🚀 Redfish Rocket Contest 3: Win A Delegation And Stop Running Out Of RC

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Do you want to win a delegation that will allow you to engage and post without having to look at your RC bar every 5 minutes? Then join the 3rd edition of the Redfish Rocket Contest.

Redfish Rocket Contest - win a delegation



With the introduction of Resource Credits after HF20, I had to change the concept of the Redfish Rocket Contest. Before, it was all about making sure users had enough bandwidth to stay active on SteemIt. Now we are dealing with Resource Credits.

Many small accounts have been limited in their ability to post, comment and vote, or basically do anything on the platform.
New users who have been invited to join our awesome community can't even work their way up because they don't have enough Steem Power to properly post or engage. Users who were already here, putting in a lot of hard work in order to grow their account, are suddenly limited in their efforts.

Personally, I find this very unfair. How can be expected that a user grows his account when he can only make 10 comments and 1 post a day? The answer is simple: NOT.




Redfish Rocket Contest

climbing SteemIt ladder

So I decided it was high time to host another edition of my Redfish Rocket contest; a contest in which I delegate some Steem Power to people who are serious about SteemIt, but are limited by the resources the platform gives them.

I think I can say the previous editions were a success. Most former Redfish Rockets are climbing their way up on the SteemIt ladder on their own now.


The situation has changed a bit, so I had to adapt the contest to this new situation.

The outcome will stay the same: by this time next week, some people will have more breathing space and will be able to function close to normal again.

Please understand I am just a small dolphin (the smallest kind there is), and I'm not in the position to help everyone, no matter how hard I want to.


That's why I want to give a shoutout to all people who have (a little) Steem Power to spare:

share what you have

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Delegation And How To Get It

10 people will receive a delegation that will bring their current amount of SP up to 100SP.
They'll get to keep the delegation for 6 weeks.

I know, 100 SP won't solve all your resource credit-problems, but at least you'll be able to function again on this platform.

100SP is still not much, but it will give you a chance to survive.


I assume you understand I won't be giving away those delegations to just anyone. I want to make sure that this delegated Steem Power is put to good use, so I'll select only people who are committed to SteemIt and are putting in an effort to grow their account, both through posting and interacting with the community.





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To be eligible to become one of my Redfish Rockets, to get ánd keep the delegation, you'll need to comply with some requirements.

  • You currently have 75SP or less (including delegations).
  • You post regularly - at least 4 times a week should be doable.
  • You actively engage with other people in the community through voting, commenting and replying to comments.
  • You power up as much as you can.
  • You haven't powered down before.

I'll be doing some research on how you have been performing on the platform before: what the quality of your posts was, how engaged you were, how committed you were to grow.

Once the delegations have been sent, I will follow up to make sure that you keep doing the best you can with the means you have. If you show any sign of being less committed, I'll contact you to talk about it. Afterward, I'll decide whether I will leave the delegation in place or not.

(We all know that a lot can happen in 8 weeks. Please let me know when something prevents you from going full power. Maybe an unexpected event comes up, or you get sick, or you're losing your motivation,... It doesn't matter what it is, but drop me a not on Discord to let me know.)




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Now, if you're interested in receiving a delegation, leave a comment underneath this post on Steemit.

In this comment, tell me why you should be one of the next Redfish Rockets. Let me know what you've been doing, and what your future plans are. Also, include a link to one of your best posts.

In case you don't have enough RC to reply to this post, send me your comment in a personal DM on Discord. You can find me there as simplymike#5957.


If you don't qualify yourself, I urge you to spread the word and send people who are suffering from the restrictions to this post.

A resteem of this post would be very much appreciated

After all, I want to reach as many potential future redfish Rockets as possible.


Also, there are more people who are hosting contests with delegations as prizes. Make sure you find them!



Winners Announcement

I'll announce the winners of the delegation once this post has reached payout. In case there are many applicants, please allow me to take a little extra time to do my research.

The list of names of the new Redfish Rockets will be revealed in a post like this one, so keep your eyes open.


DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to not send out all 10 delegations. Contestants can only win a delegation if I think they've put in enough effort into posting and engaging, and both their posts and comments are of a decent quality.

motivational pinguin



TIP: If you want to find out how many activities you can still do with your current RC, you can use the tool over at https://beempy.com/



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Great initiative @simplymike. I just did resteem this post to my 4.7K followers, maybe it will bring a bit more visibility.
Also, I would like to nominate to this contest @zanetaviz, hopefully she will notice this and apply personally. She is pushing really hard with her camera, but seems been struggling with low RC lately.
Will keep my eye on this even, in case I see some other window for support.

Thank you, @onealfa, for nominating me to this contest! :) I highly appreciate your support! :) I will gladly apply to this contest. 😊👍

Thanks for the support, @onealfa. I really appreciate it.

Wow Sir.Onealfa! Sometime dreams come true....:)))

Hi, @simplymike!
Many thanks for your initiative to help newcomers! It's so great!
I would also like to thank my supporter @onealfa for making this contest known to me. :)
I'm very interested in receiving a delegation because I feel that, due to recent changes, I have started to loose motivation for Steemit. It has become less attractive to me... :( I used to be more active in posting and interacting with Steemit users and I have found truly interesting and nice people here with whom I would gladly interact more, but now I feel so limited and restricted being unable to answer to all comments, to upvote all posts that deserve upvoting... :(
I would like to give a link to one of my mots favourite posts: https://steemit.com/colorchallenge/@zanetaviz/colorchallenge-thursday-green-paradise-valley-morocco

Thank you, @simplymike! 😊

I can understand it works demotivating ifyou are so limited. But you shouldn't give up. I'm pretty sure this situation will be fixed, eventually.

I've added you to the list.

@zanetaviz, while we're waiting for the contest post to reach payout and I can choose who will get pushed up to 100SP, I've already delegated a little to get you up to 50sp, so you'll have some breathing space)

Thank you very much, @simplymike, for your support!!! I highly appreciate that! ❤😊👍

First of all, I want to thank you for giving this opportunity to the little ones. I would love to apply. I'm a poet and fiction writer with just 2 months in Steemit (I publish mainly in spanish), and my favorite thing here is the interaction. There is nothing that fills me more than seeing the comments in my publications and knew other artists. After the HF everything fell apart.

I ALWAYS answered the comments and rewarded the votes. I used to look for interesting and talented users and interact with them. Now I can't, and I hate it with all my soul. I just try to vote them back but is not the same. I feel restricted. I can't be part of this community that I have taken so much love of if I can’t interact. Please, take a look at my blog.

My future plans are to resume my poetry contest. The first had a very good acceptance despite having very low prizes and I would love to do contests on a regular basis.

Another thing, I use the money I earn to help my family, so I can not invest in SP as I would like.

Again, thanks a lot <3

It was hard to choose one: https://steemit.com/spanish/@elelobos/bajo-el-puente-or-parte-iii-relato

PD: Sorry for my english.

Wow, even when translated using the automated translator that story is really good!

Thanks for applying, @elelobos.I've added your name to the list.

There's no need to apologize for your English, it's more than good enough :0)

@elelobos, while we're waiting for the contest post to reach payout and I can choose who will get pushed up to 100SP, I've already delegated a little to get you up to 50sp, so you'll have some breathing space)

@simplymike THANK YOU! I'll give the best possible use. I now seriously breathe better hehehe <3

I should have thought of this sooner, instead of letting you all wait a week, suffering from low RC. It's not much yet, but at least it's a little.

I'm really curious to read more of your stories. In general, I don't read fiction on Steemit, but in the future, I'll gladly make an exceptation for yours :0)

Check your wallet. I cheated ;0)

AAAAAAH Thank you so much! You're awesome. I feel as if my ties have been finally cut off XD Seriously, thanks. Now I feel doubly committed. With Steemit and with you. I will try that you don't regret it.

I'd like to participate in the contest too.

