It's Steem NOT Steemit & A Discord Name Change

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2019 is underway. A new year always seems to bring about people wanting a clean slate, a new beginning.

I actually tend toward seeing two ‘beginnings’ in a year -- January 1st and July 1st. A year seems like a long stretch, six months, not so long. This year, I’m actually planning on reviewing my progress every ninety days. We’ll see how that works out.

The Steemit Ramble Changes Name

As the last year drew to a close, I was spending some time thinking about what I wanted to see in the coming year. As always I was also paying attention to developments here on the Steem platform. I was particularly paying attention to the way the ecosystem has changed in the two+ years I’ve been on here.

When I opened the Steemit Ramble discord, was pretty much the only interface to the blockchain. Some others started popping up after but didn’t really gain traction. Now, several interfaces are up and running, others are underway to join them and the number of apps and dapps bringing access to Steem is growing leaps and bounds.

It was becoming obvious to me that I needed to rethink using “Steemit” in the name. Then at the last Witness Chat where a lot of the discussion centered around the ecosystem and the need to move away from reliance on Steemit Inc, @reggaemuffin asked me the obvious question, “Why do you have Steemit in the name of the discord?”

Clearly it was time for me to stop thinking about changing the name and actually do it. I considered The Steem Ramble and Rambling Radio before settling on “The Ramble”. A lot of people already call it that anyways.

The new name is: The Ramble

Dropping Steemit From Our Conversation

Listening to the discussions on not only the Witness Chat, but also @pennsif’s State of Steem forums and in various posts it’s becoming obvious we need to shift our thinking away from saying we’re on Steemit to saying we’re on Steem.

We may know we are talking about Steem and just using the interface name BUT it gets confusing for people and organizations not on the platform. One of the main drawbacks to us not collectively being clear we’re on Steem is outsiders think is the platform when it’s really just the ugly front door to a rich ecosystem.

I was chatting with a lady just this morning about Steem. She and her husband own a software company and when I mentioned Steem she was interested. Did I send her to Not in this life.

I gave her to have a look at and told her that it was the blockchain development firm and then suggested she have a look at for a bit of an idea of what is available on the platform.

Are You Paying Attention?

I see and hear a lot of folks continuing to talk about “being on Steemit”. Word of mouth is what is going to really change the outside perceptions of this platform. Let’s start with at least calling it by name.

Are you going to start getting yourself and others used to hearing about “being on Steem”?

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the ramble

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Spot on with this, Shadows. STEEMhouse Publishing, not Steemithouse, right? ;-) And I'm gonna reSTEEM this post, not resteemit it. This is definitely a good thing to make people aware of.


thanks Rhonda.. it's going to take time to unlearn habits

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I’ve also started to reduce or stop altogether my use of the Steemit website. I am trying out busy but have encountered a few glitches that seem frustrating. I also downloaded Partiko to use on my phone but haven’t done a whole lot with that yet. We just need to move away from STInc and become truly decentralized.


I still use the website.. but when i talk about the platform I try to make sure that I talk about Steem.

I entirely agree - what and how you brand is very important. People don’t talk about ether, they talk about the underlying Ethereum platform.

Excellent choice. I’ve naturally found myself omitting ‘Steemit’ from my language already.

Truth is, I rarely access the chain through Steemit these days. Even when listed in my outgoing email signature (along with all my other, relevant online spaces), it’s simply ‘Steem’ and links to Steempeak. I did that a while ago now, wanting those curious enough to click that link to see something that represents the blockchain well. I’ve never really felt Steemit itself made a very good first impression — I feel that even more so now.

The Ramble rolls nicely off the tongue; clean, straightforward, concise. 🙌🏼


thank you @zipporah.. straightforward like me eh LOL I still use but it is not a site i recommend to others.


Yes, yes...this change certainly suits you. ;)

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thanks @pennsif and thank you for all you do.

Excellent! I have been doing this lately, too, talking about the STEEM blockchain, as a whole, rather than just one front-end! Bravo!

One of the things I am noticing is many of the international introductions are saying "steemit" instead of "steem". I am not quite sure how to address this with them. Their photo shows wonderful smiles and "STEEMIT #DATE" as well. Why are they doing this? Is there a post telling them to do the "signs" as this? If so, that should be adjusted you would think.


they may not understand that the website they are on is just part of a bigger picture. Maybe letting them know will start to embed Steem as the place they are instead of Steemit?

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Completely agree with you.

This is great, @shadowspub. It brought me some clarity! I will introduce people first to the platform going forward.

