The adventures of SM-FortKnox - Gold Cards, Discord, RC's and advancing in the League

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aka Getting Started with the world of #SteemMonsters!
Day 2

With this series of posts I will share the adventures of @sm-fortknox.



  • If you are already on steemit, you may want to get a free account to play steemmonsters on.
    • The starter pack cost $10 USD, with or without a free steem account...
  • If you are new to steemit, when you purchase a steemmonsters account, it is also a account.

About @sm-fortknox

This is my second day playing with this level 1 starter account.

  • I purchased it as a place to store my gold cards. (Fort Knox)
    • I decided to play the account with what I got and see where I can take it.
  • Yesterday, I
    • Signed up for the account
    • Earned a commission to my main account
    • Got some SteemPower bonus to the new account
    • played a quest and earned a booster pack ($2 if I had purchased).
      • Then I moved all my gold cards to this account.

Read yesterday's post

Gold Cards???

Yes there are gold cards that are more valuable.

Here are my stats before I transferred the gold cards.

  • Number of cards: 35 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 35 - Promo: 0
    • 30 from the start pack + 5 from completing a quest.
  • Common: 22, Rare: 13, Epic: 0, Legendary: 0
  • Gold cards: 0 ## BCX: 35 ## Value: $ 4.51

SM-FN worth after gold.PNG

As you can see, the market value of the gold cards is around $128.

  • I believe this bot uses the prices paid on the last sold price of the cards you have to figure the value.

You can see the collection here...

  • To see your collection simply change the username...

I figure once a gold tournament is announced, the price of these cards will at least double.
Maybe even go up 10 times in value.

  • I don't plan on investing enough to play these tournaments, so am just sitting on them for now.
    • I'll sell when the market soars for them.
      • However, with that being said, if anyone offered me $250 today, I would sell you all of them.

Steemmonsters Discord

Steemmonsters has a great Discord server going.

That's where I got the stats above.
From the menu on the left, scroll down to find sm-voters_hut

Here's a list of commands...
sm-voters help.PNG

$levels is handy if you are wanting to level up your cards.
It's a chart of how many cards needed for each level of alpha and beta and gold alpha or beta, for common, rare, epic and legendary cards.

$stats is what I used to get the above stats.

Anyway, this is the very first time I've actually used Discord.
I tried a few groups in this past 9 months, but eh! it really wasn't "my thing."

  • However, I have totally enjoyed being in this group.
    Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
    • If you have ANY question, this is where to ask it.
      • Rub shoulders with the founders and steemmonsters team.
        Meet some of the top players.
        Meet some of us average players.

If you happen to write a post about steemmonsters, you can get an upvote from them in the sm-voters menu.

  • You first have to register. It's FREE...
  • That's it.
    • I got a $0.49 upvote from steemmonsters for yesterday's post.
      • How cool is that???
  • You can get 1 upvote a day.
    • check when your next upvote can be by typing $cooldown

Let's play some games

Today's rule set is 24 Mana Melee Mayhem.
Melee attacks normally have to e from position 1 unless it is a sneak attacker.
The goal is to have a big tank and lots of firepower.

The quest is finished!!!

SM-FN day 2 results.PNG

2 things happened while playing today.

  • I ran out of RC credits
  • I advanced in the League

About RC credits

RC Credits?

  • One thing that makes Steemmonsters perhaps the best card game out there is the fact that everything is recorded on the Steem blockchain.
    • This means everything that occurs is verified and stored on the blockchain.
      • game
      • card created
      • card combination to level up
      • card sales
  • Every transaction with the blockchain causes an expense to someone to store the information.
    • Steem has decided to charge Resource Credits (RCs) to interact with the blockchain.
      • You cannot purchase RCs at this time.
        Instead, they relate to your Steem Power (SP).
        and automagically restore themselves over time.
  • You can check your resource credits using
    • To see your RC level, replace the username in the above link...

I ran out of Resource Credits and could not interact with the blockchain.
However, Steemmonsters recognized this situation and automagically delegated some SP to me.

  • Nice!

You might see this popup during game play.

To check your SP visit your steemit wallet.

    Replace the username to see your wallet.
    • If you own other cryptocurrency, you can purchase additional Steem Power by clicking the down arrow by your Steem Power balance and choosing purchase.

Mine shows the steemmonsters delegation.
SM-FN Delegation.PNG

About the League

We are in between seasons (which are 2 weeks long), so there are no rewards given according to the league level. However, it is still keeping track.

  • The next season starts later this week.
    They are updating the game, making it more interactive.

I got this notice about climbing in the leagues...
SM League Unlocked.PNG

You can check League info by clicking on LEADERBOARD.
Click the icon under CURRENT LEAGUE to see where you are.

SM Leagues.PNG

Everyone starts as a novice.
SM Leagues - Novice.PNG

The first step up is Bronze.
SM League Bronze.PNG

Once the season starts, you will want to climb as high as you can in the League to win FREE packs.

  • Don't expect to reach the top leagues with a level 1 team.
    However, make it up as high as you can and win quite a few card packs.
    • The bounty is based on the highest level you achieve, not where you end up.
      • This is incentive to level up your cards.
        But, that's a discussion for another post... :D


Today we learned about

  • Gold Cards
  • Steemmonsters discord server
  • Resource Credits
  • Leagues
  • Completed a quest and won some cards.

Come back tomorrow to see how the next quest goes.

Get in the game!


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