SteemProjects: Weekly Report (July 16-22, 2018)

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Hello Steemians!

This is the first of (let's hope) many updates about SteemProjects after new content manager has joined our team. @lukmarcus focuses on our "3 goals" plan - adding new projects, accepting users drafts and updating older entries.

With 17 new projects the total number of pages on SteemProjects have exceeded 400 and this is some kind of milestone for us. There are still many projects waiting for us to add them to our library and people are still creating new ones! So 500 or maybe even 1000 is just a matter of time.

Let's see what was added by @lukmarcus this week:

Steem Interfaces



  • Ulogs by @surpassinggoogle
    A blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called "steem". "True-Celebrity-hood" for "everyone", once and for all.

Browser extensions


  • Steemifier by @harpagon
    Steemifier is a 100% free browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) that allows the YouTube users to interact with the Steem blockchain directly from the YouTube website.



  • @remind-me by @adasq
    You can mention @remind-me in your comment in order to create a reminder.
  • Checky by @ragepeanut
    A bot that checks if the users mentioned in a post exist on the blockchain.
  • MinnowBooster Delegation Manager by @fbslo
    Bot for updating delegations on MinnowBooster's delegation market.
  • SteemitWechatBot by @cha0s0000
    This is a tool that allows you to get a mention message through Wechat application when somebody in Steemit gives a upvote to your post.
  • Votezy STEEM Bot by @klye
    A brand new, barely working, nearly untested NodeJS script that allows you to run any account you own as one of those fancy paid for vote services.



  • MicroSteemit by @cha0s0000
    MicroSteemit is an application which can be used without downloading while chatting with friends in wechat easily. Just by scanning the MicroSteemit QR code can we commodiously surf on the steemit community.
  • SteemRateIt by @alltimefun
    SteemRateIt is a platform to share your experience about Movies, Games, Blogs, Songs and a lot of other stuff. You can Write, Rate and see others rating. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



  • DGameMarket by @fervi
    Place where you can buy and sell keys for Steam games. Every active user is able to put on sale their unused keys and convert them into Crypto.

Programing tools


  • asyncsteem3 by @scottyeager
    Python3 port of the twisted based asyncsteem asynchronous Python library for Steem.
  • EasySteem by @harpagon
    Very easy-to-use javascript library that will help beginners with Steem javascript development to perform actions on the Steem blockchain - hence the name EasySteem.
  • Steem Ruby by @inertia
    The Official Ruby Client for the Steem Blockchain.



  • Spark Payments (formerly SteemPay) by @kodaxx
    Spark Payments is an external terminal application for processing STEEM transactions in brick and mortar stores. Customers can pay with Spark Wallet, Spark Card, or any other STEEM wallet.

Witness Tools


  • Pricesnatcher.js by @klye
    Pricesnatcher.js is an open source, light weight and easy to use way to ensure your witness duties of price feed updating stay up to speed and current. Written in NodeJS deploying the script and setting it up only takes a minute or two and should be more than enough script to get the dirty work done in regards to price feed updating!



  • - Community Witness by @steemhq and @roomservice
    With your vote for steemhq.witness you gain a share of the Community Witness propotional to your Steempower. Instead of running a Steem witness yourself, simply join the Community Witness with just your vote. Steem block producer rewards will be payed to the community on a monthly basis. It's that easy!

Timeline updates:

Contact us!

We are replaying to comments so if you have any questions - ask them! You can also contact @lukmarcus about content directly on or join our SteemProjects channel.

See you next week (or maybe sooner?)!


Thank you for the promotion :) Soon, a new version of DGameMarket with various patches and new features ;)

Remember to create post about new changes so it could be included in DGameMarket timeline :)

For coders out there - A project idea for someone with motivation and a bit of time:

create a bot that does this:

  • People can delegate SP to account A
  • Account A then distributes rewards it has gained to delegators based on their share of total delegation
  • The payment window could be editable (once a day, once a week and so on)

And voila, this would enable anyone to create a service or idea and let other Steemians invest into it and gain share of the total rewards. I think this would be a huge boost and very valuable tool to Steem ecosystem. I'd consider it a basic building block that we're still missing.

I know yabamat has created vote selling bot that could be modified just for this use, so someone interested in this could start from there.

Please let me know if you know of such bot already or want to start working on one. Making it open source would ensure that you could gain rewards from Utopian for your work.

Widzę że nie wszystko wiem jeszcze o steemit :D

I will look into it as soon as possible. Now this page is only a draft.

O kurcze co za swietna sprawa
Tyle do czytania
Musze czyms zajac głowę
Można w jakis sposob dodac ten wpis do ulubionych zeby mi nie umknal ?

na Steemit można dodać konto do followowanych :) Natomiast właśnie sieć Steem posiada wiele różnych interfejsów i niektóre z nich mają możliwość dodawania postów do ulubionych, np:

Hi @noisy! You might want to include, a decentralized webcomics platform.
Here's the Steem Project link:

Check out Dcomix in Steemit. Thanks!

Hello @timliwanag

is this a new framework based on Steem? Or a website based on SteemPress? platform is now active online with the open source SteemPress plugin.

In fact, any Dcomix webcomic creator is able to use a WordPress template and add SteemPress plugin. That said, your published Dcomix content will also be posted on your Steemit blog.

So it looks like it's only a website. Does it count as a SteemProject?

Jest co studiować :)