Week 22's Curation Contest Winners!

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Sorry that we are late in announcing the winners from week 22.

Wanted to thank @tarazkp for being a guest judge and taking his time to help visit the entries. It's a serious time commitment to be a judge and it's great that he was willing to join us this week.

OK, onto the important stuff...

Judges Choice Winners

Here are the winners of 1 SBI share each sponsored by the Judges.

Judge & SponsorCuratorEntry #
@lynncoyle1@trincowskiEntry #6
@viking-ventures@delishtreatsEntry #12
@tryskele@mmunitedEntry #5
@tarazkp@brittandjosieEntry #9

Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice SBI Winners

Each Judges Choice Winner featured 2 great bloggers and they will each get an SBI share for lifetime votes on their posts.

Judges Choice WinnerFeatured Blogger #1Featured Blogger #2Sponsor

Random Winner

There are 2 random winners this week who will each receive 1 SBI share from @el-nailul & @ecoinstant.

WinnerEntry Post
@macooletteEntry #2 from @el-nailul
@viking-venturesEntry #7 from @ecoinstant

Week 22 Sponsors

The following sponsors made Week 22's prize pool possible. Please make sure to show them some appreciation.
@thehoneys, @bengy, @andrewharland, @el-nailul, @erodedthoughts, @stever82, & @thedarkhorse

Now besides the above sponsors please keep in mind that the Judges not only curate the entries and all of the featured bloggers, but they also each donate 1 SBI Share each week. Please also visit the judges and show them some appreciation for all they do. Honestly they should be on your autovote list with Steem Dunk or other autovote service. The more earnings the judges have the stronger their votes will be on your entries.


All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. If you like what @steem-bounty is doing helping engagement on steemit set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote. @knircky is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Have sent all the @steem-monsters cards to each person who had an entry last week. These were donated by @erodedthoughts.

Great Job everyone off to send that SBI Share now.

2018-09-05 21_16_52-Window.png


Thank you for sending that right away.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you once again to the judges and sponsors! 👏 Thanks to @pifc for the random winner sponsorship. 🙇

Hat off to @brittandjosie for making it on your first entry! 👍


Sorry it's actually @el-nailul that will be taking care of your SBI share. He wanted to do a second share this week and have updated the post.


Oh, no worries. Thanks just the same.

And of course, thanks to @el-nailul! 😊

Thanks for sponsoring my candidates, @andrewharland! And thank you, @lynncoyle1, for picking up my post.


You're welcome bud :) It's my pleasure!!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:


You're awesome, @cheetah!

Geez, what took you so long? haha

Congratulations to all of our participants and a big thanks to @tarazkp for the added help last week too :)

Special congrats to @trincowski!


Thanks, once again! :-)


You're welcome @trincowski! Thank you for always submitting such quality :)

Cheers to the winners!


Thanks for the support. If at any point you want to sponsor again message me on discord or leave a message on one of the posts.

Thanks to @pifc, @tryskele, @el-nailul and @stever82 and also thanks to all judges, all sponsors and all contestants. Thanks to @saulos and @naturowlmystic, I really like this contest. I also give a heart to @knircky.

Ohhhhhhhhh I just woke up with this good news. I am sooo proud. I want to Thank you soooo much. @tarakz offcourse for the opportunity. @pifc for the great contest.
Please make sure to show them some appreciation I any shape visit or form...... and enter the contest !!!!! Also a big shoutout to:
@thehoneys, @bengy, @andrewharland, @el-nailul, @erodedthoughts, @stever82, & @thedarkhorse for All beiing awsome !
Going to comment to @evergreen365 to congrat him👍🖐


Congratulations @brittandjosie :)


Congrats to all winners!

Thank you for your sponsorship, @ecoinstant. Awesome to pick up one of the randoms while sponsoring @delishtreats. :)
Gotta love this community!


Gotta Love it! Keep up the great work c;


Thank you @viking-ventures! You made my day!


You made mine with those fabulous travel posts!

Congratulations to all winners!

Thank you @viking-ventures for selecting my entry!

Thank you @andrewharland for sponsoring of @mattifer and @wandering-veggie!

Last but not least, thank you @erodedthoughts for donation!

I hope I didn't miss anybody :)

Congratulations! I have sent the registration for @evergreen365! Jet lagged... Going to sleep...


Hi! What does this mean! Sorry I'm still new to steemit. :-)


No problem. @steembasicincome is a share based service that will give you upvotes (small) for the life of your Steem account. One share won't give much, but it is over the life of the platform each day, so it adds up over time... even better when you win it and you don't need to pay for it!

If you do decide to buy a share, then it costs 1 STEEM, and you (as the sponsor) get one share, but you also get a bonus share to gift to someone else. In my case, I bought a share and I gifted the other share to you. You don't need to do anything... in a few days, you should start to see a vote from @steembasicincome (or one of the pool accounts @sbi1, @sbi2.... ).

@bengy and @thehoneys i am gratefull for the sponsership witch made its possible that my two entries won. So thanks


No problem!

Congratulations to winners

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Congratulation for all winners, and sorry for late responding. two shares for these wonderful steemians: @saulos & @macoolette

pifc week 22.png

Keep it up my friends


Thank you very much, and also thanks to all judges. I am very happy that you read my writings, this recognition encourages me to move forward.


You are most welcome @saulos, and you can joint our curation contest by submitting 2 blog you manually curate to Pay it forward Curation weekly contest.

Hi @pifc!

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you very much from each participant. You guys are what makes this work each week.

@mmunited I messed up. I sent you the Steem instead of SBI I admit to being brain dead. If you want send it back and I'll get it taken care of it or you can send it in yourself.

Thanks for having me. Keep up the good work :)


Hi @tarazkp!

I've been told that I won something! :-) And I see in your comment that you have tranfered 1 steem to me. I checked my wallet but I can't see anything from you. I'm still new to steemit. How does it work when you have won a contest?


it isn't to ypu directly, it is to @steembasicincome. It means you will get a vote from them for life. :)

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, un fuerte abrazo para todos.

Congrats to all of the winners Also to @pifc It is amazing to watch the contest grow so much over time.