The SteemSTEM badges are out!

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Hello everyone! @robotics101 here. It is with great pleasure that I finally announce the arrival of the SteemSTEM badges!


You will probably see some of these on pictures during the on-going meetup :)

These luminous badges bearing the SteemSTEM logo were created by myself, @robotics101, following direction from @zest, so that you can proudly display your love for SteemSTEM at your next events! I hope you will like them :)


At the beginning of June and I had set myself the objective of learning how to create printed circuit board (PCB) before the end of the summer, so that I could use this skill in my next projects. After creating some PCBs by following various tutorials on the Web, I started looking for a first project that would allow me to test what I just learned. I was looking for a project that was not too complex but useful (since I have to order many units when I have the printed circuits manufactured).

So I decided to create a hardware badge based on the SteemSTEM logo, inspired by the hardware badges used by various conferences and events (DEFCON, MakerFaire, etc.). After receiving the prototypes of the first version we were able to make some adjustments to improve the badge as the iterations progressed. The one shown on the photo at the beginning of the article is part of the second batch of badges.

We will talk, in a follow-up article on my blog about the details behind the design and manufacturing part of the badge. For now, we will instead focus on the different models and how you can get them!

How to get yours?

For this first series, I have a limited number of badges, so there will be only a few on sale that you can buy with SBD or STEEM.

Here is the available stock:

  • 6 badges in multi-color (see this video);
  • 6 single-color badges in green, blue, white, red or yellow (see below).

Once we are out of stock, you will be notified in the comments of this article and I will send you a message when they will be available again.

To order yours, simply complete this form and send the correct number of STEEM or SBD to my account, @robotics101, according to these rules:

  • 8.5 STEEM / 7 SBD per badge (6 STEEM / 5 SBD if you want to solder it yourself);
  • 2.5 STEEM / 2 SBD per order for delivery.

For example, if you want to order 2 of them, this gives: 2x7+2 = 16 SBD.

Do you want a personalized ones?

If you would like to have similar badges for your community, feel free to contact me on discord ( @Tristan#195) or by mail ( contact (at) 101robotics (dot) com) !

Thanks to the @steemstem management for letting me post this article from the steemstem account :)


Is it powered by a button cell battery? Looks pretty cool I must confess.

Yep it is. I have mine in front of me :D

Oh, I thought as much. Thank you :)

Actually, I had mines. Now, each of my sons has one :)

I second the question!

This badge is the bomb. Steemstem to the moon 🚀🚀.

Nice one @robotics101

No, it is not a bomb. I confiorm they don't explode and that you can fly with them :D

They don't explode? :(
Where do I get the one that can explode? 😂

Hello @robotics101, you mentioned hardware badges, but the form does not contain geographical address. Which location can access the hardware badges??

My location: Uyo, Nigeria.

Hi @uyobong ! You have to enter your adress at the end of the form.
According to the website of the french post I should be able to send the badges to these countries :

Ok, thanks

What? I honestly don't see where a geolocation device could be put on the badge... There is no room for that.

This is simply beautiful. Thanks for your assistance to the community.

Wow! This team is just too awesome!

I Must say this is the best I have seen today! This is just awesome, really going to make a whole lot of sense. Thumbs up @robotics

Considering different continents, will the price be the same irrespective of anyone's location.

Kindly talk about the battery life span, does the badge light have a turn off button? Please elaborate more on it, thanks

I will love to order for it. Location :Nigeria

Waiting for reply, thanks

Concerning the battery, it is a simple button cell battery that can be bought in any shop. The turn-off button is "please remove the battery" so far :D

Concerning the other question, you will have to ask @robotics101 directly :)

Hi ! Thank you @cyprianj :)

For these small packages the price does not vary depending on the destination according to the post office website.

I tested the autonomy on the previous version and the leds were on for about 24 hours in a row. The badges use CR1220 3V cells batteries which are very easy to find.

The badges do not have switches for the moment but I have already ordered some to test, as lemouth said for the moment you have to remove the battery

Really cool!! I would like to have one I am from venezuela!

Looks awesome. Definitely cool to see the community expand in this way.

This is awesome

The badge looks nice. Great job on this.

They look so cute! Remind me a bit of Star Trek :D

Thank you ! Oh, right, I didn't even notice! Next step is the spaceship ^^

Hmm, I need to get one.

I have one for you ;)

This looks really cool and nice. I appreciate the fact that it is powered by a simple battery that can be bought in any shop
Well done @robotics101.

Thank you @ugonma :) The goal was to use a battery that is easy to find and does not take up much space. A battery is included with the badge ( unless out of stock but in this case you will be informed before shipment to find out if you prefer to wait until there are batteries in stock again or if you wish to purchase them yourself ;) )

Looks really nice @steemstem! 👏👍

Wow! We now have a badge. It looks cool. Thank you and nice job, @robotics101

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