Just checked my RC, if I was able to comment. Yes, I am😊 I can leave even 2 comments😂

It's my 73rd day on Steemit. I like the platform, though it's quite difficult to get noticed.

I like writing and I'm happy when people read my posts. I love communicating, so I tend to be active when possible:)

I write about travelling, cultural and language peculiarities of the countries I visited, and my thoughts😊

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Thanks for applying, @tata-natana.
Unless you're a big shot here on SteemIt, it's hard to get noticed for everyone. It's lot quiter after HF20, so keep posting and networking as much as you can. (Discord is an excellent place to meet people and build a network, and best of all, it won't cost you RC, so you can communicate as much as you want)

I've put your name on the list. :0)

Hello, @SimplyMike First I also think R.C of newbies is so low for posting and commenting even My R.C allowing me one comment at this time that I am writing now. Some Days ago I upvote every good post and comment but when I do that my R.C gets low. Many times when I write a post then click on post button so it shows that recharge your R.C and at that time I power up. I had never power down. I am mainly posting @Steemmonsters, giveaways, @OriginalWorks contest and airdrops because I am busy these days after some days I will be free then I will post about many useful things. I do not write too much In giveaways because in SteemIt there are only some peoples which read your post fully. I also have little response on my posts. I will also post on @Utopian in free days. I hope I can receive delegation I have only 8 S.P.

@talhatarique, I just checked out your blog and commenst.
To grow here on SteemIt, you'll need to step up when it comes to engaging with others. Be more talkative, read other people's blog posts and leave meaningful comments.

I've just pushed up your SP to 50 to give you some more breathing space, but you really need to show more action in commenting on other posts.

(This small delegation has nothing to do with the contest. I'll decide who to push to 100sp once the contest post has reached payout)

Yes I will. Thanks for the delegation @Simplymike.

I noticed you had only 8SP. You don't come a long way with that. I'll put your name on the list. You're in :0

A shout out to @shadowmask for making this known to me.

Big thanks for the initiative, helping the many us with the little RC to climb up this ladder.

My application: I tries to be as active as I can regardless of a schedule, writing on different topics, photography, poetry, tiny-economy, and general ideas. Hopeful You'll find me worth the push up. Thanks.

I think everyone is worth it to be able to do his thing here on SteemIt. And I wish I could fix the problem for everyone. Unfortunately I can't help everyone. I wish I wouldn't have to make a choice between people, because everyone deserves to have the right to express himself.

I've added your name to the list.

You are the one from the post about how many lines a post should have, right? I read it last week, when I was judging for the Pay It Forward (@pifc) Challenge

@murathe, I just noticed you got a delegation from Blocktrades. Did you lease it yourself? Any idea how long it will stay there?

Well, it was supposed to end up as a 'power up', only to realize it's a delegation. Labelled 90 days.@simplymike.

You can grow your account quite a bit in 90 days. So you won't be eligible to win this contest anymore, but keep an eye out for the winners post, in which i'll try to share some tips on how to.maximize your earnings.

Hi there, I feel unsafe in this RC jail. Can't even comment let alone interacting and building any community. I would love to receive the delegation in order to start building my account again as I was before this hard fork happened.

Its tough to decide on which post could be the best as I put equal effort in writing all the posts that I have written but just to make it, here's a link to one of my posts

Thanks for applying, @hananali. I've added your name to the list. I can see you have a delegation from @janton. Do you know if this is a short-term delegation or a lon-term?
Maybe save your RC and don't reply. I guess @janton will be able to tell me. :0)

Thank you for taking time out and looking into it @simplemike <3 Means a lot :)

No problem. Glad to help :0)

Keep doing the helping hand to all the needy accounts here :)

Unfortunately I can't help all accounts, although I wish I could. But I'm doing my best to help as many as I can

That's true, no matter how hard we try we can not always help everyone out there. But as much as you can, you are doing a very good job :)

Good effort in helping small developing account!
Pls count me in, need to power up. :)

I've wasted quite a lot of time during past year.
and since this recent change (HF20) suddenly found myself not able to do even as much as post regularly LOL

now trying to catch up.