The only snag is that people are typically interested in seeing what I'm doing with it. I can't send them to, but I can send them to And there they can see all of my activity across all of Steem -- steemit posts, Actifit posts, Partiko activity, Busy if I choose to post from there, and any other Steem-based apps and social sites I choose to take part in. So I'm not really ready to drop Steemit from the conversation. Any thoughts you may have on that are welcome.

Also, I have a question. I see you can set up an account on; silly me; I hadn't realized that! But if you click that, it takes you to account creation via Steemit. What do you think will happen with all of that (accounts being steemit based) if Steemit goes away?


You don't have to drop from the convo .. it's more important that people understand that is just an interface to the bigger picture. If you want, have them go to your profile on Busy.

Right now anyone signing up through has a very small chance of their account actually getting activated. From comments I've seen from @paulag and others, there is an estimated backlog some where in the area of 4500 accounts waiting to be looked after.

There are other options @oracle-d has Steem Ninja, @ura-soul is creating @steempassport and @anomadsoul is working on @steemonboarding to not only get people onboard but to help them learn some of the basics before they get here.

Accounts are not Steemit based. They are on Steem, the blockchain. If goes away or Steemit Inc for that matter, the accounts live on as long as there are Witnesses to run the blockchain.

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It's All About Community!

I'll try. I joined through and learned everything i know from that point onward. So it was what i knew before i had any knowledge of the blockchain. I know better now but the old habits die hard and it will take a concentrated effort to change. Word of mouth is huge to promote right now as we are a niche product and only a certain type of person will be interested. That will change in the future as the apps take up the reins but we need to put our best foot forward right now.


I know, it's easy to get into the habit and hard to get out of the habit of using steemit instead of Steem BUT the more aware we are of it and the more people are reminded, the better chance we have of changing the concept.

What drew my attention to write about it is the number of times I've found articles in other publications calling the platform Steemit and I'm like "OH NO! Steem is so much more than Steemit". I've emailed some of them to say so. It's an education process.

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It's All About Community!


I'll work on it. See you've manage to change one more person around at least.

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Meet you at "The Ramble" very soon :)

new year, fresh, subtle changes... sometimes needed :)

Steemit is not an ugly front door, it's great, it just needs a few changes and promotion.


That may be your opinion. Even though I use it to post from, I'm very aware that for an outsider to arrive at the Steemit interface it is a complete turnoff, if for nothing else the fact that it reflects design principles from the 80s. Steemit Inc has made it quite clear they have little to no intentions of doing any upgrading the interface. It was a prototype of what could be done and most of the other interfaces have passed them on design and features.

So promoting doesn't benefit Steem. It also doesn't get the message out that Steem is so much more than blogging. Thus, better to send people to so they can see the bigger picture.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!


Steemit is the primary onboarded ramp for the steem ecosystem, it's free search engine traffic is not to be sniffed at.

According to @penguinpablo Steemit is generating about 200 accounts per day. Guesstimating... that means steemit is currently receiving 40000 unique visitors per day! Or 1.2 million visitors per month.

Non of the other steem apps come close. So would it not be better for the community here to get behind Steemit, sort out it's "user retention" issues & look after these new users?

Then after they are feeling all fresh & invigorated, onboard them into


Steemit Inc has full control of and has no intentions of doing anything with it. The community can suggest until the cows come home, until Steemit Inc either relinquishes control of the site or is willing to upgrade the infrastructure, its an eyesore.

The traffic to it doesn't do the ecosystem justice. Not to mention that the search feature sucks and always has since it relies on Google instead of a real search feature.

Since the announcement of the 70% staff layoff its become clear that the signups through that actually result in an active account are at a trickle. That also doesn't do the ecosystem justice.

If Steemit Inc doesn't want to do any upgrades on the site, would love to see it turned over to the community and possibly become a portal to the rest of the ecosystem because it has acquired good SEO since its inception. But that is just wishes unless Steemit Inc actually does something. It's track record in that regard is not promising


Agree lots of good points there, didn't know about the reduced signups? Why would they do that, makes no sense. Really like the portal idea, that would be a great way to extract some value out of the visitors.

I guess the bigger question is, does anyone actually have the ability to influence steemit inc. It seems they are holding a golden egg, but can't fathom out what to do with it.

great change and really reflects the facts. steem is not steemit, steem is way stronger than steemit. Also great to see you post via steempress

The only problem I had with not saying Steemit (to people who were new and wanted to check out my blog and community) was that I was sending them there with my URL... LOL

so i didn't want them to get confused and think - wait - is this the right place? she said "steem" not "steemit"

but... i noticed your suggestion to another person - send them to - or STEEMpeak even! now THAT i can do - easily :)

no confusion there at all !

p.s. i'm glad my name has Steem and not Steemit in it! hahahahaha