I see weird people

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The two people who maybe care about my thoughts and adventures (jokes on you, my life is actually incredibly boring) might have wondered, what I have been up to lately.

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Initially, I intended to write this post more than a week ago, but then #hardforkgate happened, the whole Steem blockchain suddenly behaved very weird and my dreams of publishing got crushed quite heavily. In addition to that, a lack of motivation (and time, really!) prevented me further from finishing this draft. Lorem ipsum, here we are. I finally managed to focus some of my creative energy towards writing again (aka I threatened myself with eating pizza containing pineapple – which no sane person would ever do).
So, this post will be a summarization of all the fancy things I recently did. I hope the two guys I’m writing this for are able to appreciate it – otherwise I’m forced to enjoy myself. Wait, this came out wrong. This one as well. Screw it. Luckily, my mind is not as dirty as yours.

Some of you may already know about the @steemstem and @utopian-io meetup which happened a few weeks ago. A few people who are more important than I am, already wrote their impressions about the whole event. Like Suesa’s food watch (ok, there’s a bit more) or Sco’s #notimeforthis recap, Techslut’s selfie-guide through Italy and Alexdory’s weird idea of me being trustworthy.
My take will be a bit different than theirs, mainly because I’m a weird guy. And there will be no pictures, because I rarely take any, especially not selfies or anything related. Have fun reading. Or not. I can’t force you. Sadly.

A few days ago, I crawled out of my hole in my cosy apartment and went on a trip to meet a few weirdos I’ve met on the internet. Remember kids: meeting with strangers you encountered online is always a good idea, because nobody ever wishes you harm.
Strengthened by this belief, I gathered everything I needed in order to survive this adventure.

And an adventure it was. Initially, I had a flight booked from Berlin to Bologna on Wednesday the 19th September – but first, I needed to get to Berlin. Which turned out to be trickier than expected, because my bus connection from Dresden to Berlin was delayed by more than an hour. Naïve as I was I didn’t book a connection with enough time to compensate this delay, and so I needed to book train tickets to be able to arrive in Florence in time. Fast forward: a considerable amount of money, a relaxing journey and thirteen hours later I finally arrived at my desired destination.
As I got out of the train, I was wondering why all these people around me only wore shorts. They probably never heard about the possibility of sudden rain, snow and climate change. Luckily, I felt perfectly safe with my long, black coat and roughly 25°C outside. No snowstorm would surprise me.
@Suesa and @reggaemuffin gave me strange looks when I arrived, but their ignorance about the possible dangers out there should not shake my convictions.
And in danger I already was. The acid in my stomach started to search for something to consume – because somehow, I managed to avoid food for the whole journey. Based on that experience I can wholeheartedly tell you: not a good idea, don’t try this at home, kids.
But help was on its way. Or better: we were on the way to get help in form of a restaurant. Since I’m not your typical “OH MY GOSH THERE IS FOOD – I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT” Instagram blogger you won’t see any pictures of what we ate there from me (but @suesa took some, so just check out her post).
After a decent meal (I think it was, but my relationship to food is somewhat spoiled anyway, because I’m a McDonald’s regular) and a lot of talking I headed towards my Airbnb to catch some sleep.

The next day I woke up incredibly sleep deprived and miserable – which led to me barely talking to anybody for most of the day. So, if you ever happen to meet me and I’m not talking to you, it’s most likely not because I think you are the most disgusting person I have ever met (I would probably tell you this anyway) – but during my private time I tend to behave like I really feel and not what is expected of me. I already need to do this during work and class time more than enough.
That day we were set for a trip to the VIRGO labs (again, no pictures #sorrynotsorry, check the other posts) but had to struggle with Italian traffic and “on time” mentality a bit beforehand. During the introduction lecture at the labs which was mainly about gravitational waves and why researching them is quite useful, they showed us a video about two black holes merging with each other:

Now I know what physicists porn looks like. Thanks a lot.

After the lecture we were guided through some parts of the area, while I was constantly asking myself at which point I am going to meet Mr. Blofeld who is going to introduce me to his secret circle which is ruling the world from the shadows. Well, it seems he was busy that day and we will meet at some other occasion.
After VIRGO we headed for Pisa (yes, this weird tower was there as well) and there we split up into several groups to explore the city. At least, that’s what I heard from others. I just took the opportunity to separate myself from everybody else, got some coffee and peace for a couple of hours. It was a bliss. Whenever I feel miserable I cannot even put it into words how much I enjoy being alone and nobody is trying to talk to me.
After my break from social interactions I was at least somewhat capable in dealing with human beings again. I call this progress.

To finish this day, just a few more thoughts:
Dinner was quite nice and the journey back to Florence as well. Especially because during that time @lemouth and I were trying to determine the best place to eat placentas (apparently, this is a thing for some people). You always have to be open for new ideas.
The last day was not as exciting, but this might be mainly due to my ignorance when it comes to visiting a museum (I’m the kind of guy who looks left and right, nods and walks fast forward). But afterwards we had some coffee and drinks and I was able to have quite an interesting talk with @jedigeiss – still something worth doing.
Sunday morning, I took a plane back to Berlin (this time I actually got it…) – I left Italy with sunshine and arrived with cold wind and rain blowing at my face. Feels good to be home.
Germany – a country where even the weather was as miserable as my mood. There is a reason why Germans are always so grumpy.
Alright. Enough of this. Maybe you already got bored during the last paragraph, so I will stop with my recap here and tell you some other interesting stuff.

More content

As of October 1st, I started my new studies (media and computer sciences), which will lead to a new series at this blog. I am going to try my best to blog regularly about the contents of my studies (there will be quite a lot of math, brace yourself). So, if everything goes according to plan, in a few years you will have the knowledge of a whole university course accumulated here at this blog. Neat, am I right?
But this also means, I will not write regularly for my Debunk-Tuesday series – because time is a scarce resource and I mine even more so. But I will write articles, if I find interesting topics (or you provide me with them) – just postponed, not dead.
I have many ideas in my head I want to realize at some point and you guys are going to be the first, who will usually hear about them. If that is not a reason to feel special, I don’t know what is.
Stay tuned.

Make sure, to check out #steemstem for more science related content.

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Who are you and where have you been my entire life? Will you marry me? I mean, I read the title of your post, and I had to read it inmediantly. Hope you keep seeing "weird pleople" or any "weird things".

(Excuse my poor english! I just did my best!)


Although I'm afraid I'm not made for marriage, I'm still glad you liked the review :)

Brilliant account of the visit. Very funny! :-)


I have my moments, I guess :)

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Finally, proof that the universe was created after the image of a pig.


I guess some people are right not to eat them!