Upvoted, resteemed, commented. (oh, and followed too)

@vimukti-ananda, what do you mean with

I've wasted quite a lot of time during the past year?
How come?

I mean: didn't post anything and also didn't read, participate in discussions (comments, upvotes, etc) - basically did not much even opened Steemit. :)

And what made you change your mind?

let's say - I got inspired by success of many other steemians :)
(sorry, my RC is low, recharges slowly - thus my commenting ability is limited;
also trying to recharge enough for making new blog posts)

Sorry. It was a little stupid of me to ask you a question and make you spend the little RC that you have on another comment. Bad habits ;0/

Hi Sir,
I saw your comment under my post regarding HF20 issues... first of all thank you so much for organising this contest.

Please include me in your nominations. I'm a serious steemian who is struggling with the current HF20 update, if I get this delegation I can do much better. And I have few friends who are about to quit SteemIT, atleast I can help them with an upvote.

Thank you so much

Sample Post :1 , Sample Post :2 , Sample Post : 3

Posted using Partiko Android

I'll add you to the list, @dev1993.
Thanks for applying

Hola @simplymike! Tuve que esperar, recargar RC para poder hacer este comentario, me entere por la amiga @macoolette, te agradeceria si me puedes ayudar, soy participante del concurso pay it forward, lamentablemente no he podido comentar más, en los blooger de los concursantes, eso es, muy desmotivador. Participo en la delegación de, asapers, y steemauto,( ¿tengo beneficio?, no lo se), mucho antes de la actualización, del HF20 , no sé si deba, retirar mi apoyo a las dos delegaciones.
No puedo comentar en la liga de abh12345, quería participar, mi RC no me lo permite. Por favor que me aconsejas y si me puedes ayudar, gracias anticipadas, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo.


Con este comentario mi RC queda en 0

Este es el comentario de macoolette.

Hi @celinavisaez, I apologize as I just saw this. Here is an SP delegation contest that you can join to get more SP. Go to the original post: https://steemit.com/steempress/@simplymike/redfishrocketcontest3winadelegation-f8etvpas9p and leave your comment there as required on that contest. It is about to end so the earlier you get there, the better.

Hi Mike, Celina has 24.x SP. She is an active member of PIFC and I understand if she can no longer function as she used to. I see she tried to do Steemhunting which I believe is good as that somehow does not require much SP but her engagement is still very limited. Any delegation to boost her current SP will be great. Thanks in advance!

No problem, @celinavisaez. Your name is on the list.
It is very smart of you to stay active using Steemhunt!

I'll try to get the winners post out tomorrow or at last Wednesday, but meanwhile I've delegate 25sp to you - so you're at 50sp now.

Gracias @simplymike! Inmensamente agradecida, por tu bondad, la sensación que tenia de estar, atada de pies y mano, con una mordaza en la boca, ya se me quito. Me siento bendecida, al encontrar gente como Ud. y @macoolette, en mi camino, Dios las bendiga, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo.
Muy, muy feliz, de poder hacer este comentario.

Enjoy your delegation while it lasts, and make the most of it to grow your account... 😊

Gracias @macoollette, muy agradecida, contigo por avisarme, ya mi SP esta en 101, gracias a @simplymike , muy agradecida con Dios por poner gente como ustedes en mi camino, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo.

You're welcome. 😊

Great initiative! The redfish really need our support right now and in the long term we will all benefit from supporting our fellow redfish. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. It's a shame it comes down to us to help them survive. I wish I could do more....

I applaud your generous initiative, @simplymike. Steemit for me has been an oasis within all the calamities that we live in our country. It is a great opportunity to make friends and share good content. Before HF20 I had good performance, I like to write poems, essays, stories and many personal life stories. I love photography and music. I have a radio program in the discord of @equipocardumen "The time of remembrance" is now paused, but will return soon. I love participating in contests and win some prizes. According to my RCs my activity is very limited, I still do the effort to publish daily and maintain some activity with my friends through the vote. I would like you to visit my blog, you will always be welcome. I would be very happy to receive your support. I share a story that I really liked "Between the branches", I hope you enjoy it: https://steemit.com/spanish/@aurodivys/entre-las-ramas-un-cuento

Thank you!

