Art-Venture Magazine No.220

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,

This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.



Welcome to our Sunday Magazine and we glad to present your our top 10 works.

What still keeps us to surprise is the amazing skills of human being to be able to create realistic drawings and paintings. Those two artists we love to include in our magazine, extraordinary and very impressive: @marcocosta and It is worth to check up those two posts and their blogs you will discover the tips and tricks and may improve your own skills.

Just to mention the post of @rickyd1982 who created series of pictures from his walk but what caught our eyes was impressive moments of the day, sun behind the cloud that you can't see but seeing the rays that make the sky so beautiful.

The cute picture of little mot done by @digitalis, you should not miss it :)

Beautiful photography of autumn with a model and umbrella.

You should not miss the painting of @connor-russo with unique opportunity to look behind scene how the work was created.



All our Artists will be happy for your support and attention!

Wishing you nice Sunday and good start in a week!




Today's selected Artist

Angel study III from my sketchbook -



Yellow Tussock Moth - Euproctis lutea - @digitalis



New Oil Painting - Breaking Waves, Piha - @samuel-earp-art



Singing in the Rain - with Dorota / zdjęcia w deszczu z Dorotą -



Melancolía | Melancholy / Colección La Nocturnalia | Nocturnalia Collection - @connor-russo



Mis primeras Sesiones de Fotos!! - CONSEJOS - PART 1 - @arquitectojm



Learn this painting step by step! -



My thoughts are with you! (7 photos) - @lightcaptured



Dibujo de Simpático Perrito Peludo - @marcocosta



Walkies 🐾 - @rickyd1982







What meant by traditional Art:

  • Pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic-oil painting , pastel
  • Always with a step-by-step process
  • Art works should be submitted under tag: “art-venture”
  • Sorry No digital-art !
  • Every second day curation of 10 posts with 100%
  • A day after curation for re-charging the power
  • and now also photography


our Supporters




#blog - #zzan - #neoxian

Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,
@stef1 and @myskye

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Free upvote is coming.
Your post got upvote from @cnfund.
Thank you and Welcome to continue my activity 009.

感谢对@cnfund 及本活动的支持!

Thank you for support!

Thanks you! <3

You are very welcome, really nice work and great contribution to our magazine :)

Today's curated collection is exceptional!

Resteemed and curated to curation-compilation in @c-squared on Discord

Thank you very much for your attention to our Artists :)

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Thank you for supporting Art!

I like your collection here @art-venture, the seascape painting is awesome, beautiful and the eye sketch is masterfully done. :D
Although I do not know if the one that made the man in the room painting is depressed, he used dark colors.