cups to have your coffee in. As the steemstem shop is in the process of being finalized, @robotics101 took the time (following direction from @zest) to create printed circuit boards and thus got the idea to create hardware SteemSTEM badges!

Check them out here and make sure to get yours (coming in multiple colors)!

Steem Witness and Seed Node

SteemSTEM has been quietly running a witness node (@stem.witness) for the past few weeks, and made their official announcement a few days ago! The steemSTEM witness runs on a Hetzner server and you can check out the specifications on the announcement link.

If you ask yourselves why, the response is simple. SteemSTEM is dedicated to grow the STEM community on Steem and to continue supporting quality contents on the Steem blockchain. So, it comes as no surprise that contribution as a witness and a seed node will do their parts in maintaining the blockchain.

Feel free to read more here and of course you can support this initiative by voting @stem.witness as your witness! To vote for the SteemSTEM witness, please go here and type stem.witness into the box at the very bottom of the page:

SteemSTEM App is launched in Beta

Last, but certainly not the least, comes the long-awaited release of the steemSTEM App! (Beta)

The App is designed with one goal in mind:

Science communication, without the middlemen

You can read here for the official announcement and feel free to visit the app and share your comments with us on discord or as comments to this post.

You have already been very helpful in providing constructive feedback and we appreciate it!

Bonus Tip

Did you know that you get a voting slider through even if your SP (Steem Power) is less than 500?

This concludes our weekly news update, we hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new!

Make sure to follow steemstem on steemit, facebook, twitter, and instagram to always be up-to-date on our latest news and ideas.

We are always on the lookout for new scientific articles from all types of authors, so even if you are not a proven researcher, but you like engaging in science yourself, be sure to reach out to us!


A weekly news update is a great idea! I haven't been able to be on Steem much this week, so this was a nice way to catch up on all the announcements. I'm obviously a little too late to the launch party, but I'm looking forward to testing out now :)

We will try to do this regularly, so that everyone will be able to stay up-to-date easily. Note that the party is only over... until the next party we are preparing ;)

No doubt, a lot has been happening in steemSTEM lately.
For me, the top of them is the launch of the new UI.. really, it's the bomb!! And of course, the announcement of our witness.

SteemSTEM can only get better

We will get better and better. We are working on a huge agenda behind the scenes. Nut we will try to regularly share details with the community, from now on!

We will get better and better

I strongly believe it, and we all need to work together towards this course

Yep, this is indeed a community thing! :)

Yet another amazing initiative from you guys, wow!!!. I really love the idea of the weekly news blog to keep us up-to-date. Amazing(clapping).

Definitely giving my witness vote to you guys NOW because you guys are just simply the best.

Great work guys, from the management to the curators, to developers, and our awesome contributors, you guys are making steemSTEM becoming something which the entire world would soon know about.

Thanks and welcome back! You missed us and are glad to read from you again! :)

I'm not sure if I miss it but the reputation score would be reflected in the steemSTEM website, isn't it? I didn't like the reputation system in Steemit. It depends much on the number and value of an upvote which could be monopolized by people who had money, regardless of their actual contribution to the platform.

That is correct! Our plan is to implement our own unique reputation system into :)

However it is not yet complete, stay tuned for future updates on that, as well as for implementation into the app.

We still need to finish the implementation of the SteemSTEM reputation algorithm. I have modifications to implement in mind, following the community feedback. Therefore, this is on the list, but we can't tell when.

Well, take your time then. I will be waiting for the update.

Thanks for your patience. I am a busy person ;)

Really nice and brief update on all thats happened on steemstem of late. Am so happy steemstem is growing

One of the missing connection was communicating about everything that was going behind the scenes. we will try to become more transparents with this respect, from now on. On top of that, please stay tuned, more surprises are coming! :D

Am tuned. Expecting more suprises

With patience, they will come! :)

Things have been happening for a long time. While some were commenting that we were asleep, we were secretly hard at work ;)

Definitely excited to see what you can come up for your reputation system.

It is in the queue of upcoming things being actively worked on. This and a system to allow for rewards to people who delegate to @steemstem are high priority at the moment.

I am planning to write an update on this within the next 10 days. Please be patient, as we have so many things on our plate and that we are only humans... ;)

Very patient, been waiting for SMTs for more than a year :P so patience is second nature :D

It's been quite the week for SteemSTEM! Looking forward to checking out the new store.

Lots of work still to be done there. We will get to it!

As JTM mentioned it, this project is not for tomorrow as a lot of work is still in order. But we will certainly get there!

I am happy that our growth, based on this latest update, is multidimensional. The management are indeed not asleep. This we stemers value in no small measure. It would also be great to see @utopia-io return to supporting stemers posts that meet guildlines.

Respect to the entire team of management.

Utopian support for STEM content will resume shortly. Our two projects visions for a future of STEM content on Steem, are very much aligned.

Thanks you guys for the efforts. This is evidence based visionary leadership. We remain addicted to seeing the success of stem dapp.

We have indeed an agenda with a lot of parallel lines... ;)

As announced by utopian here, the trail will resume tomorrow. But there will be some changes in the way @steemstem will get trailed. Only the best posts will get rewarded. In other words, each community members is encouraged to write as good posts as possible! :)

Good to hear that. Thanks

You are welcome my friend!

Great news! You are an inspiration, guys! True example for dedication! Honestly, I'm proud to be a part of this community! Keep it up!!

And we are happy to have you on board! I always like reading your contributions, even if I think it is now more than a month I haven't read any :/ . You are probably as busy as we all are!

Anyways, let's bring this project as up as possible :)

Hey, thanks a ton!

To be honest I don't know how all of you manage.. I still haven't reached that level!

I don't know how I manage myself ;)

Am fired up and eagerly waiting for new surprises ahead!

Thanks! The next one will come in about 48-72 hours :)