I've added you to the list, @aurodivys

I only just noticed i forgot to up your sp to 50 already, to give you a little more breathing space until the winners post is published. I fixed it instantly.

Wow, what a wonderful surprise. Today I gave myself a break because I could not bear to see how my RCs were delayed in completing, but at this time I wanted to see how it was going and I find your message. Thank you very much, @simplymike, you are very good, it really means a break. I will make the best possible use. A hug for you.

Thanks, and you are welcome :0)

@deltasteem and @cendrinemedia added to the list

@vliet, @ernesto-guzman and @obsesija have been added to the list too

I have got another one for you @obsesija 24sp/35del maybe a good lead. I have a Nice comment contact with her.
Good luck

Thanks for anothdf good tip!

Posted using Partiko Android

You are very welcome, so Nice to reward me with @tipu not nesseccary but highly appreciated.

That was not on purpose. I used this service a couple of months ago. Wheni decided to stop using it, i asked for a refund of my remaining money. They replied that I had no open balance there.
But this is the second time in 2 weels that I say: Thanks for the tip!
and the second time they actually send a tip.
I wonder if I will get one myself on this comment,

Great job! Agreed 100% HF20 has been terrible for new members and plankton. I will support this 100% in fact I sent you 15 STEEM for the cause:

Dear @bigdeej, you are a great person! Please come to @steem-bounty too...:)))

Wow, @bigdeej, thanks a lot. That is very generous of you.

Glad to see others helping the small guy! I am always here to support those doing great things! Keep up the great work we need more people like you!

I will, as long as I'm able to. I haven't forgotten how it was like when I first started out, and there were no RC back then .

This is really awesome what you are doing here!
I hope the little fishes find this post and have enough RC to leave a comment. Resteeming for visibility and will keep an eye on it ;)

Now I understand the questions ;)

Thanks for the reminder . I'll update the post with my Discord link, so they can contact me even if the have not enough RC to reply

Posted using Partiko Android

This is great opportunity for minnows like me to push up!❤️❤️ Pressing the resteem button for more visibility

Thanks for the support, @under-dog!

Let me know what I can do. I am working on building up my curation trail so it Should be worth about $ .30 - .35 a vote once I get it where I want it to start out with. I am in the process of renting the SP i need for each orphan.
Edit: what I am trying to say is maybe you can send me links to good content stuff and I can upvote them. Teamwork. We are stronger togeather.

please check out my blog @under-dog

Maybe checkout @mow

I always like watching some of his photos

Will do. I'll help you take care of the orphans ;0)

First off I want to start off by saying Hello ...
I believe I should be one of the next redfish rockets because of My determination to inspire and motivate others . I like to think myself as a collective effort not an individualist with self motives .

I have been in this ecosystem for almost a year now and Everything I have been doing on steemit is community driven . I recently started a Discord Server named Lion’s Den . We’re slowly but surely building the community up through mutual interests & Collective brainstorming. It’s what I like to call the people’s place . Lion’s Den is built for the PEOPLE and will be made by the PEOPLE .

Once we are backed by strong community empowerment we can build anything we can imagine on top of this platform such as A place to trade digital & physical assets . Crypto collectibles, digital real estate , educational purposes and so much more .

Through mutual interests & collective brainstorming our creativity community will bring life to a world we can only imagine .


Thanks for applying, @cryptotash101. As it happens, I joined your Discord server earlier today. I didn't have time to check it out properly, but I will if I got a moment to spare.

Unfortunately, you don't meet the requirements to join this contest, since applicants should have less than 75SP, delegations included. I checked your wallet, and you have 78. Which is actually a good thing. :0)

Oops sorry about that I apologize for the inconvenience , and thank you so much for the opportunity . Have a wonderful day .

