SteemProjects: Weekly Report. Restaurant reviews with Steem, easy editing of posts and new library for data scientists... and more!

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Hello Steemians!

As we promised in our first Weekly Report - we will try to create regular posts about SteemProjects with new content manager @lukmarcus in our team.

Today we would like to present you 9 new projects :)

Let's see the new content:

Steem Interfaces


  • Let's Eat by @eroche
    Make and find restaurant reviews on the Steem Blockchain. In the beta version of this application, you can browse visually by location for places to eat and see reviews left by other members of the Steem Community. If you have a Steem account you can effortlessly add high-quality reviews on the go, or save them for later posting.



  • Fairlotto by @juliank
    A fun way to spend some SBD is by buying some tickets and maybe winning a grand prize.
  • SteemDM by @ragepeanut
    An Open-Source collection of bots that let you interact with the Steem blockchain through direct messages.



  • SteemEditor by @ety001
    SteemEditor is a smart editor for steemian. Its purpose is to enhance the writing experience of writers in the steem community.

Programing Tools


  • steemRdata by @eroche
    This project aims to make R accessible to the Steem community by providing an easy interface to the data from the Steem Blockchain.



  • Steem Automated by @juliank
    Voting is an essential part of STEEM as it is the driver behind the economic system on which STEEM relies. While the STEEM Blockchain runs 24/7 we humans are different and cannot operate like machines. For this reason I introduce Steemautomated which allows you to set up customisable voting rules to offload some of the work and still reward your favourite authors, while retaining full control. Manual curation is still advised.
  • SteemChallenges by @eroche
    The aim of this site is to promote challenges that people are running on Steemit and be a place where you can easily browse to see what challenges are active and what is popular.
  • SteemPort by @techtek
    If you love Steemit you probably also love the Steemit Apps made by the Steemit users. There are a wide variety of Apps, many of which are extremely functional, fun, and visually appealing to the eyes. The SteemPort Project brings Steemit Apps to Android.
  • The Magic Frog by @mkt & @helo
    The Magic Frog is a Bot/Website utilizing the STEEM blockchain to reward everyone involved in a collaborative storytelling project. By submitting small pieces of text (and even images), that the community can vote on everyday, the story evolves and sometimes takes quite strange, funny or interesting turns.


There were also some changes in projects added before:

Contact us!

We are replaying to comments so if you have any questions - ask them! You can also contact @lukmarcus about content directly on or join our SteemProjects channel.

Steem on!


I am delighted to be mentioned here, these projects I have been working on for a while.

  • Let's Eat is my big one and I hope people in Krakow try it out in advance of Steemfest and add all their favourite food places and cafes for other Steemians to explore.

  • steemRdata is a tool for accessing live blockchain data with the R programming language, for free. I am adding updates all the time. I think this will be a major project for bringing in data scientists to Steem where they will be able to explore the Blockchain, the richest open data source that I have come across.

  • SteemChallenges is a work in progress at the moment. I had a version of it up and running some months back with a lot of challenges but we are currently rebuilding so stay tuned.

That is a great idea for Let's Eat. Thanks for the links. I love the FoodTruck and I have been following the journey of @the.foodini. I am already in contact with him on discord.

What we are looking for ...

As Let's Eat is a beta I am looking for early adopters for this phase to test it.
We also welcome partners that would like to get involved. I have already teamed up with @jeffjagoe and his #steemfoodtours challenge.

Community ...

This project is largely an open community initiative. Let's Eat is seeking users to contribute crowdsourced content which we will enable and package for later access in a neat mobile application.

The vision is to make a everyday intuitive app that anyone can use, the go to app for finding places to eat.
Just think of the flood of new users we could onboard to Steem to start earning passive income from eating out!

Delegation ...

Incentive structures and gamification of the experience of making restaurant reviews are an important feature which we are working on. These features will be largely influenced by economic incentives so especially in the development stage delegation to the project is welcome. Even 10 SP from many users shows support for the project and may lead to bigger fish. Our goal this week is to get to 10k SP.

The more we get the more of an experience we will be able to deliver to the consumers and the more varied incentives we will be able to offer to increase the quality of the contributions.

WOW! You are busy man, @eroche! I respect this, and as I write to you on Discord - you can count on my support!

@noisy, youre the man! Thank you for the mention in such a context, it means a lot to me! 👊

CAN anyone explain avengers infinity war ending

Did you post this in the wrong place by mistake?

You're one busy person! Wow!

He is omnipotent.......

Keep up the good work! We need more people like you :)

Cheers. Initiatives like Steemprojects are not only a great idea for helping people find what is on Steem, give exposure etc.. , but I think most importantly they give project owners a big boost.

It is great when you see an update like this with your name in lights :)

I really appreciate these updates, however IMHO, it is work that you shouldn’t have to be doing in a post. An index/directory should be built into the Steemit website. There is so much cool/neat stuff people are working on there should be a centralized location where creators can upload their projects. Am I crazy for feeling this way or am I just being logical? . . Anyhow, for the time being I really appreciate your posts.

there should be a centralized location where creators can upload their projects.

SteemProjects is linked from Steemit Side Menu, so it's not ver difficult to find:

Actually, I think... SteemProjects should aim a goal, to become more decentralized. I would be great to Steem community, to keep whole database in a Steem blockchain, so different people could provide different user interfaces around the same data.

Hey @noisy, we tried to reach out but didn't get a response.
Trying to submit a new Steem project on SteemProjects was unsuccessful. We tried, but got an error, prompting us to fill out the form. Then we tried again and it just didn't do anything. The page refreshed, basically.

Yes, we had some problems, which are partially still unresolved. In case of any further problem, you can contact with @lukmarcus on, and send him all necessary information about your project. He will make sure, that it will be added.

Mmmmmwwwaaaa! So glad I found this. Pleased you posted it in Discord SteemDevs. FAN FREAKIN TASTIC.

This is greaaaaat!

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Let's eat looks very promising, will definitely give it a go.
Cheers steemprojects!

Excellent post. As the DApps increase,we need a central resource to find out whats available for us! I sometimes post a few I use but there are so many I don't know about.
Is @Eroche omnipotent ?!!!
I love his Let's eat app. I'd love to see an auto save draft feature though as I keep flicking 'back' on my phone and losing my work though. (Old man, fat fingers!)
Will take a look at some of the other projects later. Thanks again :-)

i like the concept of let's eat and very excited about it....
I hope it will hit soon in this community..

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@noisy Will bitcoin be able to go up to $ 25,000 in 2018?
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