Steem Monster Show - This Week: Steem Monster Tavern, a live, interactive sketch comedy by @chrisroberts!


The Steem Monsters Tavern

@chrisroberts and @carrieallen have brought the Steem Monsters Tavern to our neighborhood this week! The stuff they come up with is just uproarious! And they include the live audience in the script, so don't be shy! We will reward you for your participation. :D

They host their own sketch comedy show every Friday, 7pm EST. Last week, they had four fully grown men from the audience playing fiddly old ladies in the mall arguing about pretzels and dipping sauce. It was an absolute riot. Here's a link to that episode. You must absolutely come this week and see what Chris has in store exclusively for our show!

On the Show This Week



@beeyou wins 100 booster packs! Beta launch soon!




@davemccoy V. @yabapmatt!


Dino Baby Rexxie, by @marisenpai


Game Jam! - vote for your favorites!

Fan Fiction

Steem Monsters Tavern - LIVE comedy sketch by @chrisroberts.

Monster Kids:

will be sponsored by @o07

LIVE Video:


LIVE Chat:





* @o07

* @cryptkeeper17


Steemmonsters Stories

Steemmonsters Music

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Yay! Sounds like it is going to be a great show! I'll try to be there for it. I've missed a few lately, both of your show @littlescribe & @coruscate, and of @carrieallen & @chrisroberts' show. I really enjoy these shows, and can't wait to see them both happening at once, joining forces, like a Marvel & DC comics collaboration! 👍

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Yes, well now you can kill two birds with one stone! Dude, you gotta be there!


Yes, well now you can
Kill two birds with one stone! Dude,
You gotta be there!

                 - steemmonstershow

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


woohoo! seeya there @trisquelwhare!

Great post from @steemmonstershow ! Will try to wake up in time for the shows, but usually miss the first half , lol! Love Fan Fiction as well , Love Them All!!! 😀💕💕💕✌
giphy (10).gif


I feel bad that our show hits at a bad time for you because I know you would be a suuuper awesome audience member! You would love all the interaction and fun that happens in the comment section!

If you are up in time to hit the second half - you are always more than welcome to jump in late! :)


Awesome thanks for your kind reply back @coruscate ! 👌😊👍


Hi @coruscate , do you know if only new people can pledge the 25.00 to the Kick starter !? What if I all ready have the starter pack but want to pledge 25.00 when my power down comes in on Saturday to get all the other stuff that comes with it, it would be my last chance to possibly get some Alpha booster packs!😊 Those of us that have all ready spent all our Steem buying cards should at least have a chance at these lasr packs available .


Good question! I am sure it works for whoever pledges. I'll make sure and ask someone today on the show, so please follow up with me so we answer your question!


Thanks 😊👍

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Ooo, my win made it into SM news! :) Will try my best to make it tonight but might be tricky since I have an event planned.

In case I miss it, could you please share this recent news with everyone? I had planned on purchasing 10 booster packs for the winners of my contest (wouldn't be right to gift packs that were gifted to me). It sold out! I had hoped to send out alpha packs and not beta to the winners.

Guess who came to the rescue? @yabapmatt knew about my contest so when the packs sold out, he gifted the 10 packs so I can give out alpha and not beta packs. 😊

How awesome is that?!

Wow it's amazing! Thank you very much for including me, I want to see it! :D