A relatively new person, looks like they could use a hand, I left a message on their last post directing them here. @murathe from Kenya, seems to want to make a go of it on steemit, and seems to be a genuine type person.

Thanks for the help, @bashadow. I really appreciate it.
I think I've seen him in the @pifc contest last week. Hope you can get him here.

I found him through my just-in-case account, so he should be getting up soon, most of the time I'm getting ready for bed Africa and Europe are waking up.;-} He had a couple of nice post.

Those time zones are really annoying, aren't they? I have the same problem. During my daytime, there's not a lot of important stuff going on. I have to wait till after dinner for the action to begin, but I should be spending some quality time with my girlfriend then...

It does get hard. There is a lot of nice stuff put out at differing times. But it is all still here when we get around to it.

True. And at least we've got the RC to comment on the interesting stuff, so we've got nothing to complain about ;0D

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Screenshot 2018-10-01 14.23.34.pngDelegation links: 20SP; 50SP ; 100SP ; 200SP ; 500SP

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If you would like to delegate to the Minnow Support Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

I love this!!!! I hope more people with available sp do the same! Thanks for helping the little fishes!

I hope so too. I know a few people who are sharing the little they have themselves. I hope more will follow the example

Nice job @simplymike :) I'm calling @fionasfavourites over here because I know she was having some problems once the changes came in. If @jaynie sees this, perhaps this could be another of my "Daily Member Suggestion" too :)

I just checked @fionasfavourites' wallet. If she would power up, she would have more than 80Sp and would be able to do a lot more before running out of RC. But it's sweet of you to think of her.

Thank you @lynncoyle1 and @simplymike. I will do as you suggest. I simply don't understand the concept. Once I am at my computer I will do that. Incidentally, I am planning a rant post and a campaign because I want to raise funds to help a friend of mine with a small business who has fallen foul of government bureaucracy. I am livid and which is why I have been awake since 03h00-ish. TMI and happy day to you both

You're welcome @fionasfavourites :) I hope it all helps ... your RC and your friend!

Awesome initiative. I have a friend who hasn't started posting yet. I feel that she'll need help like this, when she starts.

Do you think 100 SP is enough for a new user to be able to function around here? I see users with less than 200 SP that seem very active and don't have any troubles.

So, the threshold is somewhere around 100 and 200 SP, I presume?

There's hardly any decent info to find. 75SP should be enough, some say. Others say 50SP is enough.
I talked to someone who had 70SP and was ok. He's not such a big engager, but he does comment, and he posts once a day.
You can check it out for yourself by taking a look at his blog, comments and steemd page:
@pundito - https://steemd.com/@pundito

(@pundito, sorry dat ik je even als test-case gebruik)

Helemaal geen probleem @simplymike :)
Als JIJ me als test-case gebruikt is het een eer ;)

Even when I need to reply a lot (which is nothing else than a post) after posting my contest I do not drop below 80% RC.
For me, all is fine with the new RC rules.

Hi @rubyrose. Does this mean you want to be added to the list and have a shot at winning the delegation?

What a great way to encourage connection and posting efforts, thanks for doing this @simplymike!

You're welcome. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, being restricted in your actions like that. And I have the means, I think it's only normal that I try to help where I can.

What a great initiative again @simplymike!!!

Thanks, @pundito. Now if other people who have the means would set up something similar, a lot more people could be supported.

I am so glad that @lynncoyle1 called me over. This is a fantastic initiative and I would have loved to participate. However, once I have powered up, I wouldn't be eligible 😉 and secondly, I am not getting as much time to write as I would like. Not to mention read and engage. Most of my posts at the moment are from my Instagram. Sigh... Anyhow, this, too will change and in the meantime @simplymike, you have my vote and resteem. Be well.

It's indeed a shame, because I would have loved to hep.you gather more SP. I was actually surprised to see you had so little of it...
I hope you're doing OK, 'cos you seem to very busy

Oh bless you @simplymike. Yes, I am and a friend of mine is having a very difficult time and I want to help her resolve some of those issues. Probably going to start a campaign on a platform like GoFundMe.

Hope your doing better...

