Fancy badges and SEO improved in v0.6

in steemstem •  20 days ago

I have worked on the version 0.6 of our app for more than a month. It took some time since version 0.5 because I was into troubles with several features. However, most problems are now fixed, and v0.6 has been frozen since a few days. It is time to summarize all the changes that have been implemented.

The major new feature of v0.6 concerns gamification, with badges that are displayed close to specific posts.

If a post is posted through the app, the post receives both a grey badge and an automatic 5% stronger upvote. If @steemstem is set as a beneficiary, the post then receives a yellow badge, and normally an up to 5% stronger upvote. I have said normally because I still need to implement this in the voting bot ;)

For some illustrations of the badges, please see below.

In addition, I have tried to fix the Open Graph meta tags associated with each page to get a better SEO. When one inspects any page, we can indeed see those tags. However, those meta tags should be there for the various crawlers crawling the web… Except that they aren’t and I don’t know why. I am still struggling to understand what is going on, and any help would be nice here…

For the rest of this update, I have implemented many bug fixes and improvements (markdown is for instance now supported for post creation). The list, together with a few screenshots, is shown below.

The pull request is available from here, and I recall that our GitHub repository is available from there. The list of commits is given at the end of the post. Starting from v0.7, I will also increase the number of commits, having instead of 4-5 big commits, many smaller ones. This will allow to keep things more organized (one commit per change).

Features of v0.6

1. Gamification: Badges (see the figure below)

  • Posts posted from the app get a grey posted on badge (commit #2). Note that this guarantees an extra support of 5% when the post is upvoted.
  • Posts setting @steemstem as a beneficiary get a golden set steemstem as a beneficiary badge (commit #3). Note that this will soon guarantee an extra support in curation that could range up to 5%.

2. Other improvements

  • Markdown is supported for post creation and editing (commit #1, illustrated below).
  • The toolbar of the wysiwyg editor when editing an existing post has been improved by more buttons (commit #1).
  • Addition of comments in post.js and card.js (commit #2).
  • SEO has been improved (via open graph tags when elements are inspected). Crawlers are still not happy, but I can’t change the routing entirely at the moment, which is probably (please confirm if you know) what I have to do (commit #4).

3. Minor bug fixes.

  • Fixing the Beneton bug in which the background colors were not displayed in posts. Thanks @alexs1320 for reporting it (commit #2).
  • Some posts were displayed twice. (commit #2 and #4).
  • The rendering of articles posted on was not great on steemit/busy. This has been improved. Thanks @zen-art for reporting this (commit #4).
  • The button for the language selection was stretching over the user button. Thanks @justtryme90 for reporting this (commit #4).
  • The compatibility with posts posted with musing ensured (commit #4).
  • The permlink generated with each post now contains a timestamp to make it unique. Thanks @alexs1320 for reporting this (commit #4).
  • The usage of autolinker (in the post bodies) has been removed. Users are adding their links by themselves and this generates crashes of the app. Thanks @eniowl for reporting this (commit #5).


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  • Looks good as a blog post, you may want to include code samples and explanations of coding choices if you want to make a development post.

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Thanks! i will keep that in mind for v0.7. This would have indeed be a good idea, especially for the SEO thingie that is driving me crazy :)



Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

If you continue like this, I have no doubt that will soon become the best dapp there is. 💚


Have I told that I have secretly restarted from scratch, to make it even better ;)



Good thing it worked out and you did not broke the internet :D


I broke it but fixed it immediately after that ;)

This idea of gamification is really great.
I want to ask a quick question: If I make a post with the app and edit it with any other frontend (maybe steemit), will I lose my badge and other additional benefits?

I'm asking because my last science post was done with the app, and I even added Steemstem as beneficiary, but I don't think I got the extra 5% bonus. I'm thinking if it's because I edited the post with steemit, because my codes became visible, so I had to edit them.

You're really doing a great job sir. More grace


Some other app are changing the metatags of the post when edited on it. In this case, you loose the badge (and the autoamted 5% stronger upvote that only relies on the metatags). In contrast, if you edit your post on, we don't touch the metatags. This is just a choice (that we thing fair).

For the beneficiary bonus , this is for now manual so that one easily misses it. I wil ltry to automated it this week or the next one.


Yeah I did the same with my last post, because I wasn't getting the visual result I wanted, so I posted and then went to steemit and edited. So improving the editor is paramount I think.


I answer to @samminator (please have a look). I still need to improve a lot the editor (at least two bugs on the list for now). But I especially need feedbacks to be able to improve it as much as I can :)

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