My Entry for Pat It Forward Curation contest - Week 23

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I love finding new under-valued Steemians and this contest is a great excuse to find fabulous bloggers whose post aren't getting the attention they deserve. In case you aren't aware, the Pay It Forward Curation Contest is a weekly challenge from @pifc to find bloggers to promote.

Here are this week's selections - reputation 55 or under.

Selection 1 - @pranto (rep 49)

Solution Mental Stress

Nowadays People are suffering from mental stress. In this post the author is describing how to relieve mental stress. I think this post would help steemians to release from stress especially in the period of steem price droping.

There are 6 sloution to relieve mental stress. You can read in the original post.

  1. Song
  2. Chewing Gum
  3. Body massage
  4. Drawing
  5. Walking
  6. Meditation
These habits can also get other benefits.

He is a good content writer. Please give some encourage to him.

Selection 2 - @edwardsun55 (rep 42)

Holidays of Russia New Year

The author is writing about holidays of Russia that held in new year. His post is an entry for share your world contest but with wrong topic.

And of course necessarily oranges or tangerines! In addition, for more than 40 years the whole country with great pleasure watching the Soviet two – part television film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, created in 1975 - “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath.”

The above sentence would be the thing different from other christmas. I can see the influence of soviet union. They are still watching this movie.

Please give him a heart for his post.

This is my selections for this week. Please visit and give them some of your love.

Thanks for reading my post.

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Thanks for sharing my work last week @mmunited I met quite a few really cool people and think this contest can really help people


This contest normally start at Tuesday. If you write post on tuesday or wednes I can feature your post in this contest. This contest will not give much money but It is good for engagement.


You are chosen as a winner. Did you see that post. I just notice it.


I didn't. Thank you for sharing the link!

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Oh my god ! You said I was an active person in steemit . Yeah ! That will be true after you. 😊

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Thanks for your entry. Both bloggers have been upvoted.


Thanks @pifc. Your contest can really help people.

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I'm sad. No I don't. But what anime do you like?

Good entry! I especially love the article about the Russian New Year traditions.


Thanks for your comment.

Thank you for the 'shameless' promotion @mmunited, nice selections too!


Thanks for visiting my post.

I have visited and supported both of your featured authors. Both are interesting much so with the second one that is intriguing with their new year holiday.

Good choices you have there!


Thanks you.


You're welcome.

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Thank you so much for the entry @mmunited! I enjoyed them both :)