I am, in a way :0)

I hope you'll be able to help out your friend...

Been meaning to do this too. We need some kind of unified buddy system where we adopt and support a redfish for a month and then get a new one.

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I've been considering that, but personally I think there are too many redfish to help out one at a time. During the previous Redfish Rocket contests, I delegated to 4 people.
And any redfish, or minnow otr any other sea creature here in the SteemIt ocean is free to ask for help or advice anytime, so I saw no real use in focusing on one at a time.
Now I chose to delegate to ten people, because of the circumstances. I really hope that the people who came up with this bright idea, will recognize their mistake soon.

great project! I just wondered - I have heard a lot about these RC problems, but even though I'm a small account too, I haven't had any problems at all (apart from the day after the HF20 like everyone else), but maybe being over the 200 SP makes me out of the danger zone.. Every time I have checked my RC it says I have 100+ posts, comments etc...
But it must really suck to be stopped by this issue!

It appears that 75 or 100sp is enough to allow a person to properly function around here these days. Which is an awefully high number. How can they expect small accounts to ever acquire that much SP while being limited as they are?

yes it's pretty unfair, I guess they just want people to buy steem to get some "real money and commitment" in, - pay to play kind of thing, but I don't know if I agree with that strategy...

Me neither. Who's willing to pay to get on a social media platform, and then paying again to be able to post and comment? That is absolute nonsense, if you ask me...

Just wanted to pop in and see how things are going. So glad to see you are getting applicants and people wanting to help.
You know I will be following along with my little votes.

You're the best! :0)
If I'm not mistaking there are about 8 or 9 applications in.

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Thanks for helping newcomers

You're welcome. I'd like to keep this platform alive

We all try our bests to engage and keep others engaged. But that aims to very small accounts to get going, well done

I don't need your delegation, but I just want to say what a great thing you are doing here. Very encouraging.

Thanks, @blockcurator. Something has to be done, or this platform will be dead very soon...
This contest is just a very small patch for a limited number of people. Fortunately, I see others take the same kind of initiatives.
But this is a structural problem, and it will need some changes from the people who implemented this system. I don't understand how they don't see what they are doing to the platform...

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I found this post on a post by @f3nix. I resteemed it and hopefully some of my followers will enter. Thank you for such a fine endeavor. 🙏

Thanks for the support. This post needs all the reach it can get because although there are so many redfish in trouble, and there are only about 10 entries. I'd like to think that's because there are so many initiatives that are supporting them, but I'm afraid it's just wishfull thinking.

Maybe I should offer an incentive to people to resteem, so the post will reach a broader audience...

Maybe an incentive to resteem would work on your next post. But we're here to help each other, especially the newbies. This should be resteemed out of the kindness of our hearts.

Hi @simplymike this is a great idea. I don’t post frequently enough to fully benefit from the delegation, but i read this and think it is a great idea and hope it helps keep this platform alive. Will resteem it to spread the word!
Best wishes,

Thanks for the support!

I'm glad you posted your latest post about sharing this one - I hadn't seen this one before, and I've definitely been trying to share resources for red fish who are stuck with the new system. Resteemed!

Meanwhile, I've found some more. I resteemed them all, so you can find them on my blog. :0)

Oh cool, thanks! Will look when I'm on the laptop.

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Dear my friend @simplymike, i hope you will not get upset now if i will get some upvote on my comments, but i would like to say thank you in what you are doing and moving on some very stricktly waves like @onealfa to support you in this very valuable initiative.
Now my situation is much more better than before, so if i could help people i will do it, expecially in steem-bounty where you are an active member, there will be a good chance to grown as i did it

hello- thanks for your concern - I wish to enter myself @angrytwin for this contest- I have very little SP less than 5- have been powering up on my last few posts and make thoughtful- quirky and informative comments to other members that are free from the specter of plagiarism- so that cheetah thingy wont get pissed.....

Tip: start by adding a profile pic, so it looks like you care. Once you've done that, contact me again and I'll add you to the list

Not eligible, but it's great to see another steemian offering delegation to enable redfish and minnows to post without the worries of RCs. I think I am going to make my delegation offer a regular thing too.

Keep up the good work

I was happy to see your contest and to find out that some people did care enough to take action.

My previous Redfish Rocket contests were a success. I selected contestants based on their engagement level in @abh12345's Engagement league. I picked the 4 people with less than 50sp that scored highest in the list. That way, you can be pretty sure you pick people who are really serious about SteemIt.

I gave them a 75sp delegation for 8 weeks, and afterwards they were strong enough to make it on their own (or got other delegations because they were so motivated)

But now, with the RC problems, redfish didn't have enough RC to even make the list.

It's a shame so few people seem to care. A small delegation of 50SP can make the diffdrence between staying or leaving.

(Btw, I read that they were working on an RC delegation system. Big accounts have more RC than they can ever use, so they could delegate those, and we can use our SP for other things than trying to clean up other people's mess)

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Yes, there is some RC delegation in the codebase now. When that goes live though, who knows.

Yeah, we all know how fast they work implementing new things here, lol.

Even when the system is in place, i will keep on running a delegation contest, giving people a way to grow their account a little faster.

And let's be honest: do you really believe they are going to hand out those RC delegations for free? I'm prepared to bet all my SP that they won't. Of course not, money is the only thing that counts these days.

So there won't be no fix, and the platform will stay pay for play, which will eventually lead to no more instream of new users. And without new blood, this platform will go down soon...

I'm not sure why my votes count for so little. Sometimes I vote for someone and their total even goes down 0.01 (Steem value going down I suppose). Money is tight, and very few people seem to care about learning languages efficiently, so my motivation is low. I also need to focus on generating income.

Lol, I never noticed that my votes made a user's upvote go down. I am pretty sure that has to do with the market price of SteemIt.

To generate income, I suggest you join contests and games that pay out liquid Steem or SBD or @steembasicincome shares. Also, try to comment on as many posts on which the author has set a bounty as possible.
You can find all those @steem-bounty posts here: https://steem-bounty.com/

Thanks for this support to the community. I recently wrote a post about the decrease in movement in steemit, many friends have stopped publishing because they are very limited by having little SP.

I invite my friends:

To participate and have the opportunity to take advantage of this great benefit.

Resteem this post to the steem-bounty ... :-)

Thanks for the support, to me and to your friends.
Did you notice that some of the names you tagged didn't turn into links - I don't think they will get notified like this...

I've added the naes of the people of which I think they have been putting in enough effort to the list.

@nahela'@jesusagon and @sabias-que are not posting frequently enough to put the delegation to good use.

@pedroelec hasn't shown a sign of life in a month.

Even with the low amount of RC, they can be doing much bettter. It's a tip you might give them.if you come across them.

@trabajosdelsiglo has been added to the list.

It is understood @simplymike
Yes, I have contact with them, I am telling them for days to start again, because they are somewhat discouraged about it.
Well, but I'll keep trying anyway.
Likewise, I made resteem, it is an offer that you make that must reach the majority of users.
Thank you.

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shit i saw late your comment :( @ernesto-guzman

Don't worry @ernesto-guzman. I had added you to the list already ;0)

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No problem. I had added you to the list the first time.

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Thanks, @simplymike, for your care and support! :)
this original post I've resteemed that day already (a week ago or so).
and today was surprised to see that I've got 35 SP delegated to my account by you! which enabled me to add here this response of gratitude and also resteem this your post too. now I've got enough SP to be able to post even every day without worrying that I can't do some other actions too.

sorry though: I make a new comment here, instead of following up on your latest reply to my own that day. recently I've found out that it costs less RC. here is that useful article, with some approx. calculations of the RC costs for different actions on Steemit after HF20:

Well, If only more of the other steemians would show such care. :)

To all the newbies: JUST DO IT !
@simplymike is true the promises made as I've already found out.

I'm glad I could help you out.
Thanks again for suitting the article in the Discors channel. I've added it to the resources list.

can I get delegation of